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I mean like if you get an Archangel Michael tattoo or a Goddess Bastet one (I'm pondering it).

Do you think it's a violation of the body or reverence that is unhealthy. I think some tattoos are beautiful.

Like to know what you think!



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I don't judge anyone in the negative simply because i see a tatoo on them.
Some are quite artistic. Its a personal choice. Do I do tatoo--? no my skin is too delcate.I couldnt even consider it.
Its all a matter of intent. Some skin that is "totally" tatooed I dont particularly like - it seems a little obsessive to me. But each person let them choose.
If it helps you to feel better than I would consider it, barring any health issues.

You know my name-- its not secret or private, do you think thats odd Nia?

Lol I'm covered in tattoos hun, if you chose to adorn your body with pics of things you love then go for it!! My tattoos are my favourite possession and something that makes me happy every time I look at them! Just make sure to check what ink the tattooist uses, there are some nasty inks out there intended to poison the body with heavy metals and some that are quite the opposite of that.

I would recommend that you go to the tattooist of your choice, get both designs onto transfer paper, put them where you think you might want them (on separate weeks so that you can compare the two) and then keep looking at them for the next few days. the transfer will last about 2-3 days (will fade gradually) so you'll be able to figure out which is the one for you. Trust me, the right one will feel right when it is where it is meant to be. Even if it takes months of going back to the tattooist to try it in a different spot, when it feels right it is right. Most, if not all, good tattooists will totally back me on that, these things do take time and the time it takes is worth it. Drop me a line if you want any advice on best inks, ways to spot a good tattooist etc. Yay I'm so excited for you!! New tattoos are always exciting!!! :D

Get excited!! It should be exciting, even now I still get wayyyyyy over the top excited when I come up with a new idea. Definitely got to be sure but there are ways and means of proving to yourself that you are sure so it will all turn out well. YAY!!!!! :D :D :D I love the idea of a tattoo just for you, I have a few of them myself and they really are just that little bit more special because no one knows they're there. I have an angel on my ribs in appreciation of my guardian angel, interestingly when I got it done I could feel that he knew it was for him, in a really cool way. We've always had a close connection and it got A LOT closer after that. Tattoos have a tendency of opening you up to what the picture is so either of your ideas are very powerful in and of themselves. 

She has already told you then :) Get some paper and a pencil, meditate on the idea again and see what your hand magically draws. My Goddess Brigantia picked out my tattoo of her (my profile pic) and where to put it, was quite a cool experience actually. You could easily get both of them if they have both helped you, you don't have to just chose one or the other :)

Definitely worth a try, never know what you will come up with. Lol yeah shes a very vocal Goddess, I'm lucky like that. Not many can 'speak to their god' on a regular basis, not that she gives me much of a choice hahahahaha.

LOL!! Sounds like you have a very vocal Goddess too!! Love that I'm not alone with that. Glad she's looking after you, Brigantia has done much the same for me. Currently, there is a 'little boy man" who dreams about her wrath on a regular basis, scares the bejesus out of him. Love it, why bother with revenge in any way shape or form when she has done more than I ever could while also teaching him a lesson on how to treat women. Its excellent to have that kind of support!!

Why not have one that can be removed easily as really the God given body should be kept in its natural state...and remember symbol markings were on Krishna's body but he incarnated naturally with them.  An AVATAR is born with auspicious markings.

Instead of a tattoo which most people have just to show off or be different ..just wear a pendant of your choice.

Some people with Tattoos.. later in life wished they had not had it done...STILL HAVING SAID AS THIS ..IN THE END YOU HAVE TO MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION

and if that pendant gets stolen and your own energy used against you? And what if you know that those pictures are ALREADY a part of you? I know my tattoos are in the right place because they wanted to be there, they chose me more than I chose them. Nothing about our bodies is in its natural state right now, who even knows what our natural state is? Just because you're adding ink doesn't make it desecration. :)

Thats exactly it. I'm sure the right one will find you when its meant to, just as Emmy's perfect design will find her too!! :D yay i'm all excited about this subjecy lol.

I'm good as hun how are you? Feeling better now I hope? xx

I'm so glad to hear that, I've been worried. Check your inbox, will msg you now xx



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