Drekx Omega ~ Rendlesham Incident Prt 3 - 3 Nights Merge Into One Summary

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  • nuclear war is forbidden by the gfl, post rendlesham 1980...the cabal is delusional......our u.s. earth allies are close to ending the dark desperados forever....bravo admiral rogers, pres. trump and gen. dunford....keep winning.....;-]

  • A great great great grandson heehee I love that woman and I know shes pleased I have you as my mate now.... Who would of Thought if that you would end up in this family.....

  • I know babe my entire thing I wrote didn't come out lol I was joking lol but of course it didn't copy it all I know you'd never think that the of me electronics always go a bit haywire in my hands lol

  • You have asked some really intelligent questions, my honey....That comment was really directed at all those other readers and viewers out there, who may seek clarification anent points raised in the vid...I wanted to explain, for example, why it is that sometimes landed craft emit a very bright ionisation field, which is too bright for unshielded eyes and on other occasions, the luminance is much more tolerable and requires no protective eye wear....I used the term "T-MAT transfer" in the vid and the why and how, it is accomplished and under what circumstances...Just was hoping other members understood these factors in deployment of GFL technology..

    Love ya too, my sweet....Your questions and interest was most welcome...and you are in no way a "pea brain." :-0

  • Baby I understand Everything you said if my pea brain can understand it I'm sure its just great love ya....

  • Hope my technical and esoteric terms are not akin to jive talk, for members in general...??? ;-) Any points for clarity, let me know.....Now, hang lose and enjoy the funk....Remember, we can go back to the 1980s, any time...?? :-)


  • Dam straight honey we all need to start respecting our cosmic kin instead of fearing them....

  • Spirit has spoken...Love is the answer.....thanks angel.....XO

  • Well thanks to all who cared enough to step in because of that I'm here talking to you I get to spend my life with you my life is turning out to be better than it started.... I love you

  • Yes, without that urgent and direct, GFL intervention, the neutron war in Europe, between the Warsaw Pact and NATO, would have quickly become thermonuclear, including use of the H-bomb, by Russia, in retaliation....So human life, genetic integrity (for physical ascension) culture, civilisation, as well as the entire biosphere, would be completely lost....The Divine Plan could not allow that to happen...So we were ordered to intervene...

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