hmmmm i look out and see things

things everywhere

data data data

everyone's opinion is a hyperbole .....but is chewed and soaked and meditated on like it is some sort of fact........the fact is ...this is not where you will find your answers....not on this site....not on some dumb channeling which is just feel good food for false hope.....everything you ever needed to figure out in this universe is in your own mind and advice try to gain as many perspectives of a vast array of varying degrees on all things .....question your gods....,leaders.... or anything.... I mean question ANYTHING that claims any sort of leadership gruelingly!!! this is your duty as a manifested aspect of creation... try to transcend words....religions.............

if there is one thing that is not given enough importance that is.... real science..........not spirit science

science will give you your facts over time as we come to understand things as a whole of society however all you need spiritually is are your own stop being boring and waiting for a savior or some planet wide ascension....your reality is yours to forge....heaven and hell are a state of dive into your mind with your yellow submarine and explore ..turn down the information garbage that is in overload and see with your true eyes and true intuition what you already knew but lost in language and information.....

you know why you keep waiting and nothing happens....because you are waiting ...duh you have to make things happen....stop being lazy was not meant to be easy....

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  • Conscience is up to mindset.

    I rather be incomplete, so she could take care of me. Beside, it's just a game. Mindset is easely exchangeable, so it's easy to take sides. I chose my needs accordingly. Even when someone needs to be cleaned up, permanently, a simple adjust to myself allows to interact freely without conscience getting in the way.

    This zone is free will, everyone posses their own true, that doesn't change much. Star societies will likely promote care for life, some of them, while others will exploit enviromental development, such as it's on earth.

    On places throughout existence you will likely visit realities where there's colored triangles, clashing against each other, with not much purpose besides reproduction, and that is it.

    On earth we have confluent of frequencies from all the galaxy. A beacon which has been taken hold of, by forces which play within duality. Some of them play to be good, some other play to be bad.

    Consciousness is consciousness, no matter the role.

    Actually there's quarantine, all around earth. Mostly because they want you set up in a very especific way of tought. Likely the reason why humankind is barely aware of the bastness of the cosmos. Including their missing contact with the outer spheres.

    Rather unique, this project, experiment. So much people, with their eyes stuck on the ground. Isn't it something special?

    Myself,. Conscience solves things out, taking people out, setting up events. Perfection, because that's my will, my free will.

    Free life, creation serves me. And that's is it. I love it, that's my role. No good nor evil, just what it is.

  • THESE ARE PART OF RELIGIOUS SERMONS FALSE .............................


    WHY NOT SAY 'WE HAVE REMOVED THE POWERS OUR ???...........................................




    OUR POWERS RETURNED TO US NOW!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




  • Hi folks, Hi chaos, thanks for sharing your perspective.

    You are touching upon something, in my opinion, that is one of the most important phases humanity needs to get through and that is questioning others trying to tell them what to do, or following orders.

    When i observe my experience in this, whatever it is we are in, i see people following orders and many times, these orders are not direct, they are implied or given to us by media or some other indirect means.

    Seems like people are just assuming they are required to do many things, mostly because the peers around them are always drowning them in misguided assumptions.

    However, when one starts to question, why are we doing many of the things we think we are supposed to be doing, a much different picture emerges of reality.

    I try to talk with people as often as i can and get their views on things, mainly to know how misguided some still are and then use this to form quicker teaching strategies that take less time to convey to others the observations i have made.

    I've seen it all, you have a few different categories of people.

    One is the fairly neutral, those that do question things and do not act like scripted or programmed robots and they will honestly listen and ponder what is said.

    Another type, is those that are not as neutral and are more polarized into set beliefs, they will defend their beliefs passionately and rarely will question these beliefs, unless something dramatic in their life forces them to.

    Another type, is those that are more akin to robots, they seem to never accept any new information and become very nervous or sometimes hostile to any information that conflicts with that programmed into them, however this programming manifested itself within them.

    Then we have the final type, the hard core order followers, who rarely question what they are told by others, if fear is used as a manipulative method upon these types, they usually never realize how they are being manipulated, because me, myself and I is king in their minds, these types will rarely consider how their choices and actions affect others and are only really concerned with self. 

    In my opinion, based on years of observation and experience, these different types of human characteristics can be gauged using a sliding scale of the energies of love to fear.

    It seems the more neutral one is and open to new ideas or perspectives upon matters and things, they tend to care more about what happens to others and thus tend to be more within unconditional love.

    And if we slide down the scale to the most polarized human characteristics, we find that they are steeped within fear based thoughts, ideas and feelings. Which can result in self fulfilling prophecy for these types, the more they dwell in fear and make choices and actions based upon this, the more they will see evidence of lack, conflict and ever more reasons to not think for themselves and follow orders almost without question as to whether following these orders are even good for themselves or others. Ultimately this can cause them to believe that they can abdicate personal responsibility for their actions.

    I can see clearly, i see how we have been manipulated and a good sense of why.

    And one of best solutions i have found for all this so far, is to be the change one wishes to see.

    peace love light

  • I agree with this post. The answer has always been within. I don't feel waiting for the mothership is an answer to the human/spiritual condition.

                     I've always been here to just observe mostly and make my own decisions on truth without debating.

                I use art, writing and music as an outlet. Each to their own though. Thank You Chaos. 

  • But I agree that our own 'minds' or 'hearts' or whatever is a place we need to explore. I just don't agree that pple here generaly read, chat etc to find the very riggidly held notion of 'answers'.
  • There is more to talking, reading, sharing ideas etc than what you may term it as 'finding answers'.

    I don't have 'questions' and so I simply seek no 'answers', and so this site is one of the best place for me. I thought it states its aim as 'creating a paradise on earth' and not 'giving answers that satisfies the guru mind'.
  • ...Ha No....I Often....Observe Others......Living Their Lives + Wonder...... Wtf ......Im Doing Here......+ Thx For That.....Sickly Purple Thing .....On My A Bad Post......All Considered....:)......

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