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  • 8113703862?profile=originalpassing by to say hello.

  • 8113675857?profile=original

  • glad you liked the animations dear friend,sending you many blessings for a blessed week,and a single old soul animation,which i am sure you will like,blessings,also a copy of a Pegasus.8113898667?profile=original8113951668?profile=original

  • Hello oh groupy lord. What is it you would like to say. . I'm here now.. lolol. 

  • 8113867693?profile=originalthis animation says it all,one old soul to another.

  • 8114790676?profile=originala nice animation for you.

  • dear Lucifer,i have had many visits in the past of these wise souls,sitting in the trees at the back of the abode where i live,just a reminder to always remember who i am,have a great day,many blessings evonne.8113987664?profile=original

  • 8113361285?profile=originalhope you like this favourite of mine dear friend,where i live,i hear many species of bird wild life everdayday,they are adoreable,have a great week dear friend.blessings evonne.

  • 8113692482?profile=originali you love this animation,as much as i do,blessings evonne.

  • dear Lucifer,passing by to say hello,and share some humour with you,quite some time ago i was in deep on line study,and took a pause for some images of humour,i found this,i adore the animal kingdom,we all need 3D warmth and shelter,and the same goes for the animal Kingdom,this Racoon was just providing for his family,blessings evonne.8114346274?profile=original

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May 6

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I seek beauty

2gh6nlc9p6ikp replied to Malcolm's discussion NICE UFO CATCH. Dubai, 2015. Close-up and slowed-down.
"Id always like to see new colors ....seems so many things have been lacking color anyways...some nice new colors couldnt hurt"
Feb 25, 2016
2gh6nlc9p6ikp posted discussions
Feb 25, 2016
2gh6nlc9p6ikp replied to Malcolm's discussion NICE UFO CATCH. Dubai, 2015. Close-up and slowed-down.
Feb 25, 2016
2gh6nlc9p6ikp posted a discussion
Feb 21, 2016

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"I was just at the doctor and he says i can possibly wear a corset to correct the posture. I'm trying to do it with sport first, because it's only a light curvature so far. Maybe yoga. By the Way I will be vaccinated Saturday with the 2.corona…"
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"Which chakra is blocked or disturbed if there is a slight curvature of the spine? Is it correct that it is the Solar Plexus Chakra? Or also the heart chakra? Can anyone tell me?"
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WOW! What a gift from the Arcturian Medical Assistance team! So much healing for the physical body and a whole new level of connection with all physical aspects of Earth Life. The Time Is Now!with Love Love Love, as always,Solara An-RaFrequency…
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