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Calling all lightworkers. I am JamusDeus and have not been here for many years now and return in request for your empowered focus of energy to see it Rain over the majority of the province of British Columbia Canada as we are in a state of emergency as there are over 500 forest fires burning currently and smoke is covering a huge portion of Western Canada. In the past when I asked for your energy you were a God Send. I once again humbly call on you all to send Rain to extinguish the fires and wind to move away the smoke. I am truly grateful for your consideration and am humbled asking of your focus. Thank you all blessed beings.


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Hello JamusDeus,

Aligning now with beloved Gaia, the Divine Source, the Elementals, and all assisting Beings of Love, with this request and inner bring Harmony, Equilibrium and Ease to the planetary elements in and around Western Canada, and to anywhere around the planet experiencing extremes or imbalance of climatic and weather conditions, or unsettled tectonic movements and activity.

We call on the optimal flow of Divine Grace to and around the Earth in this Now, for the Highest Good of All, in alignment with the Planetary Shift, to ease this phase as much as possible.

Love & Blessings,

Joanna&Friends <3

Thank you Blessed Spirit


Envisioning healing golden light rain over BC....

ciao , ci sono in corso pulizie su Madre Terra e quindi io prego per alleviare i disagi ma e' un lavoro che Madre Terra deve fare ci sono in corso terremoti , alluvioni , incendi , maremoti , dovuti principalmente all'iinquinamento che deve essere eliminato . io prego poi sara' DIO Padre a sapere che fare , coraggio e pazienza con tante benedizioni . ciao


Hello , there are ongoing cleanings on Mother Earth and so I pray to alleviate the inconveniences but it's a job that Mother Earth has to do there earthquakes, floods, fires, tsunamis, mainly due to the pollution that must be eliminated. I pray then he will be GOD Father to know what to do, courage and patience with so many blessings. Hello

Jose the fires have been provoked...In this case it is not Mother Earth doing this...When she takes action she does it gently little by little...This is massive and dangerous...That is why we must change it...At this point the dark is desperate and they are trying many things to stop Ascension which they won't be able to do...

We will join forces...We are all One...We envision gentle steady rain falling on California, British Columbia, Canada, on Arizona, on Montana, on Colorado, on Sweden. on Australia, on Greece, on Yemen, on Spain, and anywhere in Africa or any other part of the world that needs rain...We set the intention and visualize it happening...The water is gently falling on all these places and putting off the fires...Refreshing the Earth and all in its path...Blessings and thank you for the reminder...I was already doing it but stopped... 

Thank You Blessed Spirit 

Finally.  Still some smoke but this is a sight for sore eyes. Please continue to focus and Bless you for helping to bring this to fruition

Really good to see, Jamus. Sending Diamond Light around the planet today, holding BC in much Love... <3

ME TOO!!!!



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