Drekx Omega ~ Sirian Scout Ships Science Behind How They Fly May 7 2015

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  • Sometimes ufologists, or people studying the subject, observe what they describe as USOs, or unidentified submerged objects.....Of course, when UAPs/OVNIs/UFOs enter water, such as oceans, lakes and seas, they are not slowed down in the least and can maintain a seamless entry into said water...No deceleration, nor splash, at all...There is a flux density field which prevents friction, or resistance, within any medium, however dense, from slowing the craft....Another important factor that most (if not all) ufologists, do not always pay attention to, is that vimana craft can also travel through solid objects, when necessary, even other aircraft.....and by becoming momentarily intangible, or phasing out of physicality, may also prevent a wake, which would ordinarily prove harmful to ships nearby, or aircraft, likewise, sharing airspace...
    There have been numerous reports of such "near misses" in the skies, often involving passenger planes, with pilots remarking that they felt no shockwave, in spite of being in close proximity to an oncoming "UFO."

  • In the historical records maintained within our forthcoming star nation, of Solaris, we shall possess a true history of this planet, rather than the fake history of the dark cabal...And this will include the fact that outer Earth science discovered aetheric energy a century ago and implemented aetheric energy zero point, within manufactured craft, including aircraft, starting in Germany, in the late 1930s and continuing in the so-called west, from 1945-1954.....This was the discovery phase of technologies that rival those used by the Galactic Federation, albeit, not as sophisticated....

    This history has been distorted globally, by the cabal, to make it look like our science of propulsion, was and is, purely entropic, when in fact, the deep state cabal were using implosion, secretly, from the late 1930s onward....Under operation Paperclip, migrating German science expertise to America, in the late 1940s and continuing development....Both poles of technology, one secret, the other public...

    So, Solarian history will explain this terrible coverup and suppression of technological benefit for Earth people, generally...But will state that outer Earth started using comparable technology, that would qualify GFL membership, as early as the 1930s.....Albeit, at that stage, the cabal used the Thule society to control the NSDAP and had a pact with a neutral, non-aligned star empire...

    Tachyometric propulsion and magnetic impulse steering were acquired by the American secret programs researchers, in 1954....But, of course, to benefit the dark cabal's trans-national activities, rather than to benefit the USA....

    Dr Greer suggests, correctly, that by the 1960s, outer Earth humanity was actually in the possession of and using; "Jetson" technology......With reference to the '60s cartoon family...LOL
    Albeit, "humanity" with a small "h." A small select group, only.....

  • A recent design change to a US military logo, includes a disk-shaped UFO, of the "classic" design, along with conventional craft.....So having kept the whole subject classified for decades, now they are placing UFO insignia on their shoulder patches...?? And I speak of the National Intelligence Manager for Aviation...
    Is there is a deliberate desire to reveal the UFO/UAP reality now...?

    Or maybe these people are reluctant to be honest, so they play games...?? Or have games been played upon them...?😮

    This topic is covered in a redacted video, by Clayton Morris....

    "DOD caught using UFO's in STUNNING new government documents, Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris."

  • 👏🏻Very clear daylight "UFO" shots, of a Tau Cetian scoutship over Scotland, in 1990. The Calvine Incident...👏🏻

    "These stunning UFO photos were missing for 32 years until now. New photos were recovered of UFOs that were observed in Scotland in the 1990s. They were mysteriously missing for decades but now they've been recovered and they're pretty great."

  • There is a type of UFO cult/religion headed by a former French sporting journalist, named Claude Vorilhon...This person calls himself "Raël" and leads the Raëlian movement, an international UFO religion. You can be absolutely certain that while practicing their religion, they are not vectoring within any advanced vimana craft, nor riding teleportation beams. He never encountered Yahweh in 1973 and the story was made up to appeal to his followers...Indeed, that is the name of the Planetary Logos, who has no interest in being worshipped in the Age of Aquarius....Humanity is beyond worshipping the Logoi and Elohim....

    The destiny of humanity is to co-operate with these great beings, in service to the divine plan, not to worship them, in some type of cosmic fetish...With Raël telling his followers how to do it...lol

    Some data from a true Prophet of the New Age, friend Billy Meier:

    With an entirely clear conscience one may call the "Raelian Movement" an imbecilic UFO sect. And now they are once again spouting off in a questionable manner. This sect, founded by French automobile journalist Claude Vorilhon, awaits the blessing of "Elohims" and praises the cloning of human beings. For a cool US $200,000 the UFO sect claims that it will clone humans. The project is part of the-end-is-nigh-ideology of Vorilhon, a clever and smart fisherman-of-the-faithful. The story of Vorilhon's sect began on December 13, 1973. This date was also the alleged beginning of the "New Age" when, according to his claims, extraterrestrial entities who call themselves "Elohims" made a revelation to him. Vorilhon, who disseminates untruth, claims that these 1.20 m [4 ft] tall extraterrestrial super beings have visited him in their UFOs and designated him as their mystical conveyor of salvation on Earth. The lively bunch of little extraterrestrial men supposedly introduced themselves to him as this self-proclaimed guru's foster parents. Vorilhon says the Elohims told him they began breeding terrestrials in their laboratories 13,000 years ago but their genetic gameplaying was not very successful, since an alleged inspection from space later revealed that Earth was in chaos. As a result, Vorilhon says, the Elohims felt sorry for their terrestrial wards who were irrationally bashing in each other's skulls, holding wars, committing adultery, performing criminal or villainous acts, and disobeying their creators in other ways as well. Consequently, the creators had to come up with a rescue plan, indeed, an entire rescue mission, to save the depraved earthlings.

    In 1975, when the Elohims purportedly revisited Vorilhon, they invited him for a quick outing through the cosmic spheres, where he allegedly had the opportunity to sit at the dinner table with ancient biblical personalities as he visited the Elohims' home planet. There they divulged their plans to "Rael," as they call him. Of course, these plans always fit harmoniously into his delusional assertions to which many thousands of believers have since fallen prey. Furthermore, so claims Vorilhon, the aliens mandated that he establish a UFO sect, after which he and his followers, along with the terrestrial human population, would be allowed to witness the peaceful invasion by the Elohims near the turn of the millennium.

    In 1974--telling rubbish and mad fantasies--"Rael" [aka Claude Vorilhon] wrote his book The Message of the Extraterrestrials-- The Book That Tells The Truth. From the onset of his machinations he has also continued to hold lectures and various types of other activities, to which many of his faithful have succumbed. In 1994 he even went so far as to induce the Swiss Raelites into demanding that the Swiss government grant diplomatic immunity to the Elohims. And in order to receive the Elohiminal extraterrestrials in style on Judgment Day, Rael's followers simultaneously presented model plans for an ambassadorial residence for the aliens which the fanatically faithful Raelites intended to finance to the tune of 6 million Swiss Franks [approx. US$ 4 million]. In his reply to the strange demands of the sectarians, former Federal Council Otto Stich whimsically queried them as to how they intended to deal with the aliens at the annual New Year's reception for all diplomats.

    Once again in accordance with the false teachings of their guru, the Raelites now believe that through their human cloning project they will rapidly advance toward their goal to salvation. Together with their extraterrestrial Elohiminal foster parents, they vie for the salvation of the evil and degenerate terrestrials who are, so they believe, exceptionally degenerate beings, lost almost beyond hope, and total freaks within the entire universe. Hence, their objective is to remedy the many human shortcomings through cloning technology. The Raelites operate from a headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland; a base they established over a period of several years. In order to reach their imbecilic and deranged objectives, to put it mildly, the guru's followers sacrifice 7% of their entire income, which adds up to quite a healthy bundle considering the sect's membership totals somewhere between 20,000 and 40,000." end quote from Meier.

  • This is the time to test whether there are viable alternatives to fossil fuel. With Russian gas, Russian oil and Iranian oil sanctioned, there should be no problem, if what they tell us were true. They should just replace the sanctioned oil with the supposed 'green' alternatives. If they can't, then what do they usually talk about? Why do they push for an end of usage of these fuel? They always lie that there are other alternatives stiffled by the cheap fossil fuel. Now with no Russian, Iranian and Libyan oil, they no longer have a smock on the screen. The oil is now expensive and the alternative energy should become now more preferred.
  • The nations are abandoning the "net-zero" green agenda of the great reset, as energy prices sky-rocket....Of course, fossil fuels cannot be replaced by the absurdly suggested substitutes, of wind farms, solar panels and electric cars.....People demand REAL ENERGY at affordable prices...
    Essentially, you are witnessing the unravelling of decades of dark cabal planning......They have totally lost their momentum with their carbon footprint social credit score, scheme....They will never convince governments, even the most dark, to implement such impossible objectives, now....Like covid, and it's resultant police state rollout, the people will not tolerate this police-state policy, of carbon taxes...

    And many are realizing how stupid and unrealistic it would be to run an electric car, which is powered by lithium batteries, charged by coal fire plants....It is crazy....

    True "green" energy, available in almost limitless quantities and with constant availability, would be AETHERIC ENERGY.....So the elites should make that available to the people and lift the "national security" classifications...Of course, they dare not, as that empowers people....SO THE CABAL MUST GO FIRST....

  • This video I first purchased and viewed in 1994, when it came out. Much of it is speculative, YET, there is a lot of truth in it, also...I can fill in all gaps, if anyone is interested....It is named: UFO SECRETS OF THE THIRD REICH.

    "A Documentary revealing the inner circle of the Nazi occult groups such as the Thule society and Black Sun and how they used psychic communication with extra dimensional and extra terrestrial beings in order to further their knowledge and technology by making flying saucers."

  • The presentation host asks for more information about this clip.....;-) ..!! It will only be provided to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear...
    This Cornwall video was posted on the HISTORY YouTube channel, about a Month ago..
    Reading the many comments about the video and the many ideas I would say that most are very open to the idea of ET technology and open minded to the science of said propulsion systems, associated with that technology..

    The science has already dismissed the conjecture of "laser pointer, drone, plane," etc...And of course, ball lightning does not make sudden stops and massive ascents...

    The jerky motions are very common, while vectoring. The moves are speed of thought....Magnetic impulse steering..
    The pilot is thinking beyond 3D spacials....Projecting the craft to a point visualized, before the motions are made, following up with great rapidity.
    In this case, a projection to the edge of space...
  • As I have recently discussed with Quetzal (of 'Schmidrüti meadow area project fame,) promoting a new video, which includes brilliant footage, of a Sirian craft, making a flight across the Cornish coast, in 2020...This was selected for showing, because it has been seriously analyzed by scientists, investigating it's veracity..
    They conclude that it is genuine...

    This was in November, 2020...

    From a Sirian perspective, it is the end of an underwater survey of the Bay of Biscay, marine life. Later the Sirian Scout Ship (100' diameter) exited the sea, after the marine survey and travelled north and then from west to east, passing the Cornish shoreline....And into the camera shot. At that point, a very fast ascent was made, noting and reminding all, that inertia is not present within the craft's field...So no G-force was suffered by the crew...Mikala was the team leader on that particular flight....She is a science clan member.

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