Channeling is foolish and unwise. Why have a spirit get inside you and leave things behind when you can just talk to them face to face. This site needs to gets its shit together and remove all the channellings that distract,  and are untrue and lead members away from the true purpose of a site like this. Basically search for the truth get over what makes you feel good and be honest with yourself. Do not expect someone to come save you its your job to save yourself, that is your mission and purpose end of story, period. 

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  • Most are just channeling their higher selves. 

  • Many will enjoy this,then again some may not,the Infinity Of Our Souls contain all the Answers we need,found this composition of Infinity on line while studying,blessings starchild. 

    Infinity MerKaBa Loop - YouTube…
  • No channelings = censorschip = diversion = darknes

  • I think maybe orginally as a prototype of the platform for the forums of the future

  • interesting very interesting *rubs chin*

  • Your within an info war.. and... wordy gaming.. can at times be an endless tundra for us to express ourselfs.

     Perhaps it could also be better to have a cosmic view!! .. To translate our expressions.... from!!

     (Yes, I edited this:)... its thy (slightly) un-buggerd version though :)) )

  • There is no INFO WAR

    its what you be;ieve and wat you value

    soone can tell you what to think or beieveits your world you create it within yoursef

    stand strong in your creation

    dont listen to anyone elses opinion-- they dont make  aNY sENSE

    lIFE IS NOT A CON Game,.....

    • chaneell your own hgher self for the best advise

  • Opening-to-Channel-Roman-Sanaya-9780915811052.jpg

    • I read this book, it was good.  I was never able to channel, I think mostly because I still have a distrust of channeling that is too great for me to overcome.  I have done some automatic writing, and that scared me too.  Guess at the end of the day I am just a scaredy cat......But this book is good.

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