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omg this is so true...right now everything is coming to the surface...everything is manifesting with extreme speed-up... karmic liabilities are being paid off ... its crazy but its 2012 :)

Since there is no subtitle or caption in this video for deaf people including me, it will be much help if someone could create transcript or summary of this video. Thank you very much.

Here you are my friend:

In this video blog I want to talk about a few things, quite spontaneously, because I go through a lot of waves of energies - every day, in every moment. And I want to share that. It's like we talk about the 5th dimension all the time or we talk about the shift into the 5th dimension. Into these higher frequencies.
But the things is actually we are there right now, 2012, we are living this 5th dimensional energies right now.

And of course when we try to live a 3d life within these patterns that have for hundreds of years or even thousands of years and for me, I have been on this planet for 29 years, ha, and that's not a long time, that's a really, really, really short time actually. But I feel that time, 29 years is nothing, it's like now I'm starting to live these 5th dimensional energies and of course the mind will have this uh..what can I say..uh, they have these patterns, that come back to you and you have to look at them over and over again.

For example these feelings of: what should I do in the future - that's not, I'm not in tune with that, what I would do in the future - it's like, it's unnecessary to know. I only feel it's necessary to be in this moment, how do I feel right now, do I feel good...

And I attune myself within myself, because everything you need to know you can, you need to know what you need to eat right now, if you need to eat, you need to know...everything right now. And people are getting more and more confused, this is like two sides of one coin. I know there are people getting more and more clear and people getting more and more confused.
But it's nothing strange with that, because people are holding onto their 3d energies and they don't realize that they are in another "dimension" - a higher frequency.
So, we just have to integrate these living patterns of the higher energies. And it's about the feeling of freedom, that you are your own source of power.
And I feel a lot more people becoming more and more confused in the dramas around them and they see things as right and wrong, light and dark or uh...this or that. They see or these names, all these labels.

I can't go into discussions anymore and argue which side to support, I can't say do this or that. It's not necessary, people have their own issues and they want to claim their truth and they cannot say that it doesn't matter actually what you put out there. I know this is strange because, we choose ourselves to engage in dramas. No one else does that to us - no one else! So if you feel that you are in a drama and you feel drained, you feel you have to convince someone about something, then it's your problem, your own problem..hah, not someone else's. You can get help with your issues. I've asked my heart to transmute these densities of polarity within my being and I have got so much help. Because I know that I am the only one responsible for my actions, for my feelings.
And there is no one to judge, no one at all! You are not a victim. Within these higher energies, you cannot egage in 3rd dimensional energies anymore, you see them and you bless them and you see everyone as divine. When I look at people, I see that they are masters of their own reality, I see love within them.
And if I see someone sitting on the street begging for money, it's their version of...they feel as if they have to bow down to get help from someone, that they have to, that they are just victims of random circumstances. But instead of giving them money, I look at them, I say hello. And I see that they are beings of great....beyond words. That they can create their reality, that they are love, but they are totally unaware of it, yet.

And a lot of people aren't aware of who they truly are. All of these spirituality games, I can call it games, there are New Age, there are Religions, there are different groups, different agendas - but spirit has no agendas, spirit isn't in the New Age, the spirit isn't in religion. These are just concepts, it's like you are truth, but you have all these layers of beliefs and illusions and fears on top of that truth and you would remove all of these patterns at once the ego would just
think it became insane.
Most people can't handle this is-ness, this stillness where everything comes from and I have felt that so strong recently, that I am and the ego cannot put words on it, it cannot do anything. You just have to let go of everything.

People create dramas, they may say I'm a victim, this is not my fault, someone did this to me or said this to me but....a part of you loves this drama, a part of your really, really wants to feel these emotions, because if not, you would step out of there, you would, you would create something else.
And there is nothing wrong in engaging in dramas, that's the paradox. So for example, on ACC I let people vent their views, vent their duality games, vent their differences, but that's only a game, that's only uh...what can I say, uh little top of the being. And I as an admin, as an observer, has to allow this to happen, because this is how people will discover who they truly are - through the dramas.
Because there will come a time when people will see the drama for what it is - just an illusionary game. That feels very really, because we engage in it.
It's our responsibility to understand that the drama is within us and we can transform it and transmute it - sometimes we can feel disconnected from spirit, from our spirituality.

All these recommendations of how we have to be, behave and feel in order to be spiritual, that we have to be a certain way to be loved, that we have to be good, say nice things to each other to be spiritual - but these are also concepts.

You step into your true self, then things will come from love automatically - IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE INTELLECT.

And people want to engage in the drama to feel like they are achieving something, like they are doing something, like they are changing something...

But we have to get use to all the thoughts we get, they are just patterns that have been recorded for several hundreds of years, a collective pattern.
And in these higher energies, thought cannot exist? we just feel... the beingness penetrates everything...and we are all teachers...all members of ACC who visit us, are all teachers. It's like we are forerunners for this transformation... that's why people argue, that's why people go into this duality game so much, and people will be even more confused in the coming times, because they will look at the external world and see everything - and they don't know what to believe.
That's the time to be within yourself and just feel connected with your over-soul (higher-self/multidimensional-self), that all this is like waves on the surface.
But you are not those waves. You are so much more. You are the witness to this transformation. And a lot of people are going through these initiations of letting go of seeing love in everything on this planet. Because everything is happening, everything is coming to the surface. That's why we can't judge anything because what's coming to the surface is old things that people have been holding on to, that they have to let go so we have to forgive them.

So they are not evil, they are not bad people, they are just letting go of their fears, of their illusions and we have to be there and see that. That's why we will see a lot of drama on Ashtar Command Crew Community - but as I said, I can just allow that. And people will just discuss things until they become red in their faces, because it's not that easy to detach from the dramas, it's a lot of self-discipline in doing that. And mastery is about self-discipline.

Before you act you have this feeling of love within you and the thing is, it's a game that is coming to an end and a new beginning.
And I'm just sharing from my heart, I'm not a master, I'm not better than anyone else. I just know that I am eternal, that I am here to remind people who they are, that fear is just....
We have to create our own community of love within us.
The most important message of this video is that we are living in the higher energies right now, and all these games of duality are fading, we can't attach to them any more. I feel so, I can't attach to them. When I see people arguing with each other, I just see words. A lot of things we see now in the world aren't truth, so why engage yourself in things that aren't important - they may feel important for the person that writes about it, that share's it, but it may not be important for you. So you have to be really clear. And this about being clear in your being is important now too. You have to center yourself. In every moment, you have to live your life like in a meditation, all the time.
Because people will become confused when these high energies hit the Earth, which makes all those layers come up, of doubt, of fears.
But you have to be in your center and just feel the clarity, the simplicity of everything.

Ok. (Ben-Arion puts his hand up in universal sign of peace, goodwill toward all, love and unity)

I love the words and the truth they hold but even more I love how immediately you responded to the person who requested the transcript.

There is nothing more fulfilling for me than to be of service to others. ^_^

Thank you so much for this great transcript. You are truly great and I truly appericate this very much! You rock!

Thank you for this "transcription" =)

You're welcome Ben-Arion. I did my best in the time that I had. Reading it now, I see I added a few random s and r where they shouldn't be. ;) 

No matter. What matters is people helping people.

This is fantastic!! Thank you!!

Thanks BenArion. Time to manifest our higher selves! Glad that we're coming to a close where waiting for things to turn out inspite of "the evidence" is finally over. I know this was part of the drama, but it felt like an uphill battle. Nevertheless, it is great that this is now a universal decree, so that the support system is global and touching all of us at once. No escape and no getting lost in samsara anymore. Lightness is starting to be felt on 11/11. Namaste!



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