Cheers guys, I hope everyone's having a great week so far and those of you that live in hot areas are keeping cool :)

I'm postingthis in the quest to find some answers and try and harness these
abilities and learn from others who are going through the same thing as

When I sleep at night sometimes I become consciously aware that I am hearing music playing, like a radio
station (it's a continuous piece of music) from my left side of the
head mostly and from the right side I hear talking (something close to
a lecture of some sort). Just last night while I was sleeping in the
middle of the night I suddenly became aware that I was hearing music
again and woke up slightly (still with my eyes closed) and I wondered if I
could change what I was hearing and I tried to consciously tune into another
"radio channel" or "transmission"  for lack of better words, and I
could hear different things, for eg. I could hear chatting from 2
people, then I changed the "channel" again and I could hear some kind
of language that I could not recognize, then I was thinking who is
speaking this language and all of a sudden I got an image of a green
"what it seemed to be like an alien body" and I pulled out cause it was too much for me at that point and fully
woke up and a little startled. 

Upon waking up I realized that my whole body and especially my third
eye was really tingling and had a pulling sensation which quickly faded
away. I drank some water as I was really thirsty and went back to bed
in hopes that it would return again but, it didn't.

So to conclude, this is not the first time it has happened but last
night was the most vivid one yet and the one I had the most control
over. I wonder if these are any abilities of some sort awakening up in me or if it's just my imagination playing in my head.

Has anyone ever experienced this or has any idea what this is? I would love to consciously master this!  =)

Thank you for your time!

Love & Light

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  • I think your in class with me... Its kinda hard to focus on both sides at the same time.
    They are always making us play music. Even instruments that don't even exist in most places.
    Thats usually when i know when I'm here or there...

    But when you do know what's going on, you just have to be the most respectful asshole ever.
    That way you'll get what you want, and they won't mind being alright with it.
    • Are you still hearing music! Dam the last time I heard music.... I cant even remember.
      All I hear are the sound of fighting, going on in the spiritual realm.

      The fight for each soul on this planet.

      I wish some of you can see half of what is done for you there.
  • Something really strange happened to my family about 3 weeks ago. When we entered our house, me, my wife and 5 year old daughter heard someone talking inside our house. The voice was coming near our computer and at first I was thinking that it came from the speaker of our computer. But I only use headset and the computer was actually was on stand-by so it cannot possibly have produced that sound. The voice disappeared in just a few seconds.

    My wife and daughter also heard that sound so I cannot say that it is just my imagination. I'm thinking that we might be overlapping with the other dimensions now and there are times now that we can hear (or see) them albeit in just a few seconds.
  • I've started to understand the Astral Projection phase. Slowly but surely i can feel the energy that "life" creates both within living species and within Earth itself. As for the voice or message i received to my knowledge it did not frighten me. In fact, out of all of the Sleep Paralysis moments and the vibrations this "message" along with the "we are one" idea i felt did not bring me any fear. Almost as if it were normal . I woke up the next morning telling my little brother about it. But never once did fear or worry cross my path. I consider myself very aware of whats going on with me and around me. I think a lot... maybe too much... there are things i am afraid.. witnessing a world war sure would be one of them. But this message of what may be to come, did not startle me. Maybe that in itself is something i should fear...

    Martyn Redd -signing off-
    • No friend Fear are the only thing you should fear.

      What is to come are projected x7 (worse) why, humans surround them with noise all day and do not here the warnings. Animals listen, why do you think that in disasters animals start freaking out and move away. They heard the warnings and they listened.

      Humans get the warning but they go, "Oh I have a bad feeling about this place, maybe I should leave" then they go Oh, I am being silly, party! and then they die.

      The earth have to do these shifts to be ready for ascension, she does warn us, but we do not listen and then we complain about being the victims.

      In there times, when you get a bad feeling or a bad vibe, respond! Leave.

      This was there to help, all of us. We just need to learn to listen NOW! It will save your life.

      Trust your vibes they are there for a reason. - This website is for sale! - victims Resources and Information.
      This website is for sale! is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of wha…
  • I feel that you are experiencing an awakening related experience. Hearing parts of the AUM. The sounds of the all, the sounds of the source. This is an atunement to higher self/higher vibrational/source energies and can cause your light body to activate. At the same time reacting with your cellular energies and DNA. This process requires lots of water. :)

    Go with the changes and start spreading your wings of Love and Light around the Dimensions.

  • My dear sweet friend!

    Shekinah is very right, but you are very wrong. You do speak to animals, you have spoken to Ceerak and Dragion and Zee.

    Ok animals here do not speak in words, you are looking for words. They speak in feelings and pictures. Do you have a dog or cat at home? next time an animal gets in your lap. Stroke them place your left hand on their shoulder blades. Put your right hand between their front legs, you will have the animal between your hands. keep moving your fingers, dogs are more docile and sometimes easier to speak to than cats. Though some cats will chat up a storm, others will think this human is nuts. LOL

    Close your eyes and just sit with the animal between your hands, quiet your mind and feel the animals heart beating, its life force look at their aura (yes they also have one) Sometimes they would start showing you pictures (that meant you are tuned into their thoughts), you can softly start the contact, by putting a picture in your minds eye of anything (some will break contact and want to move away, let them, it is a shock for them as well, the first contact), a field or a toy, mostly they respond. It is very gentle and you have to really go quiet, do not expect anything, just be. It usually start by you seeing a picture, then you would feel things like I would like to run in the field. That is it, that is the first contact. Cats are different, once they realize that you understand they can sometimes get very bossy. Horses and cats for me are easier, as I understand their nature better and the way they think, so contact is easier, some would get right in your face chatting up a storm, others would look at you funny walk away and go "Stupid human" LOL Bird are rather flirty and they have a language, but it is rather difficult and their minds do a lot of jumping, You really have to concentrate with them. Ant are sensible and you can ask them to leave your house. LOL, but cockroaches are horrible things. They do not make contact and have no regard for anything. Lions are like cats.

    Try it, it takes time, but it is time well spent. Reiz, is the reason for LEO ringing a bell now.

    If you were not able to speak to animals you would not have received the recommendation!
    You just need to learn the ability. You always speak about the flowery bits in the way I speak and write. That is the bit you need to learn, the flowery bit, the feelings and emotions, it lend a special nuance to the way you say something. It is a language on its own and when used with another language tend to get the message across better.

    Well I hope you try this experiment, it is fun and something worth learning. Even if you are not an animal person. Remember, animals don't lie. If they do not like someone there is always a reason.
    Anyone can speak to animals if you take the time to listen. Plants and trees as well. Same principal.

    Regards Anush
  • Have a heart friend!

    I have only got so many hands! Undoing and fixing all the damage that was done to the original Destiny plan takes time.

    It need to be fixed and restored to the original plan, not the doom and gloom that was there. It was not in the original plan. A lot of intervention, the miss use of power and corruption need to be fixed now, in order to make ascension as smooth and with the least amount of violence as possible!

    You should realize that by now. LOL! We are close so very close!

    Love Anush
    TIME.IT - Ora Esatta e Fusi Orari
    TIME.IT il sito dell'Ora Esatta e dei Fusi Orari
  • I have this once in a while, i thought it had to do with waking up in the rem-sleep. it happens to me regularly, i wake up and am not able to move, it used to be scary because never know people might think your But just by focusing on moving a finger, you snp out of it....
  • Something similar happened to me about 3 weeks ago. I was sleeping in my little bothers room on a bed next near his and fell under sleep paralysis for about the 4th or 5th time ever in my life. I tried my hardest to wake up by trying call out to my little brother. (The feelings i get from the sleep paralysis is like someones standing near me or watching me). I finally woke myself up enough to become aware of where i was. But when waking up, my entire body was vibrating (almost like electricity was running through me) But the strange part about all of this was i remember hearing these words or these thoughts in mind. (not sure what to call it) but it was somewhere along the lines of "The Third World War will be a war over religion". Those weren't the exact words i got but that's really the only way i remember it. I think it was that of a female that told me this. Or at least that's what it felt like. Basically they weren't my thoughts, but yet they were?

    I was pretty tired and too weak to move so i closed my eyes and went back to sleep... even as my body continued to vibrate... The next morning all i could remember were the "words". I told my little brother and he had reminded me that i said i was vibrating... not sure what to call all of this... but it sounds similar to your tingling sensation and the image you received.

    -Martyn Redd
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