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  • Thx. Magia from your friendship.

  • Lots of Love to You
  • Peace and Love*
  • Hi Magia

    Why would you want to do that? I have nothing, and I mean in the outmost sense of the word "nothing" :)
    And that is an achievement that would not to hard to accomplish I should think. And since I dont have a home, then the whole world is my home, I like to think of the whole world as my "location" although I can't be in all locations at the same time, eh, that is if we neglect the theme "all is one" coz in that sense, I am omnipotent and everywhere right now heh he hehe he he

    All is Good....Be Blessed Bro...and Be Good
  • i too have realized i need to trabajar la obra.
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"Whats up Geneve? Been along time sense I've been on here, just thought I'd say hi."
Aug 3, 2014
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I have been seeing ufos for many years now,.It's what lead me to this website so long ago.Now there are UFOs in the sky non stop, day and night.Whether they are drones, military, aliens, spiritual beings, etc,they are definitely here out in the…
Aug 3, 2014
Tom left a comment for Geneve Rupert
"Hope all is well :)"
Dec 20, 2013
Tom posted a discussion
I discovered a technique not long ago that night be able to help you.It's a simple visualization, except it will help your consciousness gain a physical feel of energy.Begin your meditation breathing for a minute. Once you do this and get relaxed a…
Feb 6, 2013

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"If the covid19 PSYOP is restarted over the winter, with more lock-downs, people will ignore the fake science being promulgated by governments. Presently we are free and intend to stay that way...WE ARE SOVEREIGN BEINGS....

The Scots have had a…"
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Actually I hope they keep out of the…"
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"Farage suggests correctly, that Biden does not like the UK...And looking at the way his hysterical handlers treat questioning from the press, while in talks with PM Johnson I tend to agree....Biden and his dark cabal masters, hate Great Britain,…"
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"To trade, or not to trade, that is the question, President Biden...!!! lol

A GB News commentary from the indefatigable Nigel Farage, on the current state of play, regarding a possible bi-lateral deal with the USA........Yes, Trump would have done…"
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