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  • yo bro...thanks for the 100 monkeys info etc...collective conscientiousness, quantum physics...the plot thickens...dave
  • Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom with us. You describe beautifully where and what I aspire to be, and so I thank for for inspiring me in a powerful way to follow and life my truth.

    Namaste, Sonita
  • Thankyou for being an outstanding being,Being(smile)!May the love of The Father be with you always.
  • I Love You Always and Thank You for the Nice Reminder :)
  • Hi Being,
    hope all went well yesterday for you ... if you like let me know. Much LOVE and many Blessings
  • Being ~ Keep spreading your love and light - it really touches people on a deeper level and makes the world a better place to be in :)


    Thanks for all of your kind & good energy!
  • Formless Beings We Are Together Yet We Are One Together :)
  • As we weave together our love we unravel the illusion
    Love you always
  • Thanks for accepting my friendship.........this is for ALL Indigos crystals and starseeds all over our planet now.

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I am Being and I exist with my Twin Flame and wife who goes by Water Being on A.C. We are multidimensional beings who stand strongly with peace, love and compassion. Bless you! Bless us All!

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Music / Frequency Orch. Massenet Meditation (from Thais);Text / Rab Adamson
Nov 2, 2020
Being replied to 28fwcvnoz3r00's discussion Absolutely Nothing is more Important than Unity in this NOW..
"Love and light in the eternal now!"
Aug 13, 2012
Being left a comment for MShoulerUK
"Thank you for befriending me on here and i wish you the very best in all ways in possible!"
Sep 10, 2011
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"Happy Birthday!"
Jun 30, 2011

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"I like it—thanks. Wish there was an app. Wish you texted me updates. Am grateful. Thank you. Tanya in Texas. Much love!"
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"Yes throw them out of your countries to where they belong that is JUNGLE"
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Rapper Lord Jamar: ‘George Soros Controls Black Lives Matter! It’s NOT Our Movement’! Great Video Confirming That There Is A Political Agenda Behind All These…
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