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  • I love you Martyn Redd!  thank you!
  • Martin, Thanks for adding me :)

    I hope you are doing wonderful - and feeling good today.

    Many blessings to you :-)
  • Dear Martyn: Glad to meet you and to be welcomed here. These are interesting times to be alive and awakening. All blessings to you and thanks for saying hi (c: from Jannirose
  • Hi Martyn,

    Just a second, because the previous, present and future days are very busy for me. Contact me later or I will contact you later!

    Lovely to be invited as your friend!

  • Hope your having a wonderful weekend Martyn Redd love light and joy from Phoenix ;-)x
  • Thank you for being you.

  • Thank you for your friendrequest ;) Peace and Love....
  • Hi Martyn and welcome and thanks for the request!

    Love and light
  • thank you for being a friend Pictures, Images and Photos
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Las Vegas, NV


December 9

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I'm a believer.... In many things. I've always wondered why can't people believe in a God and in other higher powers at the same time... I've always known we weren't alone. And with much research and learning over the last year i've come to realize some of the things we all "imagine" and dream about, may be true... An advance world in peace, greater than earth is out there.. maybe hundreds of them! I was told once subconsciously "We Are One".. weeks later i had a white light experience.. weeks later i awoke from a deep sleep, feeling my entire body vibrate... Are they reaching out to me? or is my subconscious reaching out to them? 2012 will be a year of great change i just know it! the question now is what exactly will happen? how can i prepare for it? and what will life be like after? I continue my journey to learn. To understand. Soon i know my voice will hold truths that others may not believe. But truths indeed they will be. I'm not a prophet, or a higher being. I am simply learning from the "teachers".. a messenger in its slightest form. I am Martyn Redd... Signing off--

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Ascended Masters

Martyn Redd posted a discussion
They have spoken! Please! Find their voice... Hear it, Feel it, Praise it, Love it. Gaza has spoken! Gaza "the strong place" has become weak and have spoken!'Let there be peace, but not War...' It is time. The War will start, unless we say no! If…
Nov 19, 2012
Martyn Redd replied to Martyn Redd's discussion The Election 2012: PLEASE READ 1.0221
"The Medium is the Message... Elections mean very little physically... But they effect the consciousness and mortality of mankind 100%. Like we said before. Pay attention and study Syria and North Africa. It is the calm before the storm. .. .... .. . "
Aug 18, 2012
Martyn Redd posted a discussion
Hello my fellow citizens of Earth, specifically North America. We've been working hard, long and tedious to bring you the answers you deserve... Like before we promised global change in the near future (2 months ago) and we feel it is safe now to…
Aug 18, 2012
Martyn Redd posted a discussion
My friends, for i know its been so long. I want to grant you Love for your time well spent wondering and dreaming of a World soon to be "discovered."As comfort and understanding of what is SOON to come, I give you the structure of what you shall…
May 27, 2012

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With a new presidency, a new era has dawned in the United States. It begins with the nation being more deeply divided than it has been since the American Civil War of 1861-65.There is a desperate need for peace and healing through reconciliation.…
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"Peace, love and light to you too Indigenous Alien 🌞 and to All ✨"
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DNI Ratcliffe details how China influenced the 2020 election while the intel community [d]eep state worked to cover it up 
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