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  • yes focus here is music and i would like to get into some more gaming

  • :P im slow because like you im always doing a gazillion things no rest for the wicked maybe ill rest and be fluffy bunny light brights for awhile hehehe

  • Psychedelic%2Bgifs%2Bbig%2Bthese%2Bpsychedelic%2Banimated%2Bgifs%2B...
  •  Anush I have been asked to be in touch with you about your soul language symbols that you posted. I get the feeling that a new time arriving bring again the pure language of the Soul which you are a Keeper of. I am not in touch with my aboriginal friend although I have another friend with knowledge of the White Snake who would welcome you into his timeline as a friend. Anush I was in touch with you before but this time need to be in touch via email. My email is  I would love to hear back from you to discuss things further as so much has occurred and is happening. Hugs King Jeff

  • Thanks for your friend request: )

  • Notice the change? I am not sure where I am going but none have control of the path:) I feel like it time for some pay back or back pay lol.

  • hi anush, just stopping by to pay my respects, I need to just give you a big random thankyou for being here, and to say that I'v always always 100% respected you (even if I didn't quite know why). .  and also even if I myself may not give off that vibe all that often :) hehe

    I still really like that avatar image of yours, has always been spot on

  • How is my dear Anush doing?

    Past weeks you dwelled around in my mind.

    I'm glad to catch you online now.


    Drome :)

  •  Thank you for your gift Anush I comprehend the words

     and I acknowledge your health and wellness. Tell me is that

     a Lion on the right of that symbol silhouetted in the rock face

     halfway up on the right? May a trillion trillion Rainbow Heart Bubbles

     constantly flow out of your heart blessing all you come in touch with

     with health happiness and healing enveloped at the same time in your

     favorite perfume. Blessings wisdom impeccability purity of intent peace and harmony always now Kingjeff

    PS Love your Violet Site.

  • a good friend of mine once told me that your true love is just like your shadow, thats what that comment was about, I just didn't explain much, I still am looking around for my shadow, hehe, but you know me, hehe. . probably in next universe revolution, anyhow yes that blog hit home with me specifically but feel its part of a larger calling perhaps, has been making me ponder in my subconscious, oh and yes even after the 28 of oct I am still horribly perky, so, just to warn you, the energys have done nothing about that yet, hmmmm, its like I am getting younger, oh no, hehe
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Nelspruit, Mpumalanga


January 3

About Yourself

The journey of a soul has so much value in life. Each day is a new opportunity to learn and grow. We must never let one minute go by without taking note of all that happen around us, good or bad.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

I have had many over the years. The Almighty is my biggest teacher Dracus, Elder Kalnarh, Sensay, Elron, Dracion, My Grand mother

Anush left a comment for 2gh6nlc9p6ikp
"its ok to slowdown once and a this point I kinda talk to a few old friends, play some games.... but main focus is art....  I try to stay out the spiritual realms for a bit..."
Jun 26, 2015
Anush left a comment for 2gh6nlc9p6ikp
"LOL  your slow.... :P"
May 23, 2015
Anush commented on Anush's blog post The Basilisk and White Snake
Nov 5, 2014
Anush commented on Anush's blog post Bring forth to me
"Thank you, Much appreciate your words"
Nov 1, 2014

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"False Flag : an attack or other hostile action that obscures the identity of the participants carrying out the action while implicating another group or nation as the perpetrator."
2 minutes ago
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COFFEE BREAKWITH THE COMMANDER Val: Honey why do you continue to infer I drink coffe when you know neither of us do?Valana: Because! We get more readersassme realize we tell more in our Coffee Breaks than any other writings.Val: Well, what do you…
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"The buildings were blown up with explosives. This is false flag"
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" Welcome to the group,, 1gotoflove and others that have joined.  I don't get notices and just cme occasionally as I've been slightly under the weather but thanks to Jesus and the finished work on Calvary I am getting better each day.
I am a…"
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"What is the Iron dome it is an advance technology missile and then I saw a building fall so fast on the ground this type of technology can turn buildings into dust it happened in with the twin towers. Many indigenous people knew these kinds of…"
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"Some truths are truthier than other truths. Anyone who has actually been through an Awakening knows that passing through/processing negative energy/experiences is a necessary evil."
3 hours ago
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"If one has daily communication with their spirit guides they are here to give humanity messages in all forms of communication. I am aware of this for example they can contact in a number of ways other times I hear knocking on the door, class falling…"
3 hours ago
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"Before the Middle East conflict I had this vision of lights and explosions everywhere and I wondered what this message meant until I had this urge to go on one of news channels and saw bombs falling on the cities in the Middle East."
3 hours ago