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Does anyone know the symbolism the way ASHTAR is depicted - especially his right hand.I have attached a picture - I hope you can see. Any comments welcome.

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Dear Kylie , the symbol over his heart is the MERKABAH ; the soul symbol , and the seven pointed star in his out-stretched hand symbolises the SEVEN COSMIC RAYS ; the rays souls incarnate upon here on planet . There are 12 rays in all seven are light the other five are sound based rays . All are electromagnetic in nature .

Thank you for your response and look forward to maintaining contact.

Hi Kylie,

I agree with Immanuel about the Merkabah and Seven Rays....also, about the seven-pointed purple star, the Seventh Dimension vibrates the energy of Divine Grace, and purple light vibrates transformation through compassion, kindness, cherishment and surrender to Source (our 'local' will aligned in Oneness with Divine Will) the double helix of DNA strands above his hand, coming into the seven-point star is about transformation through compassion and the vibration of Grace activating 'ascended DNA', the crystalline light body...which is also connected with the Merkabah.



PS: There's a page on my site you might enjoy reading, in relation to this star: Mary's Star

Thank you for your response and look forward to maintaining contact. I love your website.

They say when needed the right teachers present. So thank you to both of you. I was exploring the 12 rays about 2 years ago and obviously I have missed something important and Spirit wants me to revisit for whatever reason. Eager to explore again. Thank you again! What seem insignificant to others, just opened up a world of exploration for someone else.

Yes , indeed , ditto to the rest of what Joanna has so eloquently stated .

Kylie, thank you, glad the site resonates for you.

Indeed, aspects that we've already explored have a way of cycling in again at exactly the 'right moments', as we grow and shift ...and then perceive/understand/feel them in a deeper level... :)

Wishing you joy on the journey. You too, Immanuel. :)

Thank you dear lady , and to you my old friend .

Spiritual shurikens, one the best weapons against the cabal, they are made of crystallized love, making them hard to repair unless you have energon cubes. That right there on the left side of his jacket, it's an energon cube. Yeah, I know, but they measure geometry different in 5th dimension.

I think the message is "Come no closer, Orion group, for I have more energon cubes"

P.S. The orion group is mainly composed by dark beings and other self-centered entities oriented towards elitism, such as mickey mouse or barney the dinosaur.

It may be worth checking this out : 

All channels who think they are communicating with "Ashtar" are actually communicating with Vashtar, who's name and appearance has often been confused with that of Ashtar....

That photo maybe VASHTAR 


Thanks anyway - Not communicating in channel - just observing symbolism.

Not so , they are two quite separate beings ; one Pleiadian the other Sirian .

For starters different coloured jumpsuits , Ashtar's blue with gold piping Vastar's is white . Secondly they only look vaguely similar not the same ; if I can tell them apart then anyone can .



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