Hello Lovely Angels of Mother Gaia (Earth). I'm writing this post because of what's happening between N&S Korea and the US. Here, I'll talk about a simple method by which each and every one of you can use it to prevent the war from taking place.

Before I start, a few beloved ones might think it's rubbish or they won't believe in it. That's understandable, it's ok. So, all I want to say is, if you want to try it out it's good. Or, if you don't want to, it's absolutely fine, no problem at all.

Ok, let's begin then:

The key is our thinking, our thoughts dear angels. You might now think this is boring  and say " I've been hearing this for ages." But, to be honest, it is the need of the hour at the moment. People who are sensitive to energies will tell you that the frequency of vibration (energy) on this planet increased stupendously after 21/12 (even I can confirm this because I'm also sensitive to energies) and this is having a direct impact on the way we think and direct our thoughts to, in the sense that the rate of manifestation of our thoughts is proportional to the frequency of vibration(energy) around/in you(on the planet).

So, here are a few things that you should be doing( I'll keep it very simple and won't go in depth):

(where ever I say heart(s), I do not mean the organ in our bodies. Here heart means the 4th major energy center of our human body.)

1. Spread (intend) Love and Peace to North Korea, South Korea and the USA. Pour Love into their leaders/people hearts, so that all the hatred and fear that they possess will get dissolved and transmuted to Love and Peace. Do this by your intent/visualization. If your not good at visualization just think it should be that way (Love and Peace).

2. You can implement the above method by intention/meditation/visualization. If you're not good or confident with them, then you can try affirming something of your own, for example " I'm sending Love and Peace energies to North Korea, South Korea and the USA, to its leaders and their people. Let them drop their weapons and celebrate Peace. There should be No War. Only Love and Peace should exist in/between them". Just create these kind of positive affirmations and say them in your hearts or you can say them aloud too.

3. In case if your interested in visualization/meditation. What you could do is, just google out the maps(pics) of those nations and their leaders and send love and peace to them. Just visualize that soft pink colour Light is flowing from your heart and from your palms onto the Nations and into their leaders hearts, shower/immerse them in that pink Light. Soft Pink Light carries Love energies in it. Then Visualize/meditate that Love and Peace prevails between those nations. (this is just an example, you can use any method that you think will work well).(you can use green colour too)

The above method is a simple one, there is room for innovation.

Advanced Healers can use any methods they have used in the past to stop War and Crimes from taking place.

If you're a healer or not, it doesn't matter, you can just use your thoughts to stop this War. Just Believe in yourselves Dear Angels. Don't breakdown if you hear a bad news tomorrow  because this will keep you in that fear/anger entanglement which will only result in more fear/anger. Stay Positive round the clock and believe in the power of your Hearts.

Don't do this method in a state of fear, thinking that  " if I don't do it, it will result in a war. " No. It won't work that way. Do it Out of Love. In a state of Love. For the all the beings on Mother Earth.

From, the past week onwards we have been hearing in the news about this War which is going to take place, each day has contributed to your fear and that is the reason why every next day you're hearing a bad news. This is because you're arresting yourselves in the state of fear. And that is the power of your thoughts. So don't keep your thoughts revolving around fear when you hear this kind of bad news ;just step aside and implement those methods which negates fear and induces Love and Peace. Use your thoughts, you know it's very powerful.(in this para' fear can also mean any negative thought). I'm stressing on our thoughts here because the fact is we can create "realities" with the power of our thoughts. Our thoughts not only have an effect on us but also on the collective too.

Also, I want to say that the Galactic Federation /(GFL) is monitoring this situation very closely. They are doing their best they can to help us all. They also require our help so that it makes their work even easier because they know that you all dear Angels are very powerful Divine Beings who have the ability and the power to stop this War or any War from taking place and that Power is LOVE.

Love, Light and Gratitude.



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  • WHY spread the fear?

    Wake up!  Open your ears to listen to sources who keep telling over and over - "Stop believing these fear spreading agendas,  and/or being slaves of the cabal".

    There will NOT be a war.  

    So I don't need a short, nor a long-cuts to prevent it.

    I've been out from that fear porn scenario/s for a long time now.


    Please people, send your good vibes and intentions to the WORLD, and  keep on having....


  • Unconditionnal love,


  • Great great thanks sister Dinesh,

    We are One with you in this work and much more....

    Unconditionnal love and light,


  • There will be no war-it's bluster to get aid from the US and s Korea-n Korea is a collective without free trade-commie gangsters who counterfiet different world currencies and smuggle drugs, human trafficking from China, you name it-n Korea people are starving to death and cannibalizing the dead

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