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This man was researching ways to combat/cure malaria-I heard a program on the radio last night about how malaria kills 620,000 per year-knowing too much or doing something good can get get you killed -now more than ever

John Rogers, Tropical Disease expert with the National Institutes of Health.
Martin John Rogers was found "near" his wrecked car down in an embankment in western Maryland on Thursday, September 4, 2014, after disappearing on August 21, 2014 when he left home for work at the world-renowned research center near Washington, D.C. No word yet on the cause of death, an autopsy will be performed to determine the manner of death, according to LA Times' The Baxter Bulletin.

Here is where the mystery comes in. According to the report the search for Rogers didn't start until a "few days after he failed to show up for work," ....

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....Mr Acute.....:)....When You Come Into The Post....It Starts To Get Interesting.....Hmm We Each Have Our Way....Of Being......However ....Most Dont See Things.....From Each Others Perspective....If You Get Me.....Hmm It Goes Deep.....<3.......

I'm losing the thread here.. my point is that these people are being killed because they obviously have discovered something that they shouldn't have or are curing diseases(population control, et involvement?)-have you seen the link and browsed the other victims stories? unbelievable

The thing is, the only thing these scientists would have to do in the future to survive such scenarios, would be to have a public group where they put all of their work up for review on the internet, as the work is being produced.
That way it would be pointless to murder them since all of their "followers" already would have a copy of all their data hence they'd have to kill millions to keep anything secret. And then they'd have to find a way to keep the killing of millions a secret as well since that too would make many more people rather upset. :)

Of course, it would mean that one would have to give up any right of intellectual property, licensing, copyright and financial gains for say, the discovery of a receipe for an AIDS-vaccine, but.. That's a small price to pay to forward Humanity as a whole. :)

So, to all kind and nice scientists out there I really have only one thing to say:

To survive and get to die of natural, accidental or self inflicted causes in the coming years,
I urge you to PUBLISH your extraordinary findings immediately.

Acute, that would be the solution, but the love of money, fame and personal credit keeps most from doing would be the benevolent way as science should be used for all the people and freely given but guess they have to make money same as the rest of us.

I do agree it seems that scientists that are working on things that would uplift humanity as a whole don't seem to live to finish their work, too many of them dying.  

Acute, I would love to hear your story of the 7 year old that changed your mind, it sounds so interesting.  Aren't you glad he did.  I understood the story, too, I think it's great when people can share their heart like that and be understood and I thought the English was good, also.  I would not have known it was not your native language.

Love Rosey

don't forget they have always been spied on even before electronic surveillance-they send letters or let slip a little info here and there can be dangerous 

This is nothing new, which has been going on for decades.  What's sad is that there are cures and technological advancement developed by people with pure hearts with nothing more than to end human suffering and have a better way of life, only to be met with opposition by death or suppression by the very governments they introduce their inventions to.

I just wish they could, somehow, keep a low profile and stay alive than publish or announce their findings and be targeted by the cabal.  These people are coming in their fields with "light and love" in their minds and hearts, thinking that they made a breakthrough for humanity and have their names in history.  Never knowing or realizing that it's the government itself that's holding back humanity and fall right into their laps to be suppressed.  And it's actually documented how these things are handled if they do some internal research.

very strange but this sort of thing has been going on for years and years but the truth will out it cannot be suppressed xx



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