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Especially since the 1970s, following the investigations of psychologist, Dr Raymond Moody, there have been many continuingly insightful documentary cases, which support the distinct possibility of individual near death experiences. This being mostly subjective evidence and some objective, gleaned from ordinary people, from all walks of life; all ages, sexes, races, the blind, religious, atheists.....And all describing very similar experiences, albeit with unique facets, that seem perfectly designed for each unique life and death...

The basic themes remain consistent and include floating out of body, with a feeling of detached interest and no fear...The astral vortex, or tunnel is presented, which has a light at the end, which the NDEer travels towards...and enters a 5th dimensional realm of colourful splendour and magic....where the light beings are telepaths and one may travel at the speed of thought...

Colours are seen which are not present in 3rd density, a spectrum of twelve, or more, colours...

A life review may also be experienced, followed by a return to complete the left incarnation, when issues of continuance are honoured, under the law of freewill....with the law of forgetfulness waived, so that all is remembered, upon return to the flesh....


The subject becomes even more interesting when the NDEer is a neuro-surgeon, who understands the function of the human brain more than most and nevertheless, has the experience and concludes that it is real...

Please read this example of such an N.D.E. by Dr Eben Alexander


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'It was a place of butterflies, joy and big puffy pink clouds': The leading brain surgeon who is CONVINCED of heaven after 7-day out-of-body odyssey

Harvard-trained Eben Alexander did not believe patients tales of out-of body experiences

But now says he experienced a place filled with butterflies while in a coma

Describes 'a sound like a glorious chant came down from above'

Says he was accompanied by a young woman


By Leslie Larson


A skeptical scientist who had spent his career studying the mechanics of the brain and dismissing patient tales of journeys to heavenly realms has revealed his extraordinary conversion after his own encounter with the afterlife during a near-death experience.

Dr Eben Alexander spent 15 years as an academic neurosurgeon at Harvard but he was struck with a nearly fatal bout of bacterial meningitis in 2008 and had no brain activity when he lay comatose for seven days at a Virginia hospital.

Though he was unconscious and unresponsive during that period, he is now describing a 'hyper-vivid and completely coherent odyssey' to a place beyond, filled with butterflies and resounding music that has shaken his scientific viewpoint on human consciousness.

He says he entered a place filled with clouds and the sound of chanting, and was met by a beautiful blue-eyed woman.

Dr Alexander describes his paradigm shift from focusing solely on the scientific make up of the brain to considering the spiritual realm of the mind, in a deeply reflective essay in Newsweek in advance of the release of his book, Proof of Heaven.

'As a neurosurgeon, I did not believe in the phenomenon of near-death experiences,' he writes in his article, explaining how he had previously relied on 'good scientific explanations for the heavenly out-of-body journeys described by those who narrowly escaped death.'

Though he considered himself a nominal Christian he said he lacked the faith to believe in eternal life.

When his patients would tell tales of going to heaven during near death experiences, he relied on 'current medical understanding of the brain and mind' and disregarded them as wishful thinking.

But after he became the patient, he says he 'experienced something so profound that it gave me a scientific reason to believe in consciousness after death.'


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  • love and light

  • This is really exciting :) But I have a strong feeling that other scientists like he was before must go through a first-hand experience themselves to prove this for themselves. When will scientists be able to prove something that is not phyiscal to the rest of the world? That is the question ;).

  • What excellent snippets of data, assistance and personal insights you dear bloggers have shared here....You are all warmly received with love and bathed in much Light.....thankx

  • Thank you for posting & sharing this! Is there a group currently on ashtar that focuses on this subject so we may share our stories of the similar nature. This has happened to me 3 different occasions in 3 separate locations and all three were highly profound as such! I'd love to share my experiences for anyone whom is curious. Love and more Love!! Melissa

  • Coolness indeed! :D

  • Hi Drekx, thanks for inviting me to comment :)

    yes NDE is so very interesting; and i myself have been through this as well as a good friend of mine back in england at the moment :)

    i shall give her story (as mine is in detailed and i will write a blog about that) but in her case she was rushed to the hospital with a heart attack, and she had an OBE and came out of her body (she got stuck on lower astral) and freaked out, poor thing, lol

    she eventually asked god force to put her back in her body, and she came back into our reality, 

    then came home and told me all about... poor thing was confused but i reassured her.

    :) blessings !!

  • physical death is a passing of one existence to another,we are a light body when we pass over to spirit after emerging from the physical body,to shorten my expression,and opinion about the subject,(also a book title i would recommend is called Embraced By The Light) this is my opinion on the subject( ,due to my heart stopping from cardiac arrest during the operation,death is just a parting of the existence of 3D,to another dimension of existence,we more or less,step from one doorway to another,excellent post,thankyou,

  • This description of the astral world of land located within its magnetosphere. We are in a twisting (in the cocoon) of space-time. Therefore, time is running faster than we have in other worlds, it is denser. Contact with the outside world is not possible in principle, because the children need to be protected for the time growing up.
  • Dr. Evan Alexander tells us about his experience in the afterlife and concludes that consciousness survives physical death.....more detailed Video

  • Here is a video of it

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