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  • Hi Mel

    I see you

    Hey theres no "chat"

    but if you hang around in groups there is a "way of chatting"

    you just make comments and respond and you have a whole Html box instead of a few lines in the chat

    you can embed pictures video and words.

    A few lively groups are paranormal

    and padawans-- or find others of your choice

    the discussions are very lively but get a bit rough at times...

    hows the surfing?



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  • awesome ,yes  we are , how cool,I use crystals  when i meditate and do all sorta things with them in the etheric as wellcheck out 1happykellys group some time

    Triangles Meditation Group - Ashtar Command - Spiritual Community N...

    we are getting ready to put a cap stone of kyanite atop our tower of triangles, we use this to help with things like communication between dimensions and other things it really is  working very well for us have a great day great art works  cool page LAL

    the force is with us

  • love the dolphin ray ,great name you have thought i would share with you this

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  • Haha epic pic ! ty ! hey that steven halpern video is great , i saw it too !



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Redondo Beach, CA


January 20

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I'm a very outgoing & fun and try to always be HIGH energy !! Love & Giving off LOVE VIBES is what it's all about!!! I love to Surf, BodyBoard, Listen to Music, Read, Paint & Draw & Travel, & Music and to meet and connect to souls of the Love & Light! sparklecorn! Pictures, Images and Photos

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Maurits Cornelis Escher (17 June 1898 – 27 March 1972) Are We Not All Sudents & Teachers in the School of LIFE? ^_^

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"Thank you for posting & sharing this! Is there a group currently on ashtar that focuses on this subject so we may share our stories of the similar nature. This has happened to me 3 different occasions in 3 separate locations and all three were…"
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"Nice to make your acquaintance! Great minds "love alike"! Melissa"
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"When you see a claim being repeated over and over that 'it is true', then know that it is false!"
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