Do The Body Trap The Soul?

Many people's hope for afterlife comes from the belief that the body is a shell or a container etc that house an invisible entity termed 'the soul'. The soul, so it is said, is the cause of our consciousness and sometimes it is equated to the consciousness itself. One difficulty that arises from this idea comes from the fact that we cannot exit our bodies at will. Why can't we simply leave our bodies behind once and for all and go to heaven and enjoy the bliss forever? This gives rise to the notion that our bodies somehow 'traps' the soul. Since our bodies are composed of charges of opposite signs etc, it is tempting to suppose that any such a system such as a computer can similarly trap the soul so that just like the way we can never exit our bodies, someone might, in future, invent a device that can hopelessly trap us forever inside say a machine, and possibly torturing us even forever! Thus the very hope of an afterlife is effectively turned on its own head!

The 'original sin' comes from the baseless belief that our consciousness is due to an unseen, entity that the supposedly understandable matter can somehow 'trap' it without itself being understandable, and hence 'there being no need' to carefully think of, and attempt to understand what we are believing in. I vehemingly reject this approach! We should try to understand 'the soul' as much as we do, 'the body'. We must try to explain how the body, or the soul, can achieve this fleat of 'getting trapped into each other' without them 'being on the same universe.

It comes as a surprise to many people to learn that if the soul is what we are, then it can, at least in principle, be studied scientifically! This being the case, we can also create theoretical models to 'explain' the soul, just like we do, to explain the forces of nature, such as gravity. To a careful physicist, or a philosopher, etc, the soul interacting with the body must come about like a 'fifth force' that has an effect in our bodies. This 'fifth force' can be discovered by carefully studying the brain and specifically noting how there is an effect that cannot be accounted for by known forces.

Since it seems that some people find it hard to understand this fact that 'soul' is discoverable by the usual scientific method, let me try to elucidate it more. Now, in a 'vacuum', we know how charged particles behave, in accordance with laws of electrodynamics. So for instance under a constant voltage, they will accelerate steadily. But if they encounter a 'soul' on its way, generaly they will alter their acceleration in such a way that a physicis will notice that either something is wrong with the laws of electrodynamics or there is some yet unknown 'fift force' that is at work on the particle. However the soul has just acted upon the charge in exactly the same manner it would have acted upon the charges in your brain so that it may eventually influence the body to act in a certain manner, e.g. raising your hand in what we term it as 'our conscious decision'. So it is clear that we cannot answer the question as to why the soul has never been detected by physicists by saying 'it is beyond understanding' or 'we feel it' or 'the mind is limited' or such jocker cards. These are false, absurd and misleading! We can and should understand 'soul' up to the point of explaining how it is consistent with known facts. To do that, we must make some model for 'soul'.

One explanation is that the disembodied 'soul' does not interact with charges. This bestows the soul with mechanisms of enabling and disabling its ability to interact with electromagnetism. This mechanism must be instantaneous. Upon exiting the body, the soul must be able to instantaneously switch off its electromagnetism. But this ability also automatically makes the soul incapable of being trapped by another machine, e.g. a computer. But since we can't use this ability to intentionally exit our bodies, there must be some rules followed by the soul that has no counterpart in the rules followed by the matter.

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  • I do not think that holograms are to blame for the entrapment of soul aspects. Rather I feel it is the material weight of subconscious magnetism that performs such an act to our conscious self as it binds to the experiences of the body itself. Forcing 5 sense reality in a 3d matrix.
  • Some think that some combination of 'hologram' of our bodies and 'simulator' can somehow lead to soul being trapped in the hologram. I have espounded on this issue in another blog post.
  • This is absolutely fascinating research when it comes to holograms. The only difference between a hologram and a simulator, is that one is transparent like a thought form. While the other is its own internalized reality bubble. Both of which act like secondary virtual soul aspectual thought translation units which double their role as containment fields for the imagination of micro conscious creation.
  • I believe that the soul is something that wraps itself around awareness to form its own memories of consciousness. Then this series of conscious memories, is added onto by whatever the soul either embraces as a bond or embodies outright as an aspect. My esoteric research has led me to believe that the body does in deed trap the aspect of soul that embraces only memories by default of what the body itself has generated. When you can make eye contact with another living thing, you see the awareness behind the eyes that recognizes you in one of two ways. Either the body's memories of you, or a familiar aura to embrace the aspect of you that feels alien from your soul bonds. These bonds generate a field of their own, that relies on ectoplasmic contact to initiate memories from beyond the embodiment of consciousness the body is focused on. If you have ever studied the relationship between autism and ultra aware focus in people who are considered almost mad geniuses in a way, you will recognize the body has trouble processing a state of awareness beyond itself. It can only send snapshots of relativity towards the aspect of soul the embody is currently embracing. In this way, it is one type of a containment field not unlike a simulator, to independently experience reality through a filter or perceptual matrix. I think this matrix is fully under our control, once we have awakened the psychic eye. Through it, we travel to all other parts of soul consciousness. There is just only one problem. The body can't distinguish what is a memory and what is a reality from the awareness of its subconscious matrix. This is where soul bonds come into play. If a soul bond comes into direct metaphysical contact with the part of you that your body embraces, all filters come off in the form of feelings which can be translated into memories if they are shared one at a time. This type of sharing is often called channeling, and it is how others form bonds with entities who aren't in our current spacial temporal dimensional material coordinates. The science for this is proven not only through near death experiences, but also through past life regressions of the soul itself done almost entirely through controlling eye contact. And eye for an eye is the key to escaping your body, be it physically visual or mentally metaphysical. Will is what keeps the soul from fracturing altogether. The veil of amnesia, is the biggest mage blocker this planet currently has going for it that ought to be utterly obliterated if more of us are to wake up to fight the chaos we have somehow inherited in part.
  • Take a closer look at the magnet ic tape recorder. You can see that the recording head is an horse-shoe electromagnet. This electromagnetic pilarizes the tape as it runs through it. But the polarization remains even after the reading head is removed, recording the info.

    But we can see that this scenario is exactly the same as 'vacuum polarization', with the only difference being that we are using charges in place of magnets, and the 'vacuum' itself in the place of the tape. Since our bodies, and especially the brain activities are charges, our brain behaves exactly like the magnetic tape recorder. Since we move through space, the 'empty space' records every activity in our brains!!

    But I can even go far more ahead and explain why the 'vacuum' is exactly like the magnetic tape using the equations of quantum electrodynamics!!
  • Since, as we have seen, it is prudent to seek for what 'soul' might be amongst things that not only has a physical impact on the seen matter, but alo can be observed to do so by a careful physicist, what if we consider the so called 'vacuum polarization' in the vicinity of charged particles? Soon you Will see that the philosophers realy needed not to dispute with the idea that the brain is the one that generates consciousness. To explain the persistence of consciousness after death, we can settle to a billions of times easier idea than the mind-bending 'immaterial' idea. We can just show that the brain does not hold the monopoly in generating consciousness. Then the argument that it is the brain that generates consciousness turns on its own head, as we will see it shortly!

    The activity crucial to generation of consciousness is just the charge polarization across the cell membranes in the neurones. But like you can see it in the diagram below, every charged particle creats a corresponding polarization in the 'vacuum' that effectively recreats a slightly bigger but invisible charger right next to the charged particle. In other words, every charged particle 'induces its own charge' into the 'vacuum'. This means that the entire pattern of charges is the cell membrane that generates your consciousness is exactly replicated in the vacuum! Furthermore it is done in such a way that there are ever more layers of 'charge bodies' that are created on top of each other, forming what looks like a giant onion! So if consciousness is due to pattern of charges a cross the cell membrane, like they insists, then the very same consciousness can be induced into the 'vacuum'.

    It only remains to wonder what happens once the body is removed. But this one rings a bell! This is the exact way the magnetic tape recording works, albeit we use magnetic poles in place of charges. If you polarize the magnetic tape using the magnetized head, the polarization persists even after you remove the head, recording the info!

    Also the whatever info in the 'polarized body', it will be very 'deem' to the awarenes, especially after the body is removed, much in the same way the polarized tape requires amplification. This explains why we dont experience our awareness in the 'empty space'. As long as there is the strong charge that is our seen body, it eclipses the faint charge in the vacuum just like the sun eclipses the stars in daytime. However, when we die, or when we sleep, things becomes different, and we might begin experiencing the more unseen body together with its own experiences, much like the way stars get revealed during the night.
  • Perhaps the following analogy will help you. Let 'light' be analogous to 'life'. Then 'torch' be analogous to the body. To say that 'there is light after the damage of the torch', which is analogous to 'there is life after death', we dont need to say that the light is not caused by the torch, but by something 'immaterial' inside the torch. You can just show that the light generated by other objects, and even in the seemingly 'empty space' is or can be the same same light emitted by the now damaged torch. This will be straight foward. When light comes off the torch, it now exists in the 'empty space'. Thus 'empty space' can take the light of the torch. In a closely similar way, the 'empty space' can take the life in the body. It is 'empty space' undersood this way that I call it 'the soul that pervades everywhere.' I am not talking of 'soul' in the traditional sense of 'the immaterial'. What I suppose, I can explain its existence scientifically. So you gotta first be sure of my definition for 'soul' before we can discuss about its existence. Don't assume that I mean the same thing that they mean in church or in new age.
  • 'Soul' as preached in churches or new age might as well be surreal, and this is what I am trying to elucidate. Unfortunately, the idea of 'soul' came about during a time people did not understand matter well, nor what exactly is in the 'empty space'. By 'soul', they almost always mean 'that which science cannot ascertain its existence' and so it will always be the case that 'there is no scientific evidence for soul'. But that is not how I use the word 'soul'.

    But since the proponents of 'soul' are often stubborn in the 'immaterial' or 'not science' ideas, I will put it more bluntly and state that given our modern scientific understanding of 'empty space', we nolonger need any 'soul'! This is because we have a reason to believe that 'empty space' can possess consciousness and also can transmitt it from one brain to another. We don't need another unknown, so called 'immaterial' entity to explain reincarnation etc. Neither do we need to insist that our consciousness is not the result of the physical brain. This is because we now understand that there are invisible things in 'empty space' that are similar to the brain as far as 'taking consciousness' is concerned. So afterlife, reincarnation etc can still take place even if brain is what generates our consciousness.

    So 'immaterial entities' are superfluous. If you insist that 'soul' must be 'immaterial', then I will tell you bluntly that we don't need such an entity!
  • Hello! Your body can't trap something that isn't real in the first place and besides there is no concrete scientific evidence for the existance for a soul in the first place.No soul but a aspect of Infinity known as the supra-consciousness.exists and I declare myself here to be soulless and godless! I'am a good person without these imaginary things for comfort and besides there are many people like me out there.Its only a matter of time that I connect with all of them that's for sure well other than explaining my illusion for a soul there isn't much I can say further take care everyone and tap into the Elohim potential within your own DNA goodbye!
  • You get it! The laser light interconnects distant regions in the hologram and the project it onto nearby regions in the image. Similarly the consciousness might 'interconnect' several portions in the 'empty space' and project it onto a given region creating an illusion that the image is all there is. But in reality, the unseen hologram is the more fundamental reality.

    This is more than analogy. In QM, the wavicles spreads throughout the whole space so that every particle is technically 'omnipresent', just like in holograms. The discrete particles manifest at a region where the waves pile up so that their amplitudes add up at a given region and then diminish rapidly with distance, forming the famous 'Gaussian bell'. This is exactly how holograms are made!

    Your 'soul' then is spatially extended away from your body, just like the presence of earth is felt on moon via its gravity. In every region where you 'aura' is there, the experience is communicated throughout. While the seen body is alife, the information flowing to the body, which is communicated to every point in the 'aura', eclipses all the info flowing to those other portions. This creats the illusion that 'we are inside our bodies'. So 'the soul comming out of the body' is not literal. We are just realizing the soul's existence outside of the body as well. This also explains why meditation might reveal other unseen world. It 'deems' the seen world in some way.
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