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  • Hello! I hope everyone is having a good year so far may all your days be filled with celebrations of life.
  • Hah! That is remarkable! Yes, there is nothing to worry about ceasing to exist. There is much more to worry, rather, of comming back to life and finding yourself in a terrible place. This is one reason I think a lot about afterlife. I want to see if we can have, at present, a say about what will happen next. I have come to learn to embrace various possibilities. The 'cloning' is the latest one.

    It is so nice that you are overally happier than many members here and yet you don't believe in such entities as 'souls' 'gods' etc!! It shows these beliefs are less necessary for happiness than we have been led to beleive.☺
  • Your are welcome. But you have also helped me think a lot and more positively about cloning!
  • I think the one that shows 'they are online now?'
  • Hi! What does the green dot next to a member's name signify?
  • 🌴🌿🌴🌿🌴🌿
    Feel free to hug a tree 😊
  • Hello! Just checking out what is new.
  • I thought we were already friends on this website. But this must be your new account. Welcome back! 😊
  • Hi Richard, nice to meet you. Yeah, my name "indigenous Alien" is not only an oxymoron, indeed, I believe we are both or hybrids. Soon, I will have a website up with that name. It is the best way I can be of service by helping others access Truth via The Law of One, etc.
    Thank you for the contact. Know for certain, that I am always here to help you or anyone else if I can. It is an amazing time to be here on Earth, yes?
    Peace, Love, and Light to you and yours
  • Hi Richard,
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!
    Wish you inner peace, fortitude, and to never lose sense of humor in life.
    Much blessings!
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Albuquerque, NM


February 6

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I'am a single white male and I'am into animals the environment and unconditional love as well as service to others.I'am a UFO believer and also a believer in alien life.I'am a fan of David Wilcock's work and I like movies dealing with science fiction in regards to alien activity on Earth.I especially like the movie,"2001:A Space Odessy!"

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

I get my spiritual sources of inspiration from my beloved prophet Rael of the Raelian movement.

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