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Seeing 2 of everything

Hi just with love and light, today been having a relaxing day, but as I was on the bus coming back from town, I started to see 2 of everything for example, I saw 2 loafs of bread at a bus stop, saw a man with two bags, I brought 2 pairs of boxer shor

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Spiritual Sex

Hi with peace, love and light. I want to learn about spiritual sex I have been reading up on tantra, but I would like information on it and where to find it ot learn about it. Because I have nt sex because I want to love that someone, before sex come

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Ascension Symptoms?

Hi all with much love and light from myself in the now. I just got a few things going one with me and I know they are ascension symptoms. So I just everyones advice on it thats all.

My symptoms are:

1: Feeling enengy or pressure on my head and around i

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I need to unlock my DNA

Hi all I need to unlock my DNA, and there are three websites which I am going to get things from. But I am trying sense from my heart which is one better and will help me for real. Anyway the websites are below and I would very much like your assista

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