Ok I want everyone to look at this website i am going to give to you, with love, peace and joy from your heart and let me know the what you think? Because to me I know christians have been brain washed by the goverments and NWO, even tho there power is getting weaker by each day.

The link to website is below and please let me know your thoughts and feelings on this website



Jason x

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  • It would be the best thing if everyone dumped religion, it has caused so many wars and strife, and I have said for years if only the holy joes knew who the were praying to they would have a breakdown, if the truth ever comes out it will likely be the bible bashers we have to watch.
  • I feel this person is promoting a lot of fear. It is certainly time to use much discernment when reading this document.
    Peace my friends!
  • because they are worshipping a fearful god, their god will punish them and their children of up 3rd to 4th generation if they reject him. By being with their god, pleasing him, worshipping him and surrendering their powers at him, they will be welcome to their god's heaven at their death.

    Christians are nothing but gullible brainwashed people who fear for their life after their deaths. Their church uses Fear, the Demons and the devils to keep those people from abiding their laws. in short, their church is the devil in disguise itself.

    actually it is more like, their church denies them anything that would lead them to discovered their own natural power, why? because that would render the church powerless and useless. The church feared the real human potential, and is doing all it can to prevent any leads into it. Again, and is using FEAR.

    if you ask a so-called very religious person (christian) if they are ready for god (to take them), most of them will with throw up their hands up their heads and lovingly exclaim "Oh Take me Lord!"

    Sad. So sad...
  • Wel ofcourse we are suposed to go trough this, this is why i did go trough it. Bit scary in the beginning but most rewarding after a while, especially after the cleanup of my inner kingdom by listening to every diff creature and personality, and archetypes in there. I can say iam sitting on my throne right now with some more wisdom to go with it.
  • Took some heavy therapy and big help from a parapsychologist to get me clean out of this one. I was actually born into it, had no saying in it. I still have a few inner scars from those days.
  • Yeah the right and wrong hypothesis, seems right and wrong are home in a dual world where things play ping-pong games against eachother. Something i read the other day, 'When we do something against nature(whatever that may mean) it is called wrong. When nature does something against us ...it is called nature'.
  • Well that has thrown a spanner in the works, but like Stefan's visions and my dreams and visions I feel the best to do is keep an open mind just in case we are wrong and don't go jumping on the first ship that lands. My dream I had the sky was full of ships and most people were running to them and I was shouting no it's not right and ran in athe opposite direction and hid in a farmhouse, and a vision I had I must have been off planet and was looking at the earth and the sea was blood red and the earth was black.

    So who knows who is right and who is wrong ,but my thoughts always come back to the fact to cleanse this planet there are sure to be lots of natural disasters after all it has happened four or five times before and if Yellowstone blows which is well over due we have all had it. Only a handful of us will survive.
  • You might want to re-consider that about my mothers help...lol...she is a Jehova's witness...resistance is futile...lol
  • I think cults pop up because some people have the christ syndrome, and others hear voices telling them to go and control people. I walked into this problem to when i really started to get deep within, one moment i thought i was the Devil, some time later i could of sworn i was Jesus. The same with the Bible at one point i did not know if i lived the bible or the bible lived me, i even thought i had written the damn book. The only thing that helped me to go on without loosing it was my belief this was not it yet, the verry deep knowing there was more than this crazyness. And i made it mostely by being 'still' in the midlle of chaos.
  • I have studied gnosis as wel as the bible and i do understand the wisdom and metaphors. Still this does not mean i have to agree on people or religions trying to shuvel up this stuff up my throat. When this is exactely the oposite of everything wisdom is about. Then there is the part of those who wrote the bible and re-wrote it time after time, being the same guys that killed in the inquisition, that murdered Incas Mayas,native americans and the list is to long to put it all up here, that are and have been the rulers of this world so long that because we make ouwer own reality make this a reality that matches the bible and everything in it. So offcourse people believe it to be truth. And the word RESPECT is a word i do not have in my dictionary neither, it sits right next to the bible. In my life i have heard this word being abused millions of times, and strangely enough there you went putting it in BIG letters. Like this would have anny effect. The only effect a word used like this might provoke is contempt. The word comes from the latin word respicere wich means 'look behind'. Look at what someone has done that is aknowledgable. For me the church has done nothing worth my aknowledment. You see i do not like it when people keep others in their ignorance and then use this to control them. You go and try to explain to my mother that is a fanatic religious person that Adam and Eve and the tree and the serpent represent parts of ouwer body. She will curse you to hell in a verry respectfull christian way my friend. And yes i am not bashing you Magus, i just have a opinion about something which i am not attached to.
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