Natural Cure For Hay Fever Anyone?

Hi all with much love and light as always, Anyway my hay fever has started again for some strange reason, I have nt had it for a good few years, but its doing my head in.

Anyway  I like to ask does anyone know any natural cures for it or anyway to get rid of it for good and by the way its mainly a running nose or sometimes ichy eyes my symptoms are......


Jason x

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  • you can lessen it ....... yes ..
    • Hi Jason,
      My husband worked recently with a guy who owned a chinese herbal shop ( until the credit crunch..) My husband gets hayfever really bad, I feel sorry for him and he is a pain to be with....:).., he gave my husband some herbal pills, which he started in February and they worked really well. He said that the first year it reduces by 80-90 percent. Then within 2-3yesars it ceases to be there at all.
      If you like I will try to ask for the name of the pills or you could try a chinese herbalist yourself if that is easy for you...
  • I just want to say, thank you everything with much love and light for your advice and I just want to say, well I eat very healthy my food I usally eat is at work, tuna sandwitchs, loads of fruit, rice yoget, cereal bars. I dont eat much meat, only once a week at home and usally when I finish work and get home I eat more fruit or rice and sometimes some fruit cake and dry fruit. I have nt even go near processed foods for like 6 months or more. I hope this helps with more advice.

  • I hear you brother! ; ) And I don't have any definitive answers, but one thing I've learned from experience is that there's a lot more to it than so-called allergens.

    In my case, I believe there are subconscious bodily responses at work, based on associations with traumatic situations in the past. Maybe even past lives! I can clearly remember when I first experienced hayfever in this life and the circumstances around this: FEELING INSECURE (= under attack). So I believe there can be emotional connections.

    It definitely goes in phases for me, it's not seasonal though. I recently had a phase of oversensivity and I wonder if this was to do with feelings of insecurity (due to my work/financial situation), triggering subconscious responses linked to when I first developed hayfever (by association).

    There is also diet link for me, but not a major one. Cream cheese is a no-no for me, but most other dairy products are fine.
    • The air quality is really bad if you live in the country the spray the farmer uses on his crops sends me into the house also we have chemtrails dust and all kinds of other pollutants that are airbourne, the only natural thing I have found is a salt pipe which I found on the internet and cost me about £30 but well worth it, as I have breathing problems, read up on it and decide that is the best advice I can give , also the pipe lasts 5 years without a refill.
  • Yep lol :) a pain in the butt :) ... building ur immunity will help ... detox too ... yes and staying away from cow products like someone said here .. lotsa green leafy greens .. LOTSA greens ... replacing sugar with natural honey .. cutting out the all basic processed foods ... etc ..

    Also .. psychic awareness could be a part of this ... our thoughts have alot to do with our reactions too .. our minds have the power to cause many waves that can also cause our bodies to follow thru with in regard to certain things in our surroundings ... genes too .. so many ways our bodies react .. just takes the time to look into the deeper aspects .. finding that aspect part within that is responding the way it is .. and digging into the emotional mental energies running behind this too .. well just my auto typing from what I have seen and experienced- everyone is different as u know .. best to u ... Robby
  • My perspective on healing differs from yours, Aidan. Since the body can make symptoms, it can heal the symptoms. Big pharma and the traditional doctors would have us believe differently.

    Some suggestions would be to first look at what’s changed in your life from when you didn’t have the allergy and also what’s similar now to when you did have the allergy years ago. While you ponder your feelings, you might try some homeopathy, which works on the principle of like cures like and works with the body to bring about permanent healing (as opposed to a drug that only relieves the symptom).

    Hyland’s makes an Allergy Relief product that has multiple homeopathic remedies in it. You should be able to find it at a local health food store or otherwise you can order it online.

    Wishing you healing energy.
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