Hi all, I maybe having an american girl coming over to have fun with me in a sexual way, I was wondering any chance of me stopping her getting pregnant because in spiritual pray or way. Because I am worried and want to know.

Much love & light



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  • where your focus goes your energy flows if you are worried you are not ready to be a father dont put any energy into the sexual desire, yes a catch 22 i know.also semen stores bits of life force energy so even if you decide to have undesirable and boring sex the chances are still hi, the act you are asking for takes whole lot of practice, for some may have 20 kids before they figure it out.Master your intent or get over your fear buddy,

    love and light
    but mainly laughter
  • Think of a good way? How about using a condom, other than that... yes, we all pray in the end!
  • I am a little late on this one, but figured I should add my piece,

    It sounds like you are trying to find a spiritual "scape goat" in order to experiences reality with out the lessons learnt from cause and effect.

    Hypothetically, if some one had a "spiritual" answer that you thought was correct, do you honestly believe that this would induce a psychological epiphany, that you could translate into spiritual awareness?

    There was some bad advice. Pulling out is not a solution because of premature ejaculatory fluid.
    Hormonal Contraceptives play havoc on biology, DNA, and distort biological fields.

    If she is flying to be with you, and you can honestly say that you feel a connection deeper then that of normal physical sexual attraction, then go for it. But shame on you if you are fooling your self.

    You are obviously not ready to have some sort of "spiritual sex" if you want to call it that, and so it should be treated as a relationship of cause and effect. Learn from it well.

    Hormonal Contraceptives are not the end of the world, but I dont recommend them.
    Use a condom, or dont have sex.
  • oh ! gee wiz! everybodys favorite word "SEX"?
    • is it ? LOL
  • lets not forget the marriage vow! In sickness an in health(in good karma n bad karma) till death do you part! Or until life do you reunite with twin flame! when you have sex with someone you take on their karma,in sickness n in health,yes there is the pleasurable side of orgasmic energy there is also the downside ,you inherit the other persons negative karma,in sickness n in health,so enjoy it if you must but be ready to take on the responsibility of the other persons karma,of course you can always use the violet flame decrees an mantras to transmute the negative karma or any other variety of positive mantras out there that will transmute negative karma,of course there are no pre nuptual agreements involved !
  • okay so everyone is a self proclaimed expert on sex? does anyonyone know who invented the word "SEX"? No .of course not! why would someone invent the word"SEX"? maybe it was a mistake? How is an egg formed? How is a sperm formed? NO clue ? Obviously? In the higher dimensions the sex energy flows in perfect harmony an unity between twin flames in the white fire core of being,there are no diseases ,no lying no cheating no extra marital affairs like within this lower worlds,okay? have i made myself clear? Good! Now who invented the word "SEX"
  • My doctor said I was very fertile, but he was also amazed and it should not have been possible, in his opinion, so there you go expect the unexpected.
  • *However, this takes many many years of study* ... That's the one .. many years !!
  • In this day and age, I wouldn't have sex with anyone without taking my own what I consider to be necessary precautions.
    I had the misfortune of contracting an STI (sexually transmitted infection) from my wife. That's when I finally had proof she was cheating, which I knew, I just couldn't prove (now ex wife).
    Strangest thing is I was quite the boy around town when I was younger, slept with any and every female I met, and never caught anything, then to get something out of a 15 year relationship from my wife.
    I rushed out and got checked for aids immediately, told her if I had HIV I would strap her between the tow bar of 2 cars and tear her in half. You better believe it, I was so pissed off, after never once straying during 15 years but constantly being accused of it.
    No way I'd consider sex with anyone without wearing personal protection (including full body armour Haha).
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