Spiritual Sex

Hi with peace, love and light. I want to learn about spiritual sex I have been reading up on tantra, but I would like information on it and where to find it ot learn about it. Because I have nt sex because I want to love that someone, before sex comes involed. The reason is because I am who I am and that I am beautiful pure loving being, who understands what love is really is and means.



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  • Read up on Alastair Crowley
  • OH! NO! NOT AGAIN!!!!!!



    Tantra is not about Sex... Its about expansion of our higher consciousness. If you are looking for satisfaction in sex, tantra is not the path for you. All the westerners who say that are just fooling themselves. Tantric sex is just one part of the panchamakara technique... and is a waste of time for the individual, if s/he does not practice the other four (which I am very sure you do not).

    If there are any western teachers who are telling you otherwise, then believe me you are being fooled. It is not the real thing at all. Tantric Sex is not about baser instincts of the couple in question, it is about forgetting the illusory ourselves and allowing the divine to take over. When the ultimate state is reached what unites are not the bodies of the people coupling, but the divine yin and yang that takes over the couple in union. And that is why everything else is just a futile waste of time and precious energy.

    with intent
    much love, light and laughter,
    • ^^^^This woman..........she knows.
  • very true Leila, sex its like a pizza with a lot of pieces of true about it lol

    u forget the distance sex.. this last one make me curious... someone knows what we exchange in the "virtual sex"? what kind of experiences we can reach and why? what aspect of yourselfs we are realizing while keeping the body out of the whole process?
    • Let us not forget Astral sex neither. A soul that is familiar with astral travel can have sex with another soul on this plane. I know i have. And it was not out of curiousity i did it it came naturally. I am not shy to say i have tried almost everything that is out there, altought i never went overboard into non stopable adictions. Some i did once other a few times, it had to do with learning what i like and what i can handle. First thing i always want to know about people who want to have space sex,or tantric sex or others is...how about just normal sex first. Or maybe this person went trough everything out there already so he is moving on to higher states of sex. If we can still call it that on other levels. Or maybe this person is trying to escape sex as it is experienced on this planet.
  • the problem and at the same time the bliss of the any kind of sex its that u are making connections, and the quality of the connections depends of the intentional of both parts. In any case, any act of sex can be considered "spiritual" because u are always making the fusion between two energetic bodys that carries two spiritual beans. So its a little of "cheap chat" say that exist sex that not is spiritual.

    The quality and intention of both determines the power of the feelings envolved, more clear the feelings, more clear the creational or primordial spiritual energy that u and your parthner can 'download" thought this connection or channel opened.

    I think that tantra is about this. Two persons with intention to fusion your own beans to bring a portion of your higher selfs to the consciness though the sex act.

    Being very honest. This kind of experience naturally occurs while u are grow up like a bean, all your relations up a level too. Sex it´s not diferent. With time, u discover that with some ppl u want share this part, with some ppl not. Be honest with yourself and what u really are feeling its the key to find the "right" parthners for share a more deep fusion beans experience.
  • ...primitive societies have restrictions and traditions....(im talking about marriage).... im not against marriage of course in these low level societies, because its the safer way for the female to know that her kids, have a good chance to survive and evolve...

    in the future if the human race survives, and not extinct, and when people become more advanced and live in a sane society, nobody will "own" anyone, and people will be free to enjoy sex with whomever excites them, or their "energy" is attracting to them, soul mate or not....marriage will become obsolete...
  • yes of course you know everything about sex but you no not anything about twin flames? twin flame is the the true exspression of sex ,who invented the word sex? name the person who invented the word sex? nothing is to nothing twin flame is everything to everything!
  • Thank you all, for all your replys and options with much love, is there any spiritual sex books or videos which I can watch and also no i am not sorry for not having sex, to me and to what I feel its the right way to go. You must be in pure love to actually have sexually love, then its trueful meaning of the love, creation and light.

  • SEX? S-upernatural-Everlasting-Xstasy? yes of course you are seeking your twin flame! you see an apple has its own unique blueprint, it was adam that ate the apple not eve, thats why they call it the adams apple in your throat,an orange? a watermelon? a grape? a cherry that has not been popped? a blueberry? a rasberry? a lemon a lime ? every seed has its own unique blueprint,like twin flames, sex has its own uniue blueprint an it can best be found in the heart of your twin flame! oops ,im sorry did i forget to mention the penis an the vagina? obviously that has nothing to do with sex? Its all in the blueprint an if you dont know the blueprint for sex then you dont know anything about sex but if you know the blueprint then you know your twin flame.whats the blueprint for an apple? ask Adam not Eve!
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