I need some help and advice

Hi all, something is really on my mind about pornagraphy. Because I have just read the lastest salusa message. Well it's saying I can't ascend, because the low instincts of pornagraphy and I got to amite with honor and honest from my heart and soul. I do look at porn at lest once a day, because I am have alot of sexual enengy, but I dont look at other human beings, such as females as tools.

That's why I am still a virgin because I want the pure love, before the sexual love. So if anyone can give advice on anything here, with much love and light.



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  • If you start looking at women as sexual objects, then that is where the problem arises. Advanced beings have cosmic sex and that is totally different from what we are doing here.
    • Exo, by advanced beings I take it you're referring to Twin Flames?
      • Darlok, in a way, yes, I am referring to our Twin Flames since cosmic sex is done with someone who genuinely wants nothing more than the best for their partner and that perfectly describes our Twin Flame. And we cannot meet our Twin Flame until we raise our vibration and that makes us advanced beings if we are able to meet our Twin Flame already.

        Know that meeting our Twin Flame is more than about romantic love. Meeting our Twin Flame means that we are ready for service to others working together for the good of the whole.
        • Oh okay.. that's what I thought Exo. You can meet your Twin flame, but chances are it will not be a lengthy relationship because of the intensity and the obstacles the ego will project onto the other during your first encounter.. What I heard & read is that Twin Flames come together when all the physical lessons are learned by both parties and a connection to their Monad/God-self (First Love) is established by each of them so that they will not be co dependent on one other.

          Exo i dont think there is one "happy" relationship that will go the distance unless 2 people first find their identities within God. There might be a few soulmate exceptions but even they are iffy in my opinion. Who really knows though. What I am certain of is that God will show you who your Twin Flame is because it is after all He, (aka Monad/God-Self/I AM) who marries them by melding their souls/hearts in paradise. Recognition of your Twin Flame thus occurs when both flames experience and see God in his formless state of Pure unconditional love! .
        • Let's not mixe soul-mates with twin flames.Twin flames almost never connect in 3D. When they do connect it is with 3D consciousness so it might not always be positive at all. Most people have a soul-mate that might come close to a twin flame. The re-conection of two flames is not a body or mind thing it is the re-union of the masculine and feminine in each soul.
          • Cedric, I agree that the union of the Twin Flames is the reunion of the masculine and feminine of the soul. Our Twin Flame is basically the other half of our soul and usually only one soul incarnates into matter and the other stays in the anti-matter and acts as the guide.

            However, in rare case that both Twin Flames are incarnated here on earth, they as a couple will also experience challenges but they will easily be hurdled since they are already more evolved. Meeting your Twin Flame here on earth should be cherished for that is a blessing that not anyone can experience (at least in 3D reality).
      • to enhance the Kundalani awakening, so all MUST actively embrace Love-making.

        does that include priests and nuns who vows to preserve themselves for their gods? and other else who chooses to enjoy their 'purity' or plainly not interested, as some are not interested in the real physical act, but enjoy voyeurism. To some people, they have no interest in engagement - watching and reading p0rn is is more than enough. There are different kinds and levels of pr0n, to some it is an Erotic photography, an act of appreciation of Human Body. It is the same to those who love cars and computers.
    • Bottom line is...it is al about energy and the exchange of it in a balanced way from out-in and from in-out. After that your imagination and brain can put it in billions of words if it wants to.
  • Wow! I am so greatful to all, who have given me insights of Pornography, now I know it's all positive enengy hight vibrations. But I would say there is still dark side of Pornography. But you must balance the ying and the yang within you.

    To be honest, I would love to have sex with loads of spiritual women or women who understand the spiritual truefulness of thing's. I just so feel the happness within me, from all the lovely people on here and I am just happy to be part of ashtar command and I just want to say I love you all with soooo much unconditional love.


    Jason x
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  • I can relate to the letting off steam. Like i mentioned in another thread, not all of us have the oportunity to do so in live like jumping of a plane or drive a race car. So we watch movies and satisfy at some point the excess of adrenaline we have. remember that the brain makes no diff between real and unreal. So i geuss watching porn and blowing of steam could be categorised as being better than going out there and take advantage of woman live. I would still be carefull to the amount of porn you watch, like someone mentioned after a while the mind needs more and more and it might become adictive and take away your natural way of wanting to have sex. I know i have the same thing with adrenaline kicks...lol...i am at a stage where i could jump of a roof just for the kick of it...even if i know it might end my current life. The only thing keeping me from doing so is the stupidity of it....lol.
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