Ascension Symptoms?

Hi all with much love and light from myself in the now. I just got a few things going one with me and I know they are ascension symptoms. So I just everyones advice on it thats all.

My symptoms are:

1: Feeling enengy or pressure on my head and around it
2. Keep getting blocked ears, like i can still hear, but when I drink water or swallow you think you have got water in one ear or both.
3. I get ringing in my ears sometimes aswell, for a about 5 secs then it goes
4. Feel sleepy sometime`s
5. Wake up about 3 times a night when I go asleep
6. Feel so much awareness around me.

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  • Sorry, If I have nt replyed back been reading on spiritual messages, I am soooo excited by all the changes coming and that the dark ones are on there last stand. I am looking forward to meeting our space brothers and sisters, I cant wait!!!!! Anyway the DNA Unlock which I am using is "solfeggio tones" the link is and I would be interested in websites that have beautiful DNA activation code within the music. So with much love and light please send them to me.


    Jason xx
    • How do we know FOR SURE that these ET's are peaceful? I just recently learned about these beings and need info. I knew that we were ascending, but I did not know about Et's. Could someone fill me in?
  • I would say that you are getting off pretty easy! Ascension symptoms are many. Sleep disorder is very common as well as all of your symptoms. General all over pain, heart palpitations or tugging at the heart, wanting to isolate, back and neck pain, pain in between shoulder blades, eye problems such as blurry vision, headaches etc... The ringing in your ears are your channels opening. This is how you will hear your spirit guide or whom ever you wish to communicate with, but be sure to use protection when using these new abilities. Imagine a circle of light protecting you from any negative spirits and also ground your self by imaging you root chakra growing roots into the center of Mother Earth. I can hear sentences now, but their voices are so high pitched I can't understand yet. But be ashured that I am working on that! Hope you feel better, I feel like crap.
    Peace, Leslie
    • hey leslie - I just want to tell you that I know excatly what you are talking about - the symptoms - I have them all like you describe - I too isolate - withdraw - spend time alone - from time to time - its better that way for me - maybe we sometimes nothing changes - but believe me - it all changes from within - big changes - be patient my friend - you will be fine - and so will I - I just know - rest when needed - listen to your inner voice - you know what to do and when to do it. Im telling you its very late where I am - do I sleep ? noo - not much sleep either.
      much love - sophia

      • Does your chest feel like it is hardening? My heart center burns when the moon is full. Like now. Relationships are falling away. My Sisters, who are all I have left won't talk to me because they think I am crazy. I just wish that a BIG SIGN would happen. One for everyone to see! So that They can all begin to get it. I am a light worker who has had to turn my light off because when I try to awaken people, they push me away. So, I will continue to help Mother Earth by anchoring Heavens light to the Earth. I will not try to awaken the asleep unless they are knocking on my door asking for help.I hope you feel better soon.
        Peace out, Leslie
        • For me there is a difference in helping and supporting. Being a helper who wants to help everyone - only delays - prolongs their own process and giving / waisting our energy will delay our process. we should not solve others problems. but we can be supportive and listen and give advise. listening to much and to long can drain us - its all about balance. there are people who wants to "eat" our energy and tell the same victim story every day... that does not serve anyone either telling or listening, commenting. when people want to be awakened they will come to you - if you attract them. I have been talking for deaf ears too long - its a waist of energy - its all about balance - if I have tried 1-2-3 times and based on results nothing changes - no bells rings - I stop.
          I choose to focus on my own process at present - which is about food - exercise - body.
          Think of the lion. the lion is free strong and catch its own food. rest when needed and so on. when the lion is catched and put in a cave and feeded every day - you take its spiritual hope away from it to be able to take care of it self. one day you tell the lion: here you are free now you can go... but the lion will not live the cave / zoo - because its getting used to being served every day. it has not to do anything during the day to catch its own food - its all being served. it is getting lazy - you have taken its spiritual hope away from it - of being able to take care of it self. its the same with human nature - development and clearing and growth is happening when experiencing life it self.
          compassion - yes of course - support yes of course - but dont take their life lessons away from people then they will learn nothing.
          lighten up my friend - focus on your self for a while - what did helping give you? bases on results nothing - love light joy peace development and a happy ascension to you - you can do it you are a powerful woman. love and light,sophia
  • Howdy, Hey, Hola Jason!

    The path that you're on sounds very exciting. I always find myself buoyant in the presence of loving and caring individuals, self-aware enough to develop their own practices. It allows every day life to become more vibrant and creates a simpatico of sorts, giving the active individuals motion, purpose, and eventually, fulfillment. Out of curiosity, you mentioned DNA unlock tones, are you referring to binaural beats embedded in music with reinforcing messages, or some other thing I am unfamiliar with...I have bookmarked some websites that have beautiful DNA activation code within the music but I wasn't sure if that was the same thing you mentioned. Let me know if you are interested in these links and I will forward them to you :)

    Regarding eating habits, I am fairly new to this shift in behaviour myself. I've been vegetarian since Jan/2010. Not long albeit but a long time coming ;) Since watching two poignant movies: a documentary called Earthlings (found here: and a movie which will be featured on Oprah this Thursday called The Cove about the abuses in Japan toward dolphins, I have taken a conscious and moral stand against eating flesh. It has brought me great relief physically, in terms of health matters (which I won't get into here but am willing to explain further if you'd like in a personal message) and it has also brought me new insights in my DMT (deep meditative trance) sessions.

    Before becoming vegetarian, I was also a selective meat eater, a glutton by no means, but for some reason I found the leap difficult, until I made it. Now, I can't conceive ever going back. There are so many options in our day and age, it's mind-boggling. What some people see as a limited dietary choice, I see as a world of unlimited and new possibilities. Should you be interested in sampling some of my vegetarian cuisine, please feel free to ask, and also visit the online group on AC:

    Anyhoo, I've said quite a mouthful and I wish you a stellar rest-of-week my friend.


    xo ISTARR ox
  • Hello & Bonjour Jason,

    As usual, I like to thank people for writing in the forum. I should participate more than I do ;) I can definitely appreciate the 'symptoms' you mention, but I prefer to refer to ascension in a less clinic about 'sensitivity'? In any case, it's all semantics, but the things you are feeling are very real. Energy localization in the head or elsewhere is often present in relaxed awakening. Have you begun using your hands to massage the build-up(s)? They don't call them healing hands for nothing. I find this part very pleasant, so there is possible joy to be found in relieving the pressure ;) In terms of the ears, oh yes, the sensitivity is strong there. I use to have (temporary) blockages, even went to an ear Dr. to report it and nothing came from it. So I endured, but this one I find more difficult in releasing/relieving. The ringing has come back in spades too. I usually acknowledge it, say thank you for the moment of distraction, and try to return to what I was doing originally. Perhaps, the ringing is like a bell, calling us to prayer or reconnection? Just a thought to ponder ;) The fatigue is another example of something seemingly Draining but instead, think of it as Training, one where you must prepare your mind and body energetically with new and unorthodox sleeping patterns. If you are getting the best of it (which it sounds like you are) the awareness grows tenfold, you are embracing new sleep rhythms and bringing in more cosmic knowledge, beauty, truth and wisdom. I sincerely wish you the best in the unfurling of the spiritual growing pains of a blooming starseed ;)


    xo ISTARR ox
    • I love that term. Blooming starseed. It sounds much less painful
      Cherrio, Leslie
    • Thank you for the reply with much love from the heart and soul. Anyway I understand thats northing to do with negitive things and I am just embraceing it as the days go by. But I do two things each day for my spiritual advancement, well actually more than two. I listen a DNA Unlock tones and then do a mediation after it and I say thanks for food which I am eating, thats its to do with meat and any animal and by the way I dont eat meat that much. I eat alot rice, fruit mainly and wholegren stuff like nuts.

      Namaste xx
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