I need to unlock my DNA

Hi all I need to unlock my DNA, and there are three websites which I am going to get things from. But I am trying sense from my heart which is one better and will help me for real. Anyway the websites are below and I would very much like your assistant in what your feel, with love, joy and peace always





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  • I don't believe in anything that asks you to spend your money on...

    Try to focus on your breathing at all times...
    If your conscious of your breathing through out the whole day and night at every second...
    I believe it will benefit you.
    • I think there SHOULD be at least some energy exchange for what you are learning. Else you will never value and honour what you are getting.

      Money is just a bartering energy... there are some things in life that one should be willing to pay anything for. I'd give a lifetime for just a glance from my Gurumai, who has been evading me for three years now. Only with your own master there is no energy exchange, there is only an exchange of unconditional love.

      with intent,
      much love, light and laughter,
  • I have been questioning a local psychic about more of his service. When I asked him about DNA activation, he told me about DNA/RNA spiritual/soul encoding.

    I've still haven't tried his service yet as I'm still thinking on what I should ask first. I've asked him earlier about opening my third eye, but he told me he could only open my crown chakra (which is instant), having an opened chakra will allow you to become more of a channel, depending on the effect it'll have to you (in his words, depends on what God will gift you).

    If you've decided and tried one of them, let us know the results :)
  • You should try Theta Healing. Its an extremely powerful way to get in touch and repair the genetic stuff in your DNA that is related to your Karma from past lives and your ancestors.

    with intent
    much love, light and laughter,
    • Hi there, with love peace and joy. I was just woundering do you know any website`s with theta healing, that are real deal and not this guru stuff.

      Peace & Love
      • Jason,

        I would not know, but I can find out. I learned Theta healing locally here in Mumbai, India from a light healer. It was a tremendous experience for me. I will ask the said healer, if he knows of any site on the web, that is authentic.

        On an aside, this is not about Theta Healing, but there is another healer on the web from the Findhorn organisation in Scotland called Nikki Wyatt. You could approach her, she has many authentic contacts in the healing world, and I am sure she will be able to lead you to a good site as per your requirment.

        As regards to T Healing, I will also ask another friend of mine in the USA who is a Tai Chi master and mingles with the Gregg Bradden's and the Doreen Virtue's of the new age movement. Let me see if he can suggest something.

        with intent,
        much love, light and laughter,
        • Hi Jason,


          Contact Vianna on http://www.australiathetahealing.com.au/ she may have some legitimate contacts for you in your location.


          Susan xx

        • Hi Asavari,


          Can you let me know the venue details so that I can try a visit to them ...


          Let Love, Light & Divinity Fill us ALL ............

  • Don't we all... :)
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