Ok I totally dont believe the GFOL are negitive, but I just need some advice and support here. I am spiritual in mind and heart and think positive and do mediation and listen to unlock things.

OK so here is the story, well basicly I go on youtube are there people spreading negitive information about GFOL I will give you the link below. My name is heartoflight1984 on youtube and I put some comments on the video which are below and you will see the guy called blankateeblanksaying bible is right and that I said its not right, its been disinformation and same with most religions are only here to control you. I dont want to do, because I said to him have to look deep inside yourself for truth and then he said well thats all wrong u got to look to god. But I know we aspects of god already and are gods in away. Anyway I look forward for advice for all and I need say something that will shock his belief, in away given awaken call to him.



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  • Stay light, and be in love. It helps, even if some don't listen.
  • The guy you're arguing with is a troll and works on lower vibration, the ego. Pay no heed to people who don't resonant with you and move forward. If you know you are a god, then why are you listening to others when you're suppose to listen to yourself?
  • http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/video/morality-without-god
    shocking enough ? ;)
  • ~accept everyone's differences.~ could be the hardest thing in the world. ;0)

    & learn, or practice how to be okay with it, without feeling the need or subtle deep seated intention to shock his belief or convince others of your truth. there is surely a differece between convincing & showing/teaching. be what you wish to show, through your actions: of love & acceptance. (there is an irony therein~ for the religious zealots. lol.. this is what JC is/was all about!)

    when one practices love & acceptance (compassion, not sympathy~ as there is a difference), things no longer become so personal, & no amount of arguing or debating can move you, because your focus in no longer on "winning" or "losing", your countenance can find peace in humility, & your being becomes an example of one all~encompassing thing: pure love. this is what your youtube critic (& forgive my generalization here, but ~in my personal experience~ many intensly religious folk, have much difficulty doing: practice what we preach.)... all are to be respected; no one is above or below the other. ~all that you seek, you already are, have been, will be. :0) namaste~
  • Hi Jason, You might be referring to George Kavassilas. I love George, and he certainly sounds knowledgable and very sincere. He has mentioned that the Galactic Council of Light or the Council of Twelve are the "good guys". Who knows... I find it all very confusing myself. There are just so many opinions out there and I suppose until disclosure takes place and we get to meet these guys face to face, we just don't know "who" is "who".

    I have been praying and asking God to give me eyes to see and the ability of discernment. In my heart though, I feel that we have a large population of very good off planet entities who are waiting and others who are already here, to guide and assist us when the time is given by the Divine Creator. I have heard (UHG!) that the bad ones (if they exist and I believe that they probaly do) will no longer have control over humanity once all of this begins to unfold. In fact, I don't think the negative ones will want to stick around. Much is happening every where we look. It's dizzying.
  • ...what else did you expect to read in you tube clips...lol...its normal to get such responses there...
    ...are u aware how many millions of people today still believe in various religions, and other bs like that???
    • So true, maybe I just felt I need to express myself the truth of who the GFOL is really is and that they are here to help us. The next mintue the guy will saying something like all christians are to go with jesus when he returns and we all now on here, is chirst enengy thats coming not the return of jesus, but we see him when first contact happens. Sometimes I feel sorry for these people, but i know its just there way to experience things, there own freewill way
      • it's just awareness level.

        i think a good majority of us whom are not tied into any one belief structure or any one particular Religion,

        is that what We Read, We Assess,

        and thus, We Remain Open.

        the Man whom Most know as "Jesus" is but one Ascended Being, from One Particular Star System.

        there Are Many Ascended Beings, from Many Star Systems, Some whom are Even on the Planet as We Speak.
  • stay true to what resonates with "You"
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