Hi all, I feel upset inside of myself because I am sick of people judging me. Even now I feel my eyes wateing with upsetness, because I just want a deep loving relationship and with trueful unconditional love and it seems it never comes to me or I just mess up when I do send a message to someone on this web site http://www.interpals.net. You I starting to feel that lonelyness even I know I am not, I just want people to understand the true of what we are and what is coming within a few years and I just want spiritual understanding girl friend to love with all my heart and soul. There is maybe reason I am like this, because of some girl saying she is spiritual and when I send her messages, I asked why you have nt replyed back and I even sent her some poems I created from the heart. Then she just blocks me and just shows that she is not spiritual because she judged me, she could of at lest send a message back saying why. Anyway if anyone wants to message her she is called Indiepants and she has got red hair, and is 19 years old and is from Manchester in UK.

Namaste with much love


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  • Thank you, again for all the comments coming in with much love, light and peace and I dont think any of the comments are negitive. When someone said that she is young, well I know I am 26 years old and its not matter of age with two people and its more as longs its within the age which is right, which for me is 18. But I am just wondering right within myself would 16 be alright and there is different laws in countrys and because I know its 16 in the UK. I like making friends with all ages of people and giving my love, light from within and its not about wanting to start a relationship, but more giving my unconditional love to that person and expressing to them of who we are and what going to happen within then few years. I also think when I come across a person with that magical feeling you know from within and I would say my focus is on spiritiual things and ascension.

    Namaste with love, light and peace to all

  • Hi Jason. I hope you feel better.

    I know what it is like to feel judged. Over time, I have learned that it is okay for people to judge me and they deserve the freedom to embrace whatever opinion of me or anything else they desire. This is because of the free will in our universe. At the same time, I must support my growth by being honest with myself, loving myself, and expressing gratitude for my life even though it is not perfect. As starseeds we will easily come under judgment because we act according to the new paradigm, and this is foreign to some people. Loneliness comes from the ego personality truly experiencing the feelings of separation. But thankfully, separation is just illusion. You are not only surrounded by an entourage of guides, but there are people counting on you to evolve from this stage of your life so that you can finally meet them too. Also, look at how many people read this and wanted to respond to you to encourage you.

    A mate is a beautiful thing, but you need to be with someone who really wants and needs you. It was not her, so it's good that she left early. Maybe now is the time to sit with yourself and LOVE yourself, as it is not your mate's responsibility to fill your loneliness. Together you and your mate will express Divine energy, but ideally it is a selfless love.

    I bid you best wishes in this process. :)
  • I am soooo greatful for all of your beautiful advice and assitant and I am just so happy to of found this website a few years ago. Your right I should nt go in with all open arms about poems and this has learned me something new. Create that trust and respect with each other, before anything else goes forward. But I just like to say that I am honest to any girl which I get to know, like I tell her, that I have nt had sex because I need to have pure love feelings within myself so I can express them outwards and usally if they laught out you, you know they are not right for you. But if they do that awww moment then you know they are got that kindness within. Anyway I am also getting into magic things and well its an ebay shop of magic and metaphysical things, have a look and let me know what you think, the link is below


    Jason xx
  • yes dear brother we all go through those kind of challenges....complaining doesn't help at all, it only makes it worst than it is.....it is not true that people do something it is only true that a very small group of people do that, but dont judge them for that, it has nothing to do with you.... disappointment requires adequate planning....you need to love yourself first and stop being a begger because you are extremely wealthy in terms of love.....learn to meditate and find out how divinely fulfilled you are...realize who you are.....learn to use your own brain for a change....be 100% responsible for everything that happens in your life specially your state of consciousness, how you feel...focus on the solution....stop complaining and take action...be intelligent......be the hero of your own life.....be grateful....be strong.....you can easily do that and more.....
  • yup..all the above posts have covered me completely...
    the problem is not how the other people respond to us...but how we deal with any given situation that appears in frond of us..
    its not "why this has happened to me"...but "how do i handle what has happened to me"...
  • By my understanding, love comes to one when the love inside one is in balance. It has never worked to want love, this means you lack love, and you need someone else to feed you love. It does not work because it leaves a emptyness either way. I understand your position, i have been there, and i can tell you that desperate love seeking people are the ones i tend to avoid. Not because i am a none loving person but because most of the time these persons are bottomless pits,where you can pump love into untill eternity and still they feel lack. I am not saying that you are this way at all Jason, for i do not personally know you. But i will say that pushing others to aknowledge you or your love will turn into something ugly. Love can not be manipulated in anny form, I do know that people who are in love seem to atrackt more love...and also love vampires. I hope you will not get my response in a negative way, and may you find inner strenght to be in love instead of wanting it.
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