Greetings Ashtarians! I work very hard at maintaining an open mind and reducing my ego as much as possible, but sometimes something occurs that simply pisses me way off! Example, a commercial came on tv with an adolescent thanking BIG PHARMA for caring enough about children to make a vaccine safe for them and how this kid want all his friends and all other to run down get the shot.  ARE YOU F....KING KIDDING ME? this is wrong, way wrong. Have you ever seen such a campaign to reach that magical number of 70% innoculated for death. It doesn't stop there, businesses are offering Ice cream to kids if they get the shot, some are offering candy, etc. WTF is going on here? What I mean is why aren't millions of parents raising hell over this? Children do not have a legal right to make such decisions, it is soley up to their parents or gaurdian, but not anymore...

Like I said, I work hard at maintaining and enhancing this new way of life that has been so generously offered to me. However, the direction our world is going is  making it really hard to stay positive because I feel so damn powerless and that leads to depression. We need to be praying/meditating 24/7 to help our brothers and sisters who have not yet seen the truth. It is scary, diabolical, evil, and wrong, but it seems far too few care. It breaks my heart all the suffering caused by lust, greed, narcissism, and hate... yet again, I seem to feel pain on a global level and I do not know where to put it, how to fix it, or how to ignore it...

I just wanted to get this off  my chest and to see if anyone else has seen what I mentioned. Also, locally there has been a rash of adverse and life-threatening reactions to the JAB. Yeah, a caseworker I know told me that two out three senior citizens that they referred to get the jab had massive strokes with hours of the injection and two people died. They no longer refer anyone to get the shot, but she told me that they have been silenced and will lose their job if they report any of this to media, etc. again WTF! People, this is a real threat aimed at reducing our population AND there is also the sterility isssue rearing its head, as well. I am not sure how much good it will do spewing out this stuff, but I can't keep it inside.

Again, I would love to know if anyone else has witnessed similar events.


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  • Yes their is evil all around us right now and it is very annoying. Big Pharma works for the deep state cabal those who want total control over all of us and this planet. Its sad and pathetic that this cabal is even still allowed to exist here. Something needs to be done and soon. I to feel powerless and depressed about all of this. I wish i was out on the front lines able to do something about this, but sadly right now all i can do is listen to how their is a plan and to trust it and everything is going to be okay in the end. It has gotten annoying especially when you hear it over and over again and it feels like nothing is happening and these evil individuals will never be brought to justice.
  • They do target the children, they don't want them to raise their frequencies. But they underestimate the power of our Hearts! They have no idea how strong it is! How strong our 'new age' children are. They simple don't know! We can't even blame them for not knowing but we, and specially our children, will show them that how enormous the power of our hearts combined will be!

    Yes I too dispare the 3 dimension view of Earth, but it's only one way of looking at it! Don't forget brother! Every moment we have the opportunity to raise our frequency. The trees are doing it, the little birds are doing it. And all the Lightworker all around the globe are doing their ultimate d best ! I'm sure of it. We are in this together and we are doing it on only faith from the inner knowing, cause nobody knows how to do this on planet Earth. But the children know! It is normal for them. They don't understand this limited thinking of us, this 3 dimensional thinking.

    Keep faith , keep going, you are doing marvellous Indigenous Alien! I feel your fibe you are not alone! We are not alone!
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      • Yes, but why say same things over and over thousands of times? Do we need to indoctrinate pple for them to be loving, compassionate etc?

        If vaccines (at least some ) are harmfull, is it necessarily a malice? Do pple KNOWINGLY inject children with the INTENT to harm them or they intent to help them? Is this a difference in 'heart', 'compassion' or such, or a mere difference in what pple beleive in? These are some of the things we should also discuss about. We all know about love, compassion etc.
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          • The 'stop using the mind but go to the heart and the within' is just in summary 'use blind faith'! We understand thaosands of ways of saying these! You can say 'the truth is in prayerful bible study', 'only the holy spirit can guide you' etc etc! You can't visit the inner world of anyone and show them what 'within' is or what 'mind' ot 'heart' is. These are, for that matter, meaningles words. You too are 'using the mind'. You are only not weighing in all options and opt to call such an attitude a 'going within rather than doing analysis'. Are you, by chance, rather succumbing to your EMOTIONS that may go contrary to REASON? We all know these!! These are what religions have been doing sinse the dawn of history!! There is nothing new. I have heard of such things milions of times and if I could be fooled, I would be beleiving in eternal torment (by conspiring demons) and the like.

            There no substance in any form of telling pple not to think. There is only a reign of ignorance and darkness (like in 'dark ages' ).
            • A 'pastor' says 'don't rely on your understanding, pray to God and he will send his holy spirit to guide you'. He says 'even if me or an angel appears on the sky, and teach you contrary to the bible, you must reject them'. The he begines the summon by a word of prayer wherby he asks God to guide them to the truth of his word. Then he begins a summon wherein he teaches the doctrine of eternal torment, something not found anywhere in the bible, and all the congregation nodes!

              You see? The pastor pretends that he is not asking anyone to follow him blindly! No! He is telling them to follow God and the bible. However, he spews a non-biblical teaching which convinces everyone who listened to his 'trust in god an the bible' advice! Then when you challenge the hell doctrine they tell you 'you are relying on your own understanding rather than the scriptures as guided by the spirit'.

              So everyone who heeded the pastor's 'don't rely on your understanding' ends up beleiving in the whopper sold by the very pastor!! It is the same case in new age's 'go within' nonsense! They think they are bringing anything new! By telling ppe to 'go to heart', a place you can't show them, you merely make them identify something in themselves as 'the heart', and sinse it is you who told them, they identify what you are saying as to be 'what truely comes from the heart'. They won't fail to trust you if they trusted your 'go to the heart' summon! But they will beleive what 'the heart' (actually the mind) want them to believe and the indoctrinator knows very well how to make you 'want to believe something'!!

              This, in summary, is what we call 'indoctrination'. Saying something, especially about 'mind', 'heart' etc over and over a million time is an attempt to indoctrinate, and it works, so be careful!
              • If you stood opposite me I would put my hand on your heart and ask you to explain what you feel😊

                Maybe you're right and it is 'just' a believe...

                time will tell
                • As for explaining what one feel when you touch them near the heart, it goes this way:

                  We explain something to help someone understand something by showing how it is related to what they might have experienced. It is 'new agers' that tries to conflict 'experience' with 'explanation'. They don't understand that they are meant to complement each other, not to compete!

                  So we don't explain what someone experiences. We explain what they DON'T, and we think it is there, by trying to help them imagine themselves somewhere and imagine what they might hear, see, feel, smell etc.

                  Take the sun, for instance. By saying the sun is 'electric', we are not trying to explain what we see. We are trying to explain how the light comes about by comparing it with what we are more familiar with (but which is not apparent when we see the sun). So in our case, of 'love', we can 'explain' it by relating it to another experience, e.g. what you feel when you tie your biceps tightly. We can call this latter experience by another name. Explanation is more about understanding how things are related to themselves that what they are inherently.
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                    • And what is 'mind' anyway? It is nothing! Anything at any time can be labelled as 'it comes from the mind'!! But even more seriously, it is stereotypical. If you present some thought out extremely long lesson on 'the behaviour of children', or 'why marriages fail', and other pseudo-psychological nonsense, no one will say 'this is from the mind'. But if you just say, without thinking, that 'objects accelerates upwards, or neutrinos bounces off a peace of paper, suddenly pple say 'you am thinking a lot'. These are now the 'mind stuffs' just because the likes of Feynman and Heisenberg were fond of saying such!!

                      You see? It is realy about TOPICS, not realy MIND!! They merely peddle the sloppy, street stereotypes that often erroneously identify 'thinking', 'mind' etc with a scientist and a mathematician even when he is realy not thinking at all, just spewing nonsense like '...if I have ten mangoes in my right hand...'

                      There is no 'mind'. Even more seriously, where do we draw a line? When you see a stone and move a side, one can say 'you are following your retina, visual cortex or the mind'. After all they believe that 'everything is in the mind'. Even the 'heart' is in the mind, according to their thinking! When you just imagine the sun, is that the sun or is it the mind?

                      What does 'following the mind' means? It is meaningless!! We don't say we 'follow the legs' or 'follow the stomac', or 'follow the intestines. The whole organism rather act as a whole. There are no 'followers' and 'leaders' in the body!

                      The 'follow the mind' or 'follow the heart' are BS concepts that only distract your attention from carefully focusing on the real issue before you and hence you arive at a wrong conclusion!
                    • You might be having a point, but your choice of word: 'heart' and 'mind' is wrong!! Both 'knowing' and 'beleiving' is done by the brain. Literally speaking, there is no such a thing as a 'mind', and the heart does not perform any cognitive function. The idea that 'we know using the heart' is a stonage idea that came when pple did not understand that cognitive tasks are performed in the brain. Some also thought it was the kidneys, stomach etc.

                      Instead you should zero in on telling us what is it that is just a 'beleif' and what is it that is a true 'knowing' instead of trying to theorize what body organs they come from. Tell someone 'follow the heart', and they can't realy understand what you are talking about!! We don't know how to CONSCIOUSLY choose what organs to use. That is not our tasks.

                      What sense does it make to put the body organ as the center of dissertation! To you, you don't say 'is the earth flat or round'. You say 'follow the heart and therein abides knowing rather than beleif'. Thus you creat a red herring and the question of the nature of the earth remains unaddressed! Infact, what you mean us that 'if the heart tells you that it is round, then that is your truth, and you know it so, for the heart knows. If the heart tells you the earth is flat, then that is your truth because it comes from your heart'. So we have as many 'truths' as any 'heart' wants to beleif!!

                      So you water down any need to research, observe, think and understand. We should not care about the truths about earth, vaccines, elections etc. We care about the body organ believed to be dictating 'truths'.

                      The end result is that you end up beleiving lies, and I pity you so much!

                      Instead focus on the issue itself, and forget about whether it is the 'heart' or the 'mind' that is doing what. In this case, for instance, concentrate all your energy on the vaccine itself etc, and not on 'where truth comes from', then you will discern the lies that goes comes with the issue. Focus on the ISSUE, not on the WITHIN or the MIND. You will never know these body parts. They are far more complex than any issue you can handle!!
                • Such is how we understand 'love'. It is very simple, and it is very good. However, it is not anti-thetical to knowledge, understanding, criticism, analysis, the mind etc. The latter is what I dispute with. Furthermore, there is no need to speak of 'love' everytime. What is important is the love itself in action, not some beleifs around 'love' ( which are often epistemological, and to me dubious in this site). Just love pple, and thats enough. Then zero in to a discussion about things and let 'love explain itself in the background', and life feels good.☺
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