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  • Hi my dear Delilah, nice to hear from you. I love the music in your page, beautiful. Yes, we have to work with our mind to protect our physical body. The body has its own language, when you are thirsty the body sends signal to the mind to tell you that you need to drink water, when you are hungry not only your stomach but your brain start complaining. The body knows about its own necessities and try to remind you all the time, sometimes we do not pay good attention and it gets agitated and we don't even know why. The soul-energy- has its own tastes too, when you smell a good perfume your soul rejoices inside of you and if the smell is no good the reaction could be getting sick. Soul and Vehicle work together. Love for you <3<3 

  • thank you:-) iam actually Brazilian born, but after 5 years in london, now i have been in OZ for 8 i am half/Aussie/halbrazilain at heart.its already saturday afternoon here and nice and sunny:-0

    have a good night


    Jai :-0

  • Hey Delilah, thanxs for the info and links you posted on the treat yesterday :-) so yes, they are starting with 250 manriners next year laeding up to 2500 by 2016 the full report. but i think it wont have time..too much is changing to fast for "then"..i have already seen enough to make up my mind about the issue(Obama) and it too late for me to be convinced otherwise, but respect that you would still support him..but in my visions i see many people going for him now...and thank you, we i inspired by guys in America in the Revolutionary ways as well :-) the people getting their power back over there is amazing and inspiring:-)

    Thank you again.


    Take care



  • I loved the pictures you posted! You always have such great images.  I hope your journey is going well!

  • Hi Deliliah,  thank you for the lovely picture of the Goddess. it is lovely.    I am honored to be your friend as well.   You have such a lovely sweet energy here on your page, and you as well.   The music you have here is magical also.   I also look forward to future communications.   please stay grounded during these tremendous times of great energy from the the 11.11.11    :)   smiles.

  • 8113938292?profile=original



    "Thank you for being a frieeeennnd"

    -Golden Girls style :D



  • Thanks, Delilah! Evidently my kitty is a star being, too, like a lot of us here...who knew?
  • Thanks Delilah. She was one of the sweetest, most innocent girls you could imagine. I know she didn't die because she was of low vibration. Makes me wonder why she had to go now. I guess only God knows.
  • Darling Delilah sister, thought we were already friends on here as we are connected in spirit, but now we are officially 'friends' - sister!

    Love Butterfly

  • Oh thnx. I probably couldn't have handle this the way I did in the past. It's kind of better, but I have a long way. I need to just keep the love within myself and around situations that are taxing.
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San Francisco, CA


August 24

About Yourself

My Starseed X-perience.


Me and my friends had decided to spend the night on the beach at a place called Greyhound Rock along highway 1, outside of Santa Cruz California, on Easter night in 1994 :)

(Greyhound Rock, shown in the image below)


Later that night, me and my friend started walking down the beach, and a strange energy came over me ~ like something was about to happen.

It was a warm beautiful clear night.  Truly magical things can happen to us, when we are in places of high energy, outside, under the stars and moonlight, we are more open to higher energies.  

But... something deeper and more cosmic was happening than I could have fathomed~

I looked up into the sky and saw 2 Stars start to "move"  after a little bit, they started ~rotating~ around each other!  They were rotating around each other pretty fast and they seemed pretty close.

Both me and my friend were amazed! 

I got actually got a little scared for a second and he told me to just stay calm and we kept watching them. Then, the two stars merged into One Star and I saw it fall...

Just then, I felt something go inside of me, almost like I was being impregnated like the spark of life in my Womb happened at that same moment.


My life changed profoundly after that happened, and has been changing ever since, and will continue to change forever.


This experience was so intense and amazing!  

I know the present &  future are going to be phenomenal beyond words, so many people have had similar profound experiences, that it tells me something special and amazing is happening on planet Earth.


We all have the power to change our own lives, and this world for the better.

I know and believe we are part of a bigger plan in this Universe and that truth will be revealed to us as time moves on and dissolves, our consciousness will become one, and we will work with the engineers that are creating Heaven on Earth.


L o v e 



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I learn the most from Beings that touch me on a deeper level.

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"That video is an animation simulation, that approximates...The idea is to demonstrate ambience...The real location café is, "Dominique's," on number 19, S End Rd, Hampstead, in real life....I have been there during heavy rain, but did not film it,…"
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"This Video looks like from a Game. I will ask my Great Uncle, he lives in London."
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"Oh yes, we do have nice cozy cafés in London....I know of a good one in north west London, in Hampstead...Great when the rain is falling outside....

Like this vid....."
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"I coud sleep with this Sound."
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"I like how the rain knocks on the umbrella, it is relaxing me. Anything else when the rain falls on the land is not interesting to me. With such a rain, I always think of a warm café in a nice cozy café. Are there nice cafes in London or France?"
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