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  • So "Brother Nethanial" resonates with the Nazi agenda then?  I guess that is why so many conservatives resonate with this kind of agenda.  And since this is what you've been posting for years here -- you are also in line with the whole "build the wall" keep the immigrants out vibe as well? 

    You guys are conservatives - but why is the question?

    • HEY DELILAH: how can Brother Nathanael resonate with the Nazi agenda if he's a born and raised Ashkenazi Jew who became a Christian after realizing the true agenda of Israel to be one one of Zionism and not of Judaism?

      This is what Zionism wants per Theodor Herzl and the original conceivers of Israel. Herzl was considered to be the Father of Zionism in 1947. Please note that the two blue lines in the flag of Israel represent the Nile and the Euphrates, and people have been called "anti-semites" for pointing this out..


      And here is what the Zionists have accomplished so far, thanks to calling people "pro Nazi" as you do when people like me (or Brother Nathanael) complain about a nuclear-armed Israel involved in land-grabbing.


      I support "the wall," as this will screen immigrants for criminals, rapists, and people positive for medicine-resistant tuberculosis.  I had to work with 20-30 such illegal immigrants with positive TB as a nurse And I have to get tested each year to make sure I am TB negative due to this racist idea that somehow it's the responsibility of the U.S. to take care of Mexican citizens with TB, and not Mexico.

      You should also support Trump's "wall" in lieu of the large number of rapes committed by the male followers of the peaceful religion of Islam, with many of these rapes committed by single military-aged men fleeing war-zones in the Middle East  (but you probably won't, because you probably fear it may define you as an Islamophobe). Below is a map of rapes of women and children in Germany from 2014-2015 by Muslim immigrant men who came in freely by your concept of "no wall." Purple flags indicate rapes of children and teens, and pink flags indicate rapes of women.



    • No answer to that yet?? :) Come on let us know why you are in line with that energy... I really am curious!!

  • LOVE Bro. Nathaniel, yes, he certainly IS a trip!

    • Brother Nathanael goes where no ex-Ashkenazi will go as far as U.S. relations with Israel is concerned.

      • Yup.

        • do you remember darkstar that we were in sagitarius? only about a year ago when this changed, maybe more

          • So where are we now?

            • we are in the middle of the Local Arm-I thought that was also called the Orion Spur, can't find that now-25000 light years from the Sagittarius location!!!

              This was drawn in 1997 -?-but Malcolm says it's always been Orion;


              Related image

      • and he's probably Jewish-crazy world-a little off topic Malcolm;

        I remember our solar system was said to be in the Sagitarius arm at the outer tip-my avatar shows this in a drawing from 1997-now supposedly we are in the Orion Spur and always have been.  You said you believe we are also. I have found another guy who remembers as I do-quick clip at 1:40 t01:60-

        - YouTube
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