Just making an observation that some people in here do nothing but post articles most of which are politically based about one side making the other side pay....

Why would anyone think that anyone in the political arena has any command over their own Spiritual Growth?  Like Donald Trump will be the key to Ultra-Terrestrial "disclosure"?  

This is a guy who could care less about anything to do with Ultra-terrestrials -- This is a man who has made his life on houses of gold and beauty pageants...

Don't get me wrong -- I don't hate Trump, I just don't think he is the key to anything...

The TRUE KEY is who we are on the inside - and what we create in this world... We have to decide what we are going to create with our Will and Belief.

A whole bunch of oil guys will get rich because of Trump -- and no "disclosure" will come from his Presidency - but that has nothing to do with your own Transformation - that is already in process... :)

The Spirit of the Goddess is working her magic all the time!

Love will find a way!!

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  • Good post, Delilah, I aggree that some members place too much emphasis on politics, and this point has been raised loads of times in the past but it generally gets ignored, because politics it seems, is the main ingredient in some peoples heads. They are less inclined to discuss spiritual matters because it seems they're either not arsed, or they're simply not ready to go there. I think politics in the forum isn't set to go away anytime soon, especially with the upcomming inauguration of Donald Wank and beyond, so we can look forward to a steady stream of political blogs for the foreseeable future, without any temination date, whereby certain ACC small fry political wannabes will no doubt charge around the forum like foaming stallions chewing at the bit, fiercly defending their political beliefs like its actually important when in fact its not. Moreso, if for example, you provide genuine factual evidence of something like Trumps blatent misogyny, which as you know is only a shred of his mixed up personality, you instantly get labled as a Trump hater, because those who steadfastly support him to the hilt can't deal with anything that paints him in a bad light, even when it's all over the web they actually deny it. None of us are anti-Trump, we just see the bigger multidimensional picture, Trump devotees on the other hand, appear to view life from a one-dimensional, surface level perspective, so going deeper isn't currently on their resume. 

    I think the answer to your question "Why would anyone think that anyone in the political arena has any command over their own Spiritual Growth?" is a queation that you neatly answered when you rightly observed: "The TRUE KEY is who we are on the inside - and what we create in this world... We have to decide what we are going to create with our Will and Belief."  That's absolutely correct, but clearly, some members haven't tapped into the devine truth within themselves because they're obviously not ready to expand their conciousness, they don't look any deeper because they're not arsed exploring the seemingly unfathomable depths of their true devine nature, and they hold Donald Dump up as their saviour figure, as though he is Christ the redeemer sent from Heaven to bring salvation to the world and save them from themselves, therefore they follow the maddening crowd's ignoble strife, instead of following their own heart and their intuition, or their inner guidence system. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to put up with it, like traveling on a subway alongide smelly people and all you want to do is get off the train and run away quickly before the smell gets stuck on to your clothes!


  • Oh, no - don't leave Andromedan!

  • Good point - but I do see a lot of people talking about how Trump is some kind of key to their information... I guess my point is that we ourselves are the key -- And which talking about too much politics - I may actually have to mention politics and people there to make a point ahah :)

    • Politics aren't always the problem, the energy of some posts is the problem. 
      When low vibes are replaced with good vibes, 
      this website will be a more pleasant pool to swim in.

      Peace! :) 

      • Good vibes = clear vibes, sincere vibes, happy vibes. 
        Delilah and Andromedan, the two of you better stick around, just because :) 


    This is yet another very tricky part. We can be concern with the unseen, such as deeper level of consciousness, ETs, UFOs, Christed beings etc for the sole purpose of improving economy, eradicating wars etc or 'building a paradise on earth' as this site states on the front page. However, this does not make the concern with economy and ethics itself spirituality. In other words, what I am saying is that the importance of these latter aims, as in peace (or higher level of ethics) inner peace, getting answeres to deep, personal questions, enlightenment etc does not warrant redefinition of 'spirituality' to actualy mean 'motives behind spirituality'. This is very subtle and has mislead many people.
  • On the other hand, concern with politics for the purposes of improving economy, building walls, controlling immigration, eradicating wars etc are stuffs that typically belong to the 'secular' folder. This is because roads, money, immigrants, walls, race etc are stuffs requiring nothing deeper to perceive. They belong solely to 'seen' world. They are important topics but they are just not relevant to spirituality.
    This is a bit tricky because our world is so much into the object-subject dichotomy due to what I may term it as 'Galilean physics'. Consciousness is unseen in the usual scientific method and as such the concern with consciousness is one step more spiritual. But this is just as spiritual as the concern with some UFO that is not seen by ordinary, superficial means or the concern with neutrino or with dark matter etc.

    There is however the concern with the deeper level of consciousness 'unseen' in usual wake state. Ergo the concern with deeper level of consciousness is typical example of spirituality.
    • I do like to go deep - and yes, everything is a part of the bigger picture.  I just think people are pushing a bunch of disinformation - and it would seem to me - that any True Ultra-Terrestrial consciousness would be invested in Science and the Truth -- which in no way has to interfere with the Spiritual side of things.  

      "They" are already here - and we are a part of them so if people are waiting on some type of disclosure - they are going to be waiting a very long time... :)

  • I think the following definition is encompassing, common denominator of the spiritual.

    SPIRITUALITY: The act or the attitude of concern with the unseen.

    It is the concern with spirit and spirit must be unseen by the ordinary, superficial perception. Any stuffs that concern solely 'normal' stuffs of common senses does not belong to spirituality.
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