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May 19

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lightwoker, starseed, wonderer, child of the Morning Sun.

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life, Arturians, Pleidians, Andromedans, Eartheans, Ascended Masters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh3RFSZ2SXM

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  • Greetings Starweaver, thanks for adding me as a friend,

    I am thankful for the invite :)

  • Hello Starweaver..Thank you, I look forward to the same.
  • No headway, I can see: Add a video/Post a blog/Add a forum post.

    I don`t see add a discussion and any blue band with 2lines?


  • Starweaver: could you please tell me how to post a message/article on the Top 10 Content?

    L&L divsy.

  • Starweaver: Thanks for the celebrating Oneness - Friendship.
  • Thanks for the friend request Starweaver!!! Love Light Oneness
  • Thanxs for the video light brother! really apreciated. so much so that i will be spreading around everywhere .

    Love and light tenthfold  back to you.





  • my pleasure brother. i posted more as a way of information on whats happening out there.myself agreeing with majority of it with lots of interesting info. but as always we have to use the discernment to get what resonates with us and leaving the rest i dont. some other  people take it very personal on this site and i dont know why..i always think . like yourself, that its to be discussed rather then anything else..but anyways. i dont mind:-0


    Take care man





  • my pleasure, brother :-0 i have been watching all of the videos(there is about 70 to this day and counting) and there is lots of info in there(thought i agree with about 90% of the stuff in there) the matches stuff that  i  have been reading in other posts..its interesting but at the moment i am staying put anf not going anywhere..there is no need too:-) we are safe wherever we are if it really will happen that soon.


    Keep well and shinning bro.





  • Hey Starweaver, thanks for the acceptance and nice comment. :)

    I am doing well, I hope you are too. I plan to place lots of more content on my page, so there will be fresh information so now and then.


    See you around my friend!

    Much Love,


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Starweaver replied to Starweaver's discussion 2012 The year of the True Self - Uniting the heart and mind.
"Thank you, Marique, your support and blessings mean so much to me.... I send you much love and grattitude from the center of my heart....  :) smiles
Jan 13, 2012
Starweaver posted a discussion
Hello friends, this is my first youtube video,  regarding 2012 and the True Self,  I am still getting over a cold, so I sound Nasal, sorry.  But I felt the need to release this out ... 
Jan 11, 2012
Starweaver left a comment for Delilah7777
"Hi Deliliah,  thank you for the lovely picture of the Goddess. it is lovely.    I am honored to be your friend as well.   You have such a lovely sweet energy here on your page, and you as well.   The music you have here is magical also.   I also…"
Nov 11, 2011
Starweaver left a comment for Justin89636
"Well it seems to me that they are trying to get your attention, somehow.  Thats how they work.  You see they seek out others who have an afinity to help others.  They are magical creatures and they wanto help others to heal.   I have had many…"
Nov 10, 2011

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