Make them pay!!! :)

When people talk more about the cabal or "bad guys" paying for what they do, more then their own inner transformation they probably don't have much going on inside.  
If people would demonize less and start observing the good in people more -- it would change things on a profound level. Not only within ourselves, but on the planet as a whole.


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  • I'd say it's not best to look the other way then :) ahaha

  • I'm probably one of the most Anti-Religion "Pro-Spiritual" people you will find out there -- but Religion won't end, instead it will most likely Transform... At least the religions that have come far enough to Evolve.  When we as a human race evolve into something more, it effects everything on the planet -- and yes that includes religion.

    Just look at what the new Pope has been saying lately -- Things like "there is no hell" and "gay people can get into heaven" -- and why is that?  Because certain religions have known for a long time that we are evolving and the "secret teachings" are now not just for the "chosen few" but for the masses!! :)

    Pope Francis talks about the existence of hell

    About that Pope Francis ‘interview’ where he denied the existence of Hell
    Pope Francis fourth article with famed atheist Eugenio Scalfari was again reconstructed ... from memory, the Vatican tells LifeSiteNews.
  • That's just a feckin TV series, Goldenegg.. what has it got to do with your claim that Religion will end in February 2017? .. absolutely nothing!

    In fact, the IMDB synopsis for this TV show reads as follows:

    'Hundreds of years from now, surviving humans discover how to send consciousness back through time, into people of the 21st century. These travelers assume the lives of others, while attempting to save humanity from a terrible future"

    I can't see any connection between this low budget action series and the end of all Religion on the planet.. what kind of weed are you on, Goldenballs?

    Well, seeing as we're in the spirit of sharing Youtube videos, here's one I would like to share. The following film symbolizes the end of the Rothschilds on New Years Day 2017, which is .. oh, the day after tommorow!

    (Caution, viewer discretion advised, not for the faint hearted)

  • Delilah , you mean to put the blinkers on and go new age?

    Nope , God want us to see the truth , and if you call to expose the truth bad , then you are on the wrong path madame.

    I.e , almost all here knows by now that the Clintons are pedophiles and phsychos of the higherst satanic level.

    Shall we demonize their behaviour or not?

    • You have no real evidence of any of what you've said here -- and the fact you're willing to create total and complete lies to make yourself seem like you are above them is what is really concerning...

      I could as easily make up horrible lies about you, and spread them around the net --- Would that make them true?  Absolutely not.  But for the people who would believe those lies, they are real to them.

      Take a step back for a second and just consider what you believe is total BS and that the Clintons and tons of other demonized people on the planet are actually good....

      Yah -- I do believe in the New Age -- it got us out of Religious Control - and people murdering each other in the name of "God"... Of course people love to twist things into something they totally aren't -- and for the most part people are good.

  • Pay a little bit of love :) 

  • Religion cease to exist on february 2017? Care to explain?......

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