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  • Hi Abby, I haven't been on the site for awhile, just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!  DarkStar

  • Thanx for accepting my friendship!


  • Hey, Abby, How have you been?  I feel like a total A-LI-EN.  I need someone to talk to.  I need someone who UNDERSTANDS.

  • Hey I love Bashar lol Well thank you for the friendship, Abby. May all your troubles be little ones, and may God bless you so that you don't have any troubles at all lol
  • I love you Abby!  Thank you!
  • Hello Abby :)

    Hope you are doing and FEELING wonderful  ~

    Blessings to you <3
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  • I love you Abby!  You shine bright and clear!  Thank you!
  • Thank you for friend request Abby.

    Much love and light i send to you..


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Tampa, FL


October 4

About Yourself

Ascending, Working to raise my Vibration and the vibration of this planet. Here to help Awaken humanity .We are devine beings in a physical body,vessel ,vehichle . <3 What you see when you look at the world or another person is a reflection of ""you"". Spirituality is the most important thing to me. I DO NOT mean Religion. Many in the galactic/UFO communities do not understand spirituality.Many in the Spiritual communities do not see a connection to UFO's and the Galactics. It's all connected. However, what one claims as truth could be false to another. Iike wise what one claims as false could be truth to another.It all has to do with your evolution.Everything has a vibrational frequency. Everything is Energy. Here are the 12 Universal laws. Most of you know them or have read them but don't understand them. 1 ~ The Law of Divine Oneness We live in a world where everything and everyone is connected to everything and everyone else. Every single thing we are doing, saying, thinking and believing effects others around us as well as the universe we are part of. We are all connected. 2 ~ The Law of Vibration Everything single thing in our universe moves, vibrates and travels in circular motions. These very same principles of vibration apply in our physical world through our thoughts, feelings and desires. Everything has it’s own vibrational frequency from sounds, to things and even our thoughts. Your vibration will attract like vibrations to you. 3 ~ The Law of Action To see the Law of Attraction in Action we must take inspired action. To manifest the things we desire we must engage in actions which support our desires as well as our thoughts, dreams, emotions and words. 4 ~ The Law of Correspondence As Above, So Below. Energy, Light, Vibration and Motion all have their corresponding principles. Everything on the physical plane has a corresponding principle out there in the universe. 5 ~ The Law of Cause & Effect Nothing ever happens by chance. We reap what we sow, every action has a reaction and consequence. What we put out there we get back. Karma…. 6 ~ The Law of Compensation As for the Law of Cause and Effect what we put out we get back by way of abundance in all area’s. By helping others and taking positive actions great things will come back into our lives. We will be compensated for our good deeds, give your heart and soul to everything. 7 ~ The Law of Attraction What we think about we bring about, our thoughts become things. All of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions are producing energy which in turn attract like energies and things into our lives. Negative or Positive like attracts like. The Law of Attraction is also known as the Law of Love ♥ 8 ~ The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy (Simply put, everyone has the ability within them to transform their life. We can do this by understanding these universal laws and changing our energy. It’s up to us to do it! 9 ~ The Law of Relativity Everyone has challenges! We are all given challenges for a reason, opportunities to learn and grow. These challenges are sent to strengthen our inner light. The law also wants us to look at other people’s challenges and problems worse than ours so we can gain perspective. It’s all relative. 10 ~ The Law of Polarity Everything has a polar opposite good or bad. This is the Contrast and Clarity, when you know what you don’t want in turn you know what you do want. Focus on the Good things you want 11 ~ The Law of Rhythm Everything moves and vibrates to certain rhythms. This can be seasons, cycles, stages of our development and patterns happening in the universe. We need to stay in flow throughout these rhythms of life. 12 ~ The Law of Gender Yin & Yang. Everything and everyone has feminine and masculine principles and energies, this is how creation happens in the universe. We must all find the balance between the two to master our lives.

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Nov 2, 2020
Abby left a comment for John Jancar
"Thank you John , Love your playlist. I actually have all of these songs on one of mine lol,"
Oct 28, 2011
Abby commented on Kelly Lightchalice's blog post Emmanuel Kelly, my new hero... grab your tissues!!!
"<3 <3 <3"
Oct 20, 2011
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Hey loveliness, I'm wonderful. Thank you. How are you Delilah.
Blessings to you ,
Oct 20, 2011

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"Adlantis... 🌊Appears when the waters rise. This happen 3 Times. Rigth now it was happen for just one time. 😉News from any Patrick from Paraguay.. (he said he knows any Ranma 🙄hmmm... 😅?)"
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"Here is a link to 'collapse of late bronze age'. Note that ancient stories, like those in bible, descrbing a wonder-working God dramatically bringing Israel to Canaan, parting of read sea, judgment of Soddom and Gomorrah, Noah's flood, the lost…"
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"The printing of money is what is called 'quantitative easing'. The money is realy loaned in what is termed 'fractional reserve banking'. So it causes an ever increasing public debt. This was done to 'kick start' the economy, following the 2008…"
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"You can just watch the Gulf Stream. If it stops flowing and then the pole caps north and south melt, the pole shifting is imminent. The meteor impacts are no coincidence. This happens first, followed by pole shifting. Incidentally, the northern…"
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"I heard from Patrick from Paraguay about a central bank where the money that is needed is printed. Nevertheless, first they try to get the money from the people. Man will awaken to the truth that he has been deceived and has the right to hit the…"
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"The heart of God sleeps as long as the twin flames are not all awakened and united, or have fulfilled their promise to meet again on earth. The reunion must take place. Maybe it just looks like the dark side have all under control. The old school is…"
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"They are Power possessed. We are all within the old school on Planet SHAN (Erth). I know about the Pole Shift. Each Planet do this, but I think this happening later in Time. First we will have some Meteor impacts. These Meteors create large…"
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