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  • Well Thank You LadyArienus. Thank you for your friendship.

     Please don't be fooled by the MSM (Main Stream Media) by what they say about RoMoney winning the nomination. He has not. They are all run by the world banks just like RoMoney. Ron is not down yet. Go Ron Paul.


    Love and Light

  • thanks for the friendship request :) love and light from Croatia :)

  • blesings

  • That is so exciting!  I would love to visit there just to feel all the love and energy that I can sense emanating from the earth!  Bless you in all that presents itself before you! I am sending all my love and positive vibrations in your direction! May it touch all it passes over!

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  • Greetings Lady Arienus,

     Much love and many blessings for your offer of friendship, which i gratefully accept.

     Peace be with you, Have a very blessed day,


    Golden, Blue  & Rainbow, Angelic, Galactic, Lemurian, Atlantean Blessings,

     In Lak'ech Ala K'in :-) 

  • 8114040260?profile=original8114107068?profile=original8114023273?profile=original8114027081?profile=original8113982690?profile=original8114168488?profile=originalStay blessed LadyArienus!

  • Thank you for inviting me, LadyArienus. I wish you a most blessed day.

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Seattle, WA


November 25

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Laura’s focus of service and purpose is assisting people with healthy living, personal growth and spiritual exploration through her private practice since 1993 as a massage therapist and teacher of natural healing in essential oils. Laura’s specialty is the art and science of using and applying therapeutic grade essential oils for emotional release, healing, detox and nutrition. She has continuously studied Aromatherapy with Dr. Gary Young ND, founder, president and CEO of Young Living Essential Oils since 1996. Laura teaches the practical use of essential oils for your everyday life and business in her Aromatherapy Seminar called Aromatherapy versus the Poison Personal Care Products Industry, Fast Junk Food & Pharmaceutical Drugs. Laura is the author of "It's Not Weird Anymore: An Extraordinary True Tale and winner of the 2011 Readers Favorite Award. A book about how Young Living Essential Oils saved her life from a severe scooter accident in Mexico resulting in a massive head injury that required 7 steel plates and 34 screws surgically placed in her face to hold it together. The oils shrunk the swelling by 80 percent in 2 days, prevented and eliminated any and all pain, not even a headache. She does not have scaring or head injury symptoms that most people complain about. Laura has always been a gifted networker as well as a great storyteller and loves to point people in a purposeful positive direction. &

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LadyArienus replied to sagitarius13's discussion Mass Arrests on the 21st.
"I agree whole heartedly! :-)"
Jun 21, 2012
LadyArienus replied to sagitarius13's discussion Mass Arrests on the 21st.
"The arrests have been happening since last September and lately the Rothschild and Rockefeller banksters in Iceland. We are just waiting for the more famous war criminals to be arrested on the Lame Stream Media. The underground bases were taken out…"
Jun 21, 2012
LadyArienus posted a discussion
Monday, June 18, 2012Time has come for me to release more intel about the Archons as we are entering the period when the destiny of this planet is being decided and people need to be informed so better choices can be made.About 26,000 years ago,…
Jun 20, 2012
LadyArienus replied to 0vptjzb9vrc3v's discussion Open letter to the GFL
"Ashtar appeared to my partner while he was watching the Cuban Missile Crisis when he was 9 years old and told him that no nukes where allowed. Many military personnel have testified that lightships hovered over the nuclear facility they were…"
Jun 20, 2012

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Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
Again some participant is bringing corrupt BLACK LIVES MATTER and so must be banned ..leave sports as it should be.. bringing any other propaganda into sports must not be tolerated..sports is for compitation and enjoyment only Now see @…
33 minutes ago
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amparo alvarez commented on amparo alvarez's blog post Ashtar: Negative Entities on Mars Removed
"I say: YES to that ET Hugger...I glad you are coming back...We missed you...I am ready to celebrate...Victory is ours...Let us stay positive and always loving no matter what arises...Big HUGS.."
51 minutes ago
amparo alvarez commented on amparo alvarez's blog post Ashtar: Negative Entities on Mars Removed
"Blessings dear Movella...Learning as I go...hehehehe...We Are One"
52 minutes ago
amparo alvarez posted a blog post
How to Avoid the Label of ‘Sheep’ ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.We are so very happy with your progress, as we witness you putting aside…
55 minutes ago
amparo alvarez posted a discussion
 Delta Variant: Natural Immunity 700% Better Than the VaccineJuly 27, 2021 by Suzanne Maresca by Dr. Joseph Mercola, July 27, 2021, conservativeplaylist.com’s Commentary: Let’s start with the biggest question that…
1 hour ago
ET Hugger commented on amparo alvarez's blog post Ashtar: Negative Entities on Mars Removed

Happy Galactic New Year, folks!

The stars are looking bright and shiny. Mars is getting ready and so are we. Ready for take-off! 🚀"
1 hour ago
Movella commented on amparo alvarez's blog post Ashtar: Negative Entities on Mars Removed
"Thanks for the positive vibes Amparo... We are one.."
2 hours ago