She is looking for me too...

I can feel her looking for me too. All my life really, but from 2008 on it was even stronger. Im 31 now. I asked ArchAngel Chamuel for assistance. I know she is longing for me as well, but that this goes far beyond "neediness" and comes from the Heart. Although being an extra-sociable person by nature, I have been through so much isolation & a hard life, she may have had similar experiences. Our hardships are not a part of our trueselves whom we Love. I feel very very much that i am on the Twin Flame Path. I relate to it more than any other path, and always have. Im not ashamed to say this. And im saying this as a veteran, for Ive been into spiritual interests & practices since 1996. OBEs to exopolitics to alchemy, Too many to list.

I have meditated to connect with her and perhaps she has done the same, at the same time, or perhaps semi-consciously while in engaged in other things. God is of Grace and has created us as two, and the union of us is the high manifestation of the Love of God in physicality.

A little personal history with not too much detail.. There are some horror stories and perhaps those were soulmates or other things instead. I dont understand the so-called "runners" and could never be one myself, ever. Ive seen so many stories of one runner, and one non-runner who pair. It happened to me. Ive actually lived quite a bizarre life where 2 people i was closed to actually both suddenly had amnesia about me. (years apart dont know each other). And where both friends and beyond friends all suddenly cut contact with me in the blink of an eye with no prior signs. They actually say im one of the best or best persons they have ever known and cant understand how anyone would do that to me, then they themselves do it. My Twin may have had similar highly unusual experiences.

I have been a research junkie. I know the whole Exopolitical history from the original 1952 Roberson panel to the Rockefeller initiative, to the last big conference, UFO's & nukes. Disclosure, Contact, and the beginning of the new cycle is the most important thing for this world. People & spiritually awakened people alike, Its already been all too long that we have discussed the same issues on the Internet and before the Internet. Message Boards look generally the same in 1999 as they do in 2012. Its about high time. My persona is pretty rare.. I am pretty Left Brained, while at the same time highly sociable, warm, empathic, spiritual. My sociability has always been higher than average while i see within the population sociability dropping drastically over the years.

I admit it is hard for me to find people who relate to me well even in the spiritual communities which i have explored for many years. I would be embarrassed to say how isolated i truly am despite being a sociable and a well rounded conversationalist. My Twin may have a similar feeling about this. This feeling of being different, even among alternative and novel communities and forums.

By the way, when i re-joined ashtar command, it was 1:11 and that was not on purpose. The submit button and the confirmation email were both 1:11AM. The thing is, i have had signs for so very very long and they have never yet come to any fruition.

Thank you for Listening. My Name is Tone.

I send forth Violet Flame from My Heart, to The Heart of My Twin Flame.

I am grateful, O God, for the release of light into this relationship. I ask that the action of the violet flame be expanded for the resolution of discord among all people on earth. Fill every heart with peace and mercy.

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  • As i read your lines, i feel your pain Tone, as i too go through the same. Prayers that we all find that Primary soul mate/twin flame of ours here and now in this dimension...

    Love & Light,

    Tabby :)

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