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  • Hi Justin ;))
    Its ok, don’t mentioned it, you feel lost and detached, we all going through this phase sometimes, but
    Don’t stand on your way, to become what you want to be, if you keep arguing for your limitations and sure enough, they’re yours. Every problem has a gift.
    The most dangerous state you can find yourself is boredom and feels useless. If you can lighten the burden of another, you are not useless or week. Every warrior needs a purpose; the simple one is learning new skills. That you can do.
    The more you learn anything whatever comes to you, the stronger you will become. You are a young man, with potentials, but if you are not willing to work and learn, you potentials will be just that – potential. You would not be given a “wish’, without a way … but you do have to work for it, in the most difficult way … inner self. When you sort things out within … the one thing you want will come to you. I know that you can do it, you are strong and capable, and you are also brave.
  • I have news for you Justin...We all are here because we chose to be here and all of us have one or more missions...Do you like to meditate? If so there are so many beautiful guided meditations that can really uplift your soul...Breathe deeply and very slowly closing your eyes and don't worry if at the beginning you cannot concentrate...Always keep trying and you will get to master it...The more you do them the betterYou can always ask for guidance to your guides and angels or your Guardian Angel...When you ask they always come, especially Archangel Michael...He will give you strength, faith and protection...Blessings and much Love...We Are One...
  • Justin you better to be alive, what the f***, you are way stronger then that.
  • Justin89636...You can talk to others about the Truth yet do it gently and with short sentences of Love (positive), and with good intentions, never try convincing anyone of anything and just leave it there...It is like planting a seed and allow it to grow...Don't worry or pay any attention to some negative answers...Many are scared of the new and unrecognizable energies...But your kind words will sow a seed that will reap the benefits...Blessings
  • I am truly delighted to be your friend! Thanks for all the support so far.


  • Thank you so much, Justin, for your kind and thoughtful comments about the passing of my dear mom.  It's been a surreal and sad experience, but I am finding my feet again and my heart is healing, I know she is in a better place, it's just hard to know she isn't on my plane anymore in the physical world.  I've been distracting myself with learning about geometry and such... this Dan Winter video is super helpful, it made me feel better knowing what happens when we die, and I see the geometries he talks about with my own eyes, so I know he speaks the truth.  He also has a series on alien DNA you may want to look up, fascinating stuff, answers a lot of questions, not saying it is all fact, but it makes you think. 

    Take care, Justin, you've always been such a good friend, thank you for being You :-)

    Sending Diamond Light, Kel

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  • I felt in love with A.I. :) Feel loved and very much respected.

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August 9

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Still trying to figure out everything about me. I wish i knew more about my past. I know i have had past lives in other star systems in this galaxy along with my past lives on earth. Still plenty left for me to discover. As for my future i would like to join the galactic federation of light and do good for the galaxy and beyond.I also hope to get to travel the universe and beyond.

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