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Thanks Feather for this pic on Facebook.... Anymore, on this sight it is loaded with hate negativity revenge and pain.... People do things to provoke others into a battle of words and to get people to lash out...remember as you do this call people names and talk about them you are looking in a mirror manifesting your own words into your life....

Regardless of what others say and do always speak positively speak life and love about them to manifest the better things to manifest the greatness in your own life....

Love peace light


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Nice one, Lisa.  Don´t thank me thank Hafiz, he said it.

...I Know....Shes A Font Of Knowledge Is Wings....:)....x... 

I just hope people can take the advice

My wise woman.....Love you dearest....XOXOXO

There's nothing wrong, nor right with hate and revenge. All that comes from within, either it be hate, anger, pain, desire, lust and love, must and needs to be expressed freely, without fear of repercussion.

Have you ever bashed someone's face in? It's nirvana when the guilty pays at yours hands. I got someone's incisor teeth stuck on my knee. No more pain, nor weight for my soul, no more racionalicing a traumatic experience when creation itself demands balancing out our actions.

The burden was lifted from my shoulders. Otherwise, his offense would still hurt inside of me.

Suffering comes from imprisoned emotions, a shade of life itself. Those who repress their nature, often find themselves devoid of color, will and life itself.

Lying to their nature, stuck on the white shadow, the neglectful view of fearful, ignorant reasoning.

I was hoping to find my dear Sister, so she could tear my face off before killing me. That's my dream and desire no matter what, the last thing before a new beginning. Seeing her beautiful lilac eyes, once again.

The Reason from this world drives away all Divinity, syphoning off its innermost essence, madness.

Of course, you wouldn't understand. That's what reason does, isn't?

I understand more than you think at one point I was very vengeful in life the guy who raped me was on the top of my s*** list I wanted him to pay with his life at my hands.... My dad was  torturess to me growing up needless to say I dreamed of sweet beautiful ways to torture him... He was beating the hell out of my mom one night and I blacked out all I knew was I wanted him to hurt as much as he hurt us I won my anger pain got the best of me but now I look back I realize dwelt in the pain I'm tired of sadness my life is starting to look great I have found love and joy in a dark world and I got amazing people like you as friends... I wouldn't trade any of you for nothing....thanks my precious soul you're loved beyond measure friend.... I treasure your view and honesty

I love all your different points of views here thank you so much... We are all in a learning process here we are teachers and at the same time students all yours and others views are welcome I love diverse views none are wrong.... Love you all

Everyone has their personal reasons for 'lashing out' at others, which makes sense to them at the time... and many times I see this as a call for help. Are we able to answer these 'calls' by listening well and sharing our Love with them?... Or do we lose patience, and push them back, creating an even wider 'gap' between us? Us with grounded compassion and patience are the ones who can break this cycle of blame games and 'negative' exchanges. Instead of telling others how we think they should be acting, perhaps it is much wiser to focus on how we're acting ourselves and continue to focus on embodying more Love/Light... as we move on together through this 'night'.

Blessings All Around...

PS... Good start to a very dynamic subject for discussion : ) Thanks Lisa

I just pray it goes over well we need healing here 

Genuinity is key when it comes to reflect each other. Seeing people being hypocrite with themselves, hiding behind love ideals. It shows up fear, quite the opposite from love.

I've experienced this as child, watching human beings. All the children lined up in formation. Everybody else looking the same, being taught the same preterite teachings and behavioural patterns, fit to work within old paradigms.

I was often judged for being different, for having ideas of my own without previous conditioning, for being independent. Criticizing religion, family and pretty much everything obsolete. Fairly simple to dislodge.

Open up, speak your heart. Neglecting your inner child shows very little love "You have to behave to be loved, otherwise you won't be accepted"

Conditional love and servile attitudes make up for pretty miserable human beings, looking for love anywhere except inside.

Judgment reflects our inner fears, there's nothing outside you haven't got inside yourself already. Creation holds no meaning beyond our expectations. Still, I have quite a harsh time interacting with human beings. So predictable and easy to program.

Well, that's the plan anyway. Watchers serve us well, still you can try to erase "love" from your matrix, right about now. And you'll have an instant view of reality and creation, way more clear, colorful and transcendent. Free.

Because everything that's important to you, you have been taught. It's just a set of parameters, which often involves limitation.

Your choice

I know what it's like to be the perverbrial black sheep as I do not conform to typical human standards it put me through much pain.  I learned I love myself cause if I can't love myself how can I love another or how can someone love me....  I'm OK now with being the oddball I love being the oddball I'm different I'm original my own ideas thoughts i fit in with others like me and thru this process I even learned to love the haters doesn't mean I will deal with their white but will love them as I let them know..... Thank you dearest....



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