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Hello :D

I was wondering about this ET being that showed up in one of my dreams.

In my dream, I astral traveled to my friends house. I was outside looking at a car with a morphing pure white ET in it. Then another car pulled up, with an ET in it (in the picture above), and he/she got out of the car and walked towards the house. My friend (who is usually terrified off all ETs) started cheering. At the time, I was having issues with the MIB and reptilians, so I panicked and we ran inside.

I have not seen these ETs before, they look like the greys. I have a lot of contact with the greys and they are good friends of mine. The Greys I usually see originate from Orion...

The Grey being in the dream did not appear to want to cause harm. I sorta over reacted. And they are adorable lol.

Does anyone recognise them?

Thank you :D

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i met sev. kinds of greys in my early childhood and i think you have to consider 2 things (at least): greys and others have the ability to make you think you have a good experience with them when in fact you have a bad experience with them and second- when we encounter extra conceptual realities, our brain tries to decode what it is, by constructing the unknown from  things we know (often when encountering extra conceptual realities our brain will just erase it and do not process it) but let's say you do , so the fact that you say you saw them as sweet bald bunnies does not mean that they actually look like that at all.



Hm, well that's a hard question to answer. Many many ET has that "Grey" like appearance, and they are all different species. You can't really group them down to one just one race. A tip from me is to look into all the different kinds of greys and see what kind best fit the description you saw :) There are many sites out on the net you can look at I believe.



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