Washington D.C. Full Moon Alert - 04/23/24 - A big conflict involving power is about to begin, and

Full Moon for Washington D.C. is April 23, 2024, 7:50 pm. This Full Moon will be intense; the Moon will be in Conjunction with the Ascendant (or eastern horizon point [and the "rising sign" is Scorpio]). A T-Square involving the Full Moon with Pluto defines a crisis is about to take place in D.C. either today or for the next few days. I have noticed that T-Squares with Pluto usually define "crisis due to transformation." The horoscope chart is below.



There is about to be a power shift in Washington D.C., and some people may not be comfortable with it. Crisis usually takes place during such transformation. This usually results in violence, terrorism, blackmail, and "getting even" via very outrageous methods or dangerous ways and methods. Another possibility (due to the Moon Conjunction Ascendant transit) is a certain percentage of the Washington D.C. population displaying behavior similar to a mentally ill person being told that they are going to be legally committed to an asylum. And sometimes violence erupts with this action, and a crisis unfolds. And because Pluto is associated with "death," there may be news for the next week or so of important people of power dying (or dying off, possibly kicking and screaming as they fade away).

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  • We may start to see violent behavior coming. People are waking up in large numbers to the reality that the lunatics are running the asylum. My big fear is that the Supreme Court may or may not be blackmailed or threatened; they are being forced to address politics and the law (which is the last thing they want to do. The last time this was done in the Supreme Court was during the late 1850's to early 1860's with the slavery issue; now it's about who counts the votes or the right to define the sex of your child).
  • Hope so Malcolm-but who's going to take them away in straight jackets? The US military is not doing it's job-Biden and the rest could be arrested for the border catastrophe.
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