Much of the old is disappearing as it has served its purpose and makes way for new energies that herald the beginning of a new era. You are seeing the effects all around you and it is causing upheaval, bringing about changes that will eventually lift you up as part of your introduction to the New Age.

You are in the interim period when new ideas will give you a better way of life and the prospect of peace upon Earth. However, much depends upon your response as there is always a reluctance to give up a way of life that you have got used to over many, many lives.

Be assured that the plan for your future is intended to present you with opportunities to take a great leap forward, never to return to what by comparison would seem to be very primitive ways of doing things.

It is time to move on as grand opportunities await you that will lift your spirits and present you with wonderful changes that will raise your quality of living. Those souls who spurn such an opportunity will continue to progress at a rate that suits their chosen preference, but all is not lost as a new cycle will guide them through more opportunities to experience in a way that enables them to continue evolving.

If you could look back you would find that over many lives you have been given many opportunities to evolve with much assistance from your Guides. You are never left without it but with your freewill you choose which path to take, and of course you receive much guidance to help you make the right choice.

Every effort is made to keep you on the right path as we know of your needs far better than you do. In reality you are all very experienced souls on a path to being greater and opportunities are given you having regard to the level of your ability. We dearly want you to succeed so that you can fully move into the Light and put the negative experiences behind you.

Humans in reality are peaceful and loving and will always seek positive ways to live their lives, but on Earth there is so much negativity that at times it seems like a losing battle. However, all experience is beneficial making you much stronger in the face of the many challenges you encounter.

Understand that most of these are intended to test your resolve to overcome them, as by doing so you become a much stronger soul. We know that so to say “keeping your head above water” all of the time is not easy but you should be able to cope with whatever crosses your path, it is planned that way.

In your critical moments we are fully aware of what you are going through, and we give encouragement as far as we are allowed to without infringing your freewill. When you meet us during your sleep period much good work takes place and we can fully prepare you for what is to come.

Be assured that you are given much good advice that should help you through those days to come. We want you to be successful in your attempts to continue evolving, and do our best to keep you on the correct path to achieve it.

It is nice to share your knowledge with others but do not overdo it as it may have the opposite effect to what you intended. The best advancements come from a steady growth that is lasting. Too much too soon can have the opposite effect and confuse a soul that has difficulty in understanding a greater truth. It is best that they come to their understanding through their own growth.

After all there are many sources of information that can help those who are awakening and they will be guided to it. They keep you safe and sound but when you are clearing your karma you may be due experiences that are necessary to help you evolve. You are never left alone to make your advancements and we are always present to be of help.

On a day to day basis you may experience instant karma just to keep you on track, but nothing serious, and naturally in the background is your life plan that determines much of what you do. We know that many of you question the reason for an early death particularly when a soul is very young. Know that sometimes the soul involved is simply helping out by undertaking a certain task for the benefit of others.

When it is understood that there is no such thing as death of the soul and that it carries on with life in the higher dimensions, much sorrow and pain could be avoided. If everyone was aware that they have eternal life, they would know that there is no such thing as total death, but simply the giving up of the physical body that has served its purpose.

We tell you of the different levels of existence that you refer to as dimensions, but rarely mention the lower levels as they are unlikely to be applicable to those who seek spiritual knowledge. However, after death of the body the soul can go up or down according to their vibrations.

Those who are of a very low vibration you may call “evil” have little light and upon death find themselves in regions of darkness with souls of the same type. But they are helped as every soul is and as soon as they awaken and seek answers to the truth they are helped by Guides to continue it and rise up. No souls are left to seek answers by themselves.

If by choice you are on a path to the truth be assured that you will get every help to rise up even if you are not aware of it. However, as you evolve the truth will become more apparent and you will be well on your way to Ascension.

The testing times you go through are helping you to raise your vibrations and become more aware of the truth of your being. With it usually comes a wish to also help others onto the Path of Light, and once again your Guides will help you fulfill that desire and achieve it.

Meantime be patient as all will work out well in the end and that is absolutely certain. After many lives and many different experiences you have reached a point where you know that you have achieved much from all of the effort you have put in to be successful. It may be slow coming but we assure you that your experiences will have a happy ending.

You will find that all of the progress you have made will pay off, and you will gain the full benefit. Nothing can take it away and you have been able to get this far by hard work and are to be congratulated for your achievement.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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