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  • hi Kiara have you returned?

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    Sending happy thoughts!  Hope you are having a great spring :-)  

  • Hi kiara can you add me? x

  • Jodå jag förstår din Norska till 95 % haha :D. Det är nog lättare att läsa än att lyssna på. Men ert glada språk tröttnar man aldrig att höra ^^. 

    Jag har också varit väldigt upptagen och nästan glömt bort mig själv. Jag var iväg en vecka på semester och där hittade jag igen mig själv och kom på vad som är viktigt. Jag hittar sakta men säkert tillbaka mer och mer till ett mer spirituellt liv efter en period där jag kände mig helt avskuren och utmattad.

    Ha det bra :)!


  • Hej Kiara :) kul att se ditt ansikte här igen ^^. Jag har inte varit så aktiv på sistone heller. Hoppas allt är bra med dig! (Jag undrar om det är okej att jag skriver på Svenska just för att vi är grannar ;) annars säg bara till så kan jag skriva på Engelska istället :) ) !

  • Wow, I am so happy for you, Kiara :-)  I love huskies, you are blessed to be able to be so close to them.  I've been accepted into school as well, funny how life works, isn't it?  I can't wait to study philosophy and anthropology... everything is coming together nicely.  The past year has been tough, a lot of upgrades and clearing, but everything feels much better now... I'm super excited to see what life has in store for us all :-)  

    It is good you are away from the toxic big city, it sounds like you are where you are meant to be.  It must be beautiful.  You are so grown up and lovely, sooo awesome to see you :-)  

    Take care, sending diamond light :-)  

  • Kiara!  So awesome to see you :-)  How are you?  Welcome back :-)  


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April 11



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I'm not to found of bragging about my own spirituality. I have a great understanding of many things and myself, but I am no "master" or "old wise ancient soul" who has come here to awaken you. I'm not all spirits and rainbows, I am a pretty logical and material person. I like things I can touch and things that can be explained. That being said I've had many Extraterrestrial encounters in my life. And despite my age have a more reasonable and fearless relationship with that than many other people. I am NOT very found of the hysteria regarding "evil aliens that has come to take us". It seems like more of a reason to blame things on others and ignoring our won faults.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Myself. Bashar .And my children.

Kiara Honbon replied to Mara Tree's discussion Who is this ET?
"Hm, well that's a hard question to answer. Many many ET has that "Grey" like appearance, and they are all different species. You can't really group them down to one just one race. A tip from me is to look into all the different kinds of greys and…"
Oct 20, 2014
Kiara Honbon replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Super-Intelligent Humans Are Coming Genetic engineering will one day create the smartest humans who have ever lived.
"Genetically modifying Humans? All I can say is "Khan Noonien Singh" lol"
Oct 20, 2014
Kiara Honbon left a comment for Mike Vanluyten
"Hi mike i'm here! <3 Been really busy with things, tell me how are things with you? :)"
Oct 20, 2014
Kiara Honbon replied to 0ate4a3ml601d's discussion Hello Everyone!!
"Hello! <3"
Sep 11, 2014

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"Much is going on that we do not understand with our little minds...We will eventually know all of it when we fully transcend this 3D density and think with not only our minds but when we connect our sacred mind and sacred heart...All knowledge is…"
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"Scientist have been talking about Niburu for many decades now. Robert Dean and others like him have said Niburu comes through the solar system every few thousand years. It probably the reason why it is affecting climate changes on earth and the…"
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"Perhaps this second sun is causing the heatwaves in the western states and spreading far up north."
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"I have this in my iphone...When I take pictures of the sun I always get three spheres...Our Sun (Sol), the one in the video and then a smaller one...All three lined up ..."
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 Plasma Webs in The NetherlandsWhat are Plasma Webs?Well noone knows the answer to that it seems as yet. But you can watch and make up your own mind!I’m sharing a couple of videos with phenomena you will most likely never have seen before! I only…
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"Be the highest version of yourself"
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