• Words and thoughts also carry vibration and have frequency and have the ability to "program" or create a repeatable routine of synapses and neural connections in the brain and body. The trick is to know yourself, never fear, and always remember that YOU are your own sovereign entity, capable of studying information and rejecting it or assimilating it. YOU can choose what to do with the frequencies you encounter. And, remember, not all is bad. Use your discernment and you'll be fine. There is nothing to worry about or be afraid of.
  • music today is programming the mind it operates through subliminal messages and lowered the frequencies to 432 Hz in the 1940s. When I ever hear today's music the words keep repeating over and over it drives one ''insane'' .
  • Of course we have been manipulated on every level they can get at... this information is worthy and must be shared with EVERYONE. I am a guitar player and have always played under or above standard tuning of 440..Not because I knew this information, indeed, my ear doesn't like 440, The lower tunings bring much more feeling and resonates in a much more profound manner... There is truth to be found here AND shame on the church for their intentional manipulation of the masses. May the light and love of the Creator heal them..
    Peace, love and light to all..
    • There is a truth in what you are saying but non to the new age mumbo jumbo that has nothing to do with music or even spirituality for that matter. To talk of 'the right frequency' in music is to talk of 'the right size of stearing wheels' in cars. It is pure poppycock! People's voices comes in all manner of tones. Some people have deepest voices and some have highest voices. Then there is a whole continuum in between. All of them can sing well. The one who has a certain voice may find it natural to sing note A at 415 hz etc. One should not strain to sing a certain note at 'the right frequency'. This is not music!

      The ideal (or best) way of tunning your guitar is nether the magical 432 nor the 'correct' 440. Rather, you tune guitar such that it matches your voice (or the voice of the vocalist )perfectly. What this means is that you reach the highest notes and the lowest notes with the most comfort, i.e. without straining. ( remember that you/someone will want to sing along). There is no other rule! 440 was chosen for argonomical purposes, like the way they standardise everything, from the size of seat to the handle of a tool.

      If you tune your guitar too low, you find that you may never attain its highest note, as you try to sing along. Tune it too high and you find a problem trying to attain its lowest note. All this depend on how deep/ high your voice is. Thats the point entirely!!!
      • Do you play an instrument? Just curious... You seem very negative with your word at times almost like this pissed you off or something,,,, kinda weird
  • I never heard of onslaught of rap music in ACC before the Trump whisky came here and made the issues of cabal, reptilian, illuminati etc partisan!! Instead I often heard rappers like immortal technique praised and their messages quoted.

    BTW many pple, including me, heard of the cabal the first time from immortal technique.

    However, something happened!! Enters trump, and a confusion on who the cabal is entered. It was customary to criticize every president by associating him with cabal. This was true from Bill Clinton to Obama. But when trump came, stupidity entered!! The system, which we had concluded that the cabal always rigged it in their own favour, this round produces a fighter of the very same cabal!! Then after 4 years, the cabal now rigged as usual. Make sense?? We had understood that salvation will never come from the ballot box.

    Then suddenly the cabal divided us! The eyes and the fingures are now on minorities and the marginalized, not the rich cabals, unfortunately, rappers tend towards the marginalized, gheto guys insulting the system. Suddenly they morphed from the victims to the cabal and reptillians themselves!!!

    As you see, there is utterly no wisdom whatsoever in the judgement. It is just the flag blowing to wherever the wind is blowing to!
  • One of the worse music on planet earth is Rap music ... junkies music , inhumane music and the singers and musicians of such rap music are reptilians
    • There is nothing that dictates in a rap genre what I must rap about. I can rap about Christian Gospel, love, hatred or I can insult pple etc. So it is like any other genre. One can abuse any music genre, or any other form of art. I can paint pornography in the streets with a blue background. Does this make a blue backround 'one of the worst art'? The message does not define what a rap is.

      Rap was used from ancient times by some communities, and it was never used for the kind of lyrics you may hear from some pop rap. It is just a rhythmic poem accompanied by beats. Learn to make sound judgments.
    • Rap music is as good as any other music. Your not making sound judgment. You are blaming the bottles rather than the beer for the drunkardness in the bar! No difference with saying 'saxophones are worst musical instruments' just because you don't like some saxophone artists. It is called 'conditioning' If you feed a chicken with some grains, and inject some chemical that makes them sick, they will begine to think that those grains are the worst food.
  • It's a good thing I only listen to video game soundtracks. The subliminal messages in mainstream music are so blatant nowadays you can barely even call them subliminal.
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