The big question..

What is everyone going to do when they discover that nothing happens on December 21st 2012, or even several years later??

I personally do not buy any of the Nibiru, Hollow Earth or Polar Shift pseudo-scientific claims and never have.. This is actually the kind of rubbish hype and behaviour which has really disappointed me lead me to the conclusion that I am probably better off leaving all the new age spiritual sites I joined. 

It is a shame really because many aspects make perfect sense but then things just get blown out of proportion with conspiracies, hype and false claims which ends up becoing more confusing than befor. :(

Another thing to take note of is the fact I have never been met by any ET or ship of any sort, ever.
If something out there wishes for my assistance or help with something, they can show me some respect and reveal themselves, not beat around the bush and expect one to simply 'Have trust'.

Sorry guys, I do not mean to sound ubrupt or rude, this is just how I feel and it need to be brought out in to the open. xxx

I also

genuinly care about people and I don't like seeing others get hurt or decieved. 
Love and hugs. <3

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  • And some people still believe this world is flat - because they choose to.  They hold themselves back!

  • The owness of what people believe is really their responsibility and not yours of anyone else's. 

    You can't save people from their beliefs/disbeliefs and some people may never have an "experience" and that is totally fine because we are all walking different paths.  Personally, I believe that "Ascension" is a gradual process - not something that magically happens on December 21st 2012.

    We are going through changes everyday, people can view them very differently or choose not to experience them at all.  In my opinion, people should put their passion into what they believe in rather than doubting something they don't (that is - unless they choose to do that).

    Again - It all comes down to Free Will.

    People have to use their instinct and listen to their inner voice - there are a lot of fears that are projected into their reality by them - because of that they choose to believe in.

    I think things will work out in many ways, for many people.  And we have only started to understand what's possible.  Evolution is Acceleration - Revelation - Inner Discovery.

  • I certainly hope you are not one of those who considers themselves enlightened while you mock and insult others

  • Just so you know and we are clear I will not be communicating with you.  So you can save yourself time and effort by not responding to me, as I will not be responding to you.  If you feel the desire to tell people they are not using their brains correctly in an incarnation of freewill then you have much to learn before you are able to converse with others.

    Good Day

  • If you know it was a spaceship why are you calling it UFO?

  • What is useful is people not making false claims, or claims that things are true when they are still only theoretical.  You have the arrogance to insult me personally because you cannot attack the truth of my words.  Typical response from those who place belief over truth.  Typical response from people who cannot face the fact that what they wish to believe and what is real may not be the same.  I have no problem with their being a planet out there.  What I have a problem with is people who claim things to be true that are not, or have not been confirmed.

    Look at this other person Feather Winger, again attacking me personally that I am not using my brain correctly.  You know what people who use their heart and soul and mind together don't get fooled into believing things which arent true or not yet proven.

  • I sometimes wonder about this stuff too.

  • Hi Storm Angel :D

    You have obviously come to a point where you have seen no proof! have you been asking the right questions to God/universe/whomever you believe in? personally i had always known that we are not alone, but i never had any proof. So one night i was saying a prayer for humanity and looking out at the stars and asked God to show me if they are really out there and then almost instantly i was shown. I almost crapped my self but i got what i asked for lol and my journey has just begun. I personally believe they will not show themselves if we are not genuine in our want to really know, as well as if we show fear :D

    I wish you luck on your journey.


  • OK, SEE YA!

  • buddha-8455.jpg

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