What's your dream?

What's your dream. Everyone has dreams....I hope lol So what's yours. If you could do and be anything right now, what would it be? What would be your dream life, your dream job, your dream fun, your dream expression of yourself. Who would you be, if you could be anything. We're here in life to experience, and create our dreams....so what's yours? This should be interesting lol

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  • I want my heart Open always <3

  • My two wordly dreams are to write a book, a novel and have a movie made based on it. :D My book would have spiritual ideas implemented in it. As a matter of fact, I'd like to write books in general, but novels through which I could express some of the things I've learned thus far in a way that people could understand better and be entertained with. 

    My other dreams are actually one and the same, but, I'd rather keep to self...Too much to explain. lol

  •           Temet Nosce 247...

  • If things go the way they should, I would like to heal.  I would like to heal people and animals - especially horses.

  • I would establish a  combined school holiday camp with a retirement village, bringing the different generations together for fun and learning. To many old people and their knowledge is being wasted in retirement.. Get em out I say to mingle with the children so they can pass on their wisdom...........my perfect lifestyle career...T H A T's M Y D R E A M

  • My dream is for a compassionate kind and caring planet where our children are safe and no one goes without a good meal a day, shelter or love. That animals are respected and loved too where we all treat others as we want to be treated and speak to each other the way we want to spoken to. Where we all believe in karma as this will make sure we really think twice before hurting another being. Where the elderly are loved and cared for too and the list goes on :)

  • Global Awakening...


  • Hi, thank you for asking. My dream would be to backpack the pacific crest trail, as well as, many others (arthritis and chronic pain present some interference at this time) but my dream is to get past that and spend as many moments outside and on a trail as possible. Hope you and everyone else can experience or embrace some of your dreams soon too. Peace.

  • to live free

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