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What's your dream. Everyone has dreams....I hope lol So what's yours. If you could do and be anything right now, what would it be? What would be your dream life, your dream job, your dream fun, your dream expression of yourself. Who would you be, if you could be anything. We're here in life to experience, and create our what's yours? This should be interesting lol

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lol Maybe he'll do like Michael Jordan and wear Hanes. long as they're

I guess i be the first to say; IM LIVING MY DREAM The waking life is a big dream!!

However for some its not a dream but a pure nightmare  :0 :0

I thank god my life is a dream! I have everything I need in the now... totally blessed, thank the Divine!!♥ 

However if i could have a skill  i'd definately wanna fly... you know... flap my hands and float up up outa here --levitate--- to far space for fun, lol ... but that seriously 'aint gonna happen in this dimension lol.... but i guess astral projection is something i can do real good, so i stick to that  for now lol

I had a feeling you'd be the first to comment Star lol Well it's good your living your dream....and flying would be nice, but it get kind of cold though...don't you think. You see these superheroes in their little tight spandex'd think, don't they get cold up there lol Maybe I'm over thinking it.

Writing and drawing for a living :-) with frequent visits from our galactic brothers and sisters and exploring the Universe. 

Apart from that we are living surrounded by greenery in a beautiful place and we are frequently awed by Mother Nature.

Road trips and 4 wheel driving. Travelling around the country visiting friends, sacred places and inner earth, learning from the Aboriginal people. Although teleportation would also be good. Start a commune where people are welcome to share their knowledge, wisdom and cultures. Spirit schools, outdoors in nature <3

I would be with my twin flame, laughing a lot. Total freedom. Shape shifting for fun. Concerts in nature and fires on the beach.


That people would grow up.

That people treat each other like the precious commodity that they are.

Thar people pull their heads out of their arses.

That people focus on addressing their own nightmare before rather than hide from them by focusing on other peoples nightmares.

That people stop treating life like it is a joke. ROFLOL.

That people don't put administrator restrictions on their piss take discussions.

Wait a minute, that one already came true.

God is truly Great.


Awesome thread John. I have heaps more dreams.

Want me to list them?



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