What is this feeling I get?

Hello! For quite some time now I have been observing my body and feelings and one thing that is re-occuring is this and now I wonder what this is and what it means:

It is when I listen to relaxing music with beatiful instruments, and one particular song in this case. The effects seem to get bigger when I am moving (often in nature), but also noticable when I sit/lie and meditate with this song playing. When some certain beatiful instruments begin to play (I don't know their names) I just instantly feel this urge from my body to "merge" with the music, it's the best way I can describe it. The feeling starts in my heart region and if I decide to flow with the music and let it "play me" as an instrument, or flowing with the music I then get a feeling like when you drop from a roller-coaster, starting in my heart and then this energy moves up my spine to the top of my head and is making all my upper body tingle, all the way from the heart to the tip of my head. Moments after I am filled with an unexplainably strong JOY and the smile on my face is unresistable. This sensation lasts for about 5-10 seconds and the joyous feeling remains very long afterwards.

And the best part of this is that I haven't read about it. I just decided to go with my flow and intuition to discover this sensation. If I had read about it, I would probably don't understand it and would try to do it, which I understand you cannot do. I just have to relax and floow, like a purely natural thing. I think this may be a key discovery in my further explorations in meditation that it's important to not try anything, right? Just be and flow :)

But I'm really curious if anyone knows what this could be described as. It feels almost like an orgasm through the upper chakras, like an energy release from my heart moving upwards and out of through my head, vibrating everything i touches with a tingly feeling on it's way through. This feeling is very real and wonderful, and I so enjoy being in this state whilst wandering outside, or just sitting meditating :) If this is what it feels to be in a higher vibration I then think I finally have a taste of how wonderful that is =D.

Blessings and love to you all! <3

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  • I must admit to be experiencing the exact same thing you are Ogdoo. Getting the same bodily sensations while listening to the music whith resonates with me! I Most of the time when i'm listening to something i like, may it be inspirational words, movie moments or favourite music,  i'm getting this strange feeling as if the energy pulsates throughout my body, often it feels like my head is expanding for a few secs and then it shrinks back, constantly repeating the same motion over and over for some time. I don't know what it is but it gives this strange feeling of being merged with music(while listening to the music specifically). I suddenly give into myself, immagination takes place and nothing matters anymore, i just dive into some kind of state of nothingness or something. By the way, i also woke up about a year and a half ago, i gues that's some coincidence :)   

    Here's some music i enjoy:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HTA9hbn6WA




    • Haha there are no coincidences :D  Really interesting that you feel the same :) Many others too seem to do it as well. It's a really amazing feeling that just happens naturally if you allow it to enter your being. This is what I like :)

      By the way, I really like this kind of music too :) Asian music is my favourite, all kinds.

      • I'm happy that you like them :) Those are from the list of my favourites. The funny fact is-  all of them  are from a game :D As a matter of fact, i find music from games to be the best, whether it's asian or not  :)

        • Yes :) I also love music that comes from games, maybe it's the memories tied to them that empowers the tunes? My personal favourite game sound tracks are from Final Fantasy series! also happens to be asian composers :-)

          I also like the music in manga such as Naruto if you've heard about it!

  • Ah yes :) music and sound have larger impact on us than we can understand, it's so powerful! There's not many things that can give me these feelings as instruments played by people putting their soul in the music. Nice song! :)

  • Yeah that makes sense :) Now when I think about it, I have actually seen musicians as if they get this kind of feeling, they enter into a state when they fuse themselves with their instrument/music and entering a state of total bliss. This is powerful!

  • Yeah I feel that too :D It's amazing :D thank you for sharing!

  • Very interesting :) I will truly be more natural and allow the flow of things, I have seen it bear fruit. :) thanks for all your advices!

  • No I don't know that :) I just know who I am right now xD

  • Hope this helps, very happy for you :-)

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