What is LOVE?

Everywhere we look the word Love is being used.


What is it? 


Helping each other in need? Touching in a loving way? Being tolerant to all behaviours? Protecting our own? 


There is many different loves that I would call human behaviour, programmed to protect and nourish.

Then there is mating love, love between friends, e.t.c 


I find it hard to write Love and Light - or even feel it - for real - how do you love everything and everyone?

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  • Yesss, in fact attachment is the lack of love.

    Love is as free as a spirit.



  • Thank you - FEAR based reality - that is where I was. I keep moving from there to here - LOVE based reality. 

    My fear is that I chose to take this path 7 years ago - for all the wrong reasons. 

    Being greedy, wanting some sort of POWER and WISDOM , only listening to people who I knew for sure were my Guides. Shutting everyone else out. 

    Still not having a choice, as the Kundalini got stronger in me, but also leaving me totally on my own at times.

    I really - really - really DO NOT LIKE being on my own. 

    And I could be around 10 people in the room - but if not one of them is Spiritual - I feel alone. Lost. . .

    Even worse if my Force leaves me - I feel like a abandoned child. It comes and goes, comes and goes.

    When they are "all gone" , I feel LACK of LOVING - and I can't Love myself. 

    When they come back (in Spirit or Person or Both) I feel LOVED and I TRUST - therefore forgive myself for not trusting my experience which sometimes feels so REAL - it's like I am in a dark land of lost souls. 

    It's so easy to get lost - lose faith - feel abandoned - for me... I need reassurance all the time. My inner guide keeps me safe - but it's the life dramas that hurt me the most. 

    Just a minute ago - I had this lovely trusting feeling again - because I was reminded of the start, and the people who has helped me. And with the trust - the love comes flooding back trough me! 

    I came back to this post and found the nice words - and I remembered - this person - who helped me open my Heart Chakra in a way that made me feel this explosion of Love in my heart and I had pressure for days before it got released - - - - - and when reading this Deva Ananda Om - I know it's my heart I have to heal. 

    Thanks ALL for lovely input ----------- Love and Hope <3

    • I know it's my heart I have to heal. 

      This is beautifully speachless.

      Is not enough to Know, you must Will to heal it.

      Accept who you are, forgive your mistakes, and open your heart. Love will ignite your heart.

      Once you ignite that fire, put your Will under Love and Just Be.

      Be gratefull for any help in healing your heart. All is there for you as long as you will to be healed.

      Be loved !

  • Dear Beloved One,

    Everyone has something good inside Don't love the person but the soul, who has done well in one life but not so in another

    Because you are so open and honest about your question, I can't help but love you for it.

    Love Rianne

  • isn't meditation all about being effortless, where as focus requires ALERTNESS - an form of effort?

    just a query.

  • attachment is often mistaken as love.

  • True love wants other people to be happy. That contributes to actually making people happy. What matters is what actually happens, very true. And love helps to make happiness happen. Without the will to help, there tends to be less help. However, when you say love, you don't necessarily need to speak about the same thing as I do, because love in our society has tons of different meanings... Love helps to lessen pain to yourself and others. Sometimes people get hurt because of their own flaws, but with love you really don't aim to hurt people. If you aim to hurt people, that is not because of love, but because of other psychological elements. Love fights these elements, decreasing their power so to speak.

  • Whitney Houston - Greatest Love Of All


    This video pretty much sum's it ALL up! 


  • Right On! I Love it and I Love You!

This reply was deleted.

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